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Thanawala’s Maternity Home provides the best IVF Fertility & Endoscopy Treatment Center in Vashi and Navi Mumbai are the most preferred fertility treatment centers for aspiring couples wanting to have baby. Get in touch with the advanced treatment in Fertility, IVF, IUI and ICSI.

Laparoscopic Myomectomy Cost In Navi Mumbai. When is IVF required in Infertility treatment - Thanawala Maternity & IVF. Youtube. Artificial Insemination(IUI)- Is it the answer if natural sex is not helping to conceive? Intrauterine Insemination commonly termed as IUI – is a medical procedure that helps a in to enhance their chances of conception.

Artificial Insemination(IUI)- Is it the answer if natural sex is not helping to conceive?

Basically, in this treatment, a practitioner would inject washed and processed seminal fluid containing highly motile spermatozoa straight into the uterus, of a woman. The treatment makes the travel of the sperm to your fallopian tube or uterus an easy procedure. IUI treatment is often recommended in various scenarios. Which specific kind of infertility gets treated by Artificial Insemination? The treatment has proven to be effective enough in treating an array of infertility issues. It can work as an aid to resolve male infertility problems.

Is IUI procedure painful ? It involves douching the vagina clean with saline and then inserting a very thin silicon tube in the cervix – through which sperms are injected. Hysterectomy - Uterus Removal Surgery Cost in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Thanawala Maternity Home - Best Gynecology & IVF Clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Multiple Miscarriage, Repeated Pregnancy Loss Treatment : Dr. Uday Thanawala. Importance of contraception after delivery : Maternity Clinic In Vashi. Manage Stress During IVF Treatment : Infertility Treatment in Navi Mumbai. IVF Treatment - How to manage stress during infertility treatment. How To Manage proper Blood Sugar level During Pregnancy - Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic. Thanwala Maternity Vashi Clinic. Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic. Choose the Best Maternity Hospital that Guarantees care and Safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pregnancy Tips : 3rd trimester by Dr. Uday Thanawala.

Testing for Downs syndrome: What every expectant parent needs to know. Downs syndrome is a chromosomal defect known as trisomic 21 which can occur in babies.

Testing for Downs syndrome: What every expectant parent needs to know

Trisomic-21 defect can take place when the various chromosomal changes take place just after the egg and the sperm meet. Characteristics of a down’s baby So what is a down baby, you may have sometimes come across babies who are cute looking babies but have a very short nose, chubby cheeks, slightly protruding tongue, slanting eyes. These babies generally have varying degree of mental retardation. In certain babies the mental retardation might be very less and the baby might be pretty smart. Preliminary testing for Downs syndrome These tests are done in the 1st trimester when the pregnant women comes for a 11-13th week scan. Disability Week Thanawala Down Syndrome : Honouring Parents. High Protien Vitamin Fruit For Pregnancy : Take Gynaec Consult At 9920143277.

Need And Common Reasons Why Your Gynaecologist Recommend Hysterectomy : 9920143277. Hysterectomy Treatment Reasons : Thanawala Maternity Home. Searching Best Gynecologist In Vashi, Navi Mumbai ? Call Us At 9920143277. Pregnancy Diet : Thanawala Navi Mumbai : Call 9920143277. Importance Of Managing Blood Sugar Levels In Pregnancy : Thanawala Maternity Home. Article - Importance of Managing Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy : Thanawala Maternity Home Abnormal blood sugar levels in pregnant women can cause diabetes and other complications in the developing baby.

Importance Of Managing Blood Sugar Levels In Pregnancy : Thanawala Maternity Home

Dr. Uday Thanawala, explains the importance of why every pregnant woman should monitor and manage her blood sugar during the course of her pregnancy, even if she does not have a past history of Diabetes. Watch the video to know all the details. Effect of High Blood sugar on the foetus. If a women’s blood sugar is high it will have its effect on the foetus. The most dreaded complications is genetic programming happening in the foetus. Tests & treatment for high blood sugar during pregnancy. Out of 100 pregnant women 12%-15% will turn out to be gestational diabetes. There are multiple treatments available world over. 5 Common Reasons why Your Gynaecologist Recommend Hysterectomy. Every year, approx 500,000 uterus removal operations are performed in the United States.

5 Common Reasons why Your Gynaecologist Recommend Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy has become quite a common surgery in recent years. Hysterectomy can be defined as the removal of a woman’s uterus. The gyno can either remove both fallopian tubes and ovaries during hysterectomy or keep them intact – it depends on the problem you have been experiencing. The woman experiences menopause after hysterectomy. Prenatal Classes Webinar At Thanawala Maternity : Call 9920143277. 5 Common Reasons why Your Gynaecologist Recommend Hysterectomy. Garbh Sanskar : Thanawala Maternity.

What Causes Age Affect Fertility ? Know The Factors. Repeated Pregnancy Loss Treatment : Suggestions By Dr. Uday Thanawala. Labour Preparation To Increase Chances of Normal Delivery By Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic, Vashi Navi Mumbai. How Does Age Affect Fertility : Check The Factors. 3rd trimester Webinar At Thanawala Maternity Clinic. Downs Syndrome Explained in Hindi By A Colleague of Dr. Uday Thanawala. Myths You Need to Know Related to Infertility : Check It With Best Infertility Clinic in Vashi. Thanawala Maternity Clinic : Maternity Hospital In Vashi.

Dr. Uday Thanawala Matenity Clinic Arranging Free Antenatal Session for Pregnant Women. Thanawala Maternity Home - Best Gynecology & IVF Clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Infertility Treatment Cost in Vashi, Navi Mumbai - Thanawala IVF Specialists. Hello, If you have reached this page chances are, you are looking for the best cost of IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai.

Infertility Treatment Cost in Vashi, Navi Mumbai - Thanawala IVF Specialists

While researching about IVF cost one must also, try to find an IVF specialist/clinic that can accurately diagnosis infertility problem and makes sure the first cycle has the best chances of success. This can drastically reduce the actual amount you pay for your treatment. Couples must educate themselves about the infertility treatment process to ensure they get the best results at an affordable cost. At Thanawala Maternity Home we believe in educating the patient while providing a transparent and straight-forward treatment advice. This is necessary for a treatment like In-vitro Fertilisation as there are many parameters to be diagnosed- both in the male and female, to identify the cause of infertility and the prescribed treatment protocol has to be followed religiously by the couple, for effective and economical treatment.

What does the IVF Treatment Cycle Cost include? Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic, Vashi Navi Mumbai. Nutrition Tips During Pregnancy in Mansoon Season. Important Activities in Pregnancy to have a Healthy Baby. As a matter of first importance, Thanawala praise you on your pregnancy!

Important Activities in Pregnancy to have a Healthy Baby

Parenthood is a gift and it's delightful, yet staying aware of your eating routine, meds and body changes can set aside more than anticipated effort to modify and it might shift starting with one ladies then onto the next. Discussing way of life changes, customary gynecologist conferences are likewise vital, regardless of whether you are attempting to consider, conversing with your primary care physician can be useful. Best Gynecologist In Navi Mumbai recommend to begin taking pre-birth nutrients. Inside the primary month of pregnancy,newborn's neural line, which turns into the mind and spinal rope, creates and it is significant to get fundamental supplements – like folic corrosive, calcium, and Iron.

Infertility Specialists In Navi Mumbai Thanawala. Fibroids Removal Surgery Specialist In Navi Mumbai. What Should You Apt for an IUI or IVF? Infertility can affect a couple both emotionally and physically.

What Should You Apt for an IUI or IVF?

Infertility is a life altering medical trouble that plagues lots of couples in India, depriving them of unbridled joy of parenthood. Today, one out of 7 couples remains infertile attributable to more than a few of factors like stressful lifestyles, inadequate nutrition, side effects of medication, physiological problems, infections and so on. The number of infertility cases is increasing at an alarming rate throughout the country. How Does Age Affect Fertility? It's a given that with age, the conceptive expected decreases for the two people.

How Does Age Affect Fertility?

Be that as it may, an examination on persistent mindfulness by The National Center for Biotechnology Information discovered that only 33% of the ladies all around matured somewhere in the range of 18 and 67, which is 30.5% all things considered, know about the way that richness decays step by step following 35 years old. The probability of pregnancy is impacted by the period of the two accomplices.

In this way, in the event that you are arranging a family at any point in the near future, you should realize how age and ripeness are associated.Impact of Age on Male Fertility. Thanawala Offeres Low Rated Infertility Treatment Cost In Navi Mumbai. Things Indicate You Need IUI Treatment. IUI is a counterfeit and non-intrusive origination method received by couples who face challenges in having an infant.

Things Indicate You Need IUI Treatment

The pregnancy rate with IUI treatment ranges somewhere in the range of 10% and 20% per cycle, as indicated by an investigation distributed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The principle target of IUI treatment is to boost the quantity of sperms coming to the fallopian tubes and improve the odds of pregnancy. Be that as it may, this isn't proposed for everybody. On the off chance that you are intending to change to a fruitlessness treatment, you should comprehend on the off chance that it could be helpful for you. Likewise, enquire about IUI cost. Myomectomy Treatments at Thanawala Maternity Home in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Uterus Removal Surgery Cost In Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Signs Of Infertility in Women Are you Aware of It? Thanawala. He tendency of having the ability to convey a newborn child to this world is one of unadulterated joy.

Signs Of Infertility in Women Are you Aware of It? Thanawala

Remedial barrenness, regardless, can discourage your having the chance to delight in the pleasures of pregnancy. Therefore, it is of power that you are mindful to all the basic signs of female fruitlessness. In the occasion that analyzed at an unexpected stage, you can without a very remarkable stretch experience a barrenness medication course, to recover your ability to envision. What Is Hysterectomy and When to Take Treatment Of It? A uterus (womb) is a muscular organ in which baby grows. If you were having menstrual periods before the surgery you won’t have it after the surgery and you will never be able to get pregnant after this operation. Abdominal Myomectomy Treatment In Vashi is a surgery to remove the uterus through the vagina. FREE ANTENATAL CLASS/SESSION AT THANAWALA MATERNITY HOME. We (Thanawala) invite all pregnant women to attend for an antenatal session on how to manage your pregnancy. The event will be conducted online on the 5th of July 2020. Please PM us 9920143277 for details & to register.

First and Second Trimester11 am to 11.40 amLifestyle changes in Pregnancy ( Nigamaja)11.45 am to 12.30 amFitness in Pregnancy (Nigamaja)12.45 am to 1.30amNutrition for healthy pregnancy (Swati)Third Trimester4.00 pm to 4.45 pmPreparing for LABOR and Birth(Nigamaja)4.50 pm to 6 pmBreastfeeding and Baby care(Swati) May Hot Bathtubs Can Kill Male Fertility. One may cherish entertaining themselves with hot baths or high temp water tub and furthermore unwind in Jacuzzi showers. It is smarter to shed this affection to entertain oneself with hot showers in the event that one needs to have a family.

Scientists hold the conclusion that the consistent introduction to the current 'wet warmth' can in reality harm one's richness levels. This view has increased a lot of ground as a few examinations have been led with this impact. The investigation was in reality directed on a gathering of men who were utilized to hot baths or heated water shower on a somewhat normal premise. They were in fact presented to water with the higher temperature for at any rate 30 minutes in seven days. Men who have really been determined to have ripeness issue, overexposure to warmed water can likewise decline the issue for them.

The steady presentation to wet warmth can rather influence male ripeness adversely. Facts and Tips for Fertility Treatments. In the event that you are sterile, you should be analyzed by a specialist. Clinical history, medicine, sexual history, and sexual propensities are considered. Men will without a doubt experience a physical assessment and frequently a semen investigation, which will test the wellbeing of sperm. How would we realize that we are sterile? On account of ladies, the test starts with a clinical history and a physical assessment, which incorporates a pelvic test. The specialist at that point ensures that she ovulates consistently and that her ovaries really discharge the eggs. In about 80% of couples, the reason for fruitlessness is in reality an ovulation issue, a fallopian tube square, or a sperm issue. Effectively Common Reasons For Hysterectomy.

A hysterectomy is medical procedure to evacuate your uterus. The uterus is the piece of a lady's body where an infant develops. There are various approaches to play out a hysterectomy. Contingent upon the explanation behind the technique, your primary care physician may experience your midsection or your vagina to get to your uterus. The method should be possible as a laparoscopic, mechanical, or open medical procedure. Once in a while, specialists will likewise expel your fallopian cylinders and ovaries during a hysterectomy. After a hysterectomy, you won't have menstrual periods and won't have the option to get pregnant. Peruse on to get familiar with why you may require a hysterectomy and what dangers are included. 1.

Hysterectomy - Hysterectomy Surgery/Uterus Removal Surgery at Thanawala Best Gynecology Clinics In Navi Mumbai. Beneficial and Affordable Gyneac Treatments at Thanawala Maternity Home and IVF Clinic. Useful Post From Thanawala : Gynecologist In Navi Mumbai. HOW WATER AFFECTS in PREGNANCY. At the point when the body doesn't get enough liquid it becomes dried out which, even in gentle cases, can prompt medical issues like blockage, migraines, nervousness, weariness and dull skin.

In pregnancy extreme drying out can cause unnatural birth cycle and preterm work. Drinking water rehydrates our tissues and improves our composition. Some pregnant ladies find that drinking water at normal spans can really alleviate the manifestations of morning ailment, acid reflux and heartburn. Drinking a lot of water likewise weakens the pee, decreasing the danger of urinary contaminations, which can be basic in pregnancy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests a day by day admission of somewhere in the range of 1.5 and two liters of water (eight 250mls or 8fl oz.). What are Menstrual Cycle Based Infertility in Female. Issues with the menstrual cycle, the procedure that readies the female body for pregnancy, can prompt barrenness. How Infections affects Preganancy in Women. Untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia in ladies can prompt pelvic incendiary illness, which may cause scarring that hinders the fallopian tubes. Untreated syphilis builds the hazard for a pregnant lady to have a stillbirth. More data about contaminations that may influence fruitfulness can be found on the explicitly transmitted diseases (STIs) wellbeing subject page.

Caesarean Section - Benefits And Risks. Each pregnant lady seeks after typical conveyance with no entanglements. There are two different ways for the children to come out to the world; Either by means of vaginal birth or careful conveyance. The fundamental objective of both conveyance strategies is to conceive an offspring wellbeing. In Women Signs of Infertility. Every women should know and aware about infertility signs which is given below, and if one of you are suffering from this do visit at Thanawala Maternity Home for all gyenac and maternity treatments. Dr. Uday Thanawala - Hysterectomy - Myomectomy Laproscopic Surgeon. COMMON TREATMENTS FOR PCOS. There are such huge numbers of things to attempt so as to help in expanding your odds of considering when determined to have PCOS, and it can regularly appear to be overpowering. I wish I could state there was a one size fits all marvel medication or answer for getting pregnant, yet everybody is SO unique and necessities to discover what appears to work for them.

Here are only a couple of the things I attempted that are generally prescribed to ladies with PCOS attempting to help their ripeness: Carrying on with a sound way of life. How to Mentally Prepare For An IVF Treatment? IVF treatment can turn into an inwardly, truly, and monetarily debilitating method because of its low achievement rate and the high IVF cost. In the event that you are getting ready for the treatment, you should buck up, truly and intellectually.

One of the IVF achievement tips is to set up your body previously by eating the correct nourishments, taking prescriptions, and getting enough exercise and rest. Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic, Vashi Navi Mumbai. Women Infertility - Relation Between Obesity And Fertility. At present, stoutness is a major developing issue among creating and created city individuals. The main considerations that expansion corpulence are undesirable way of life, absence of physical exercise, utilization of liquor, cholesterol, high utilization of quick nourishments with significant levels of fat, and unfortunate food. Do irregular periods mean infertility?? Do sporadic periods mean fruitlessness? Unpredictable and irregular ovulation influences barrenness. What Should and Shouldn't Drink in Pregnancy. Things you should know about fertility treatments? Thanawala Maternity Clinic, Mumbai. Symptoms of Coronavirus & How to protect against Coronavirus if I’m pregnant?

High Risk Pregnancy Age - Late 30s and Beyond. Visit Nearest Dr. Uday Thanawla IVF Speciality Clinic In Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, India. Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Vashi. Exercising while Pregnant. What Nutrients Are Important During regnancy? Is IVF Treatment Affordable For You? Thanawala Maternity Home. What’s the purpose to perform IVF Treatment in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. What to expect from IUI and What are its Procedure and Benefits? Artificial Insemination (IUI)- is it the answer if natural sex is not helping to conceive ? Things to do When finding out you're pregnant - Thanawala. Summer Season : How Hyderation During Pregnancy Beneficial for you and your Baby. Thanawala Maternity Home and IVF Clinic. Painful Periods and Fertility: When to Worry? - Thanawala. How Yoga is Beneficial for Pregnant Women ? Dr. Uday Thanawala. Myomectomy Specialist In Navi Mumbai.

Facts and Tips for Fertility Treatments. Gynecologist In Navi Mumbai. Best Infertility Clinic in Navi Mumbai with Modern Strides towards Fertility. Thanawala Maternity Clinic of Dr. Uday Thanawala. Useful IVF Tips for Successful IVF Treatment. Unnatural Causes Of Infertility For Women : Dr. Uday Thanawala. Best Maternity Hospital In Navi Mumbai. Why Delay in Getting Pregnant ? Dr. Uday Thanawala. Do's and Don'ts : Diet to Increase Your Pregnancy Chances With IVF. How Does the Increasing Infertility Cases in India Reduce Your Chances of Infertility? Caesarean Delivery/Section - Benefits And Risks. Thanawala Maternity Home and Infertility Clinic.