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Lulz Truck - StumbleUpon. Tintin: Insanest of the Insane & ceebeegeebee. On the lighter side (or much darker side, depending on how you feel) of the aforeblogged Tintin in the Congo, here’s how Tintin rescues Snowy from a pesky primate: Another monkey?

Tintin: Insanest of the Insane & ceebeegeebee

Why, whatever for? Is our intrepid hero hatching some clever scheme? Hmmm… Interesting. Tintin certainly dispatched that monkey with aplomb, but what now? He… he what? I think I’m going to be sick… “WITHOUT AROUSING HIS SUSPICIONS?!?” See?! Oh my god… The monkey is talking to him? Oh, no Snowy. And if that episode weren’t evidence enough of Tintin’s obvious insanity, consider this: after a brief scuffle with the monkey (who decides he’d rather have the gun than the hat and tries another trade, with violent results) Tintin feels so comfortable in his new skin that he walks all the way back to camp in it, much to the horror of Coco, our intrepid hero’s unfortunate guide. Despite Snowy’s chiding, I can’t help but sympathize with young Coco’s reaction here. In conclusion: Wearing monkey skin is insane. Like this: I Thought I Was Going to Die. Pop Can Genie. StumbleUpon. The Perry Bible Fellowship. Funny: Daddy's Roommate childrens book.

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