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Thurgau du Heimat

by eduteam GmbH

Worlddidac Award. The film platform is the leading collaborative online media library for educational organisations from primary tothird level education.The platform allows users to record, editand share audio-visual content such as TV programmes, DVDs or online videoswith teachers and students.

Worlddidac Award

Additionally, it providesaccesstoallcontentcuratedbythe participating schools. The current content amounts to more than 150’000tutorials,TV and radio programmes, documentaries and feature films. About 15’000 users contribute daily to further extend this film archive.The software and the infrastructure are made available as a service (software, infrastructure, platform as a service) andall the legal copyright requirements are fully met.Visit Product Site The Prowise ProLine+ series is the next generation of touchscreens, bringing educationand classes to life! TGdH 2020 - Trailer der eduteam GmbH. TGdH 2019 - Trailer aller Kapitel.


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