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Thapos Inc provides sports management software for sports clubs, academies, teams, athletes, coaches, and parents. Manage sports club program registrations, payments, scheduling, teams, players, staff and improves program registration and revenues

Thapos: Youth Sports Game Changer for Athletes, Coaches, Teams. Thapos Blog – Youth Sports Game Changer. - Funny Sports Memes and Jokes. Sports Quotes, Inspirational Quotes for Athletes and Teams. All Sports News from around the World. Best Fitness Videos to Stay Fit. Thapos (@ThaposCom) Thapos - Youth Sports Game Changer. Thapos - Youth Sports Game Changer. Thapos is the best tool available for athletes of all sports.

Thapos - Youth Sports Game Changer

Thapos is for athletes who are Talented Hardworking And Passionate On Sports.Thapos will allow athletes to measure and capture various athletic skills related to their favorite sport including match statistics, game skills and physical conditioning and then monitor and compare their athletic progress against pre-defined goals or fellow athletes. Athletes can also manage their multi sport schedule including matches, practice sessions and even homework all in one place. Athletes can make and manage their sports friends and share their progress, achievements... with the rest of the world simply and easily.