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Worksheet Genius - free printable, randomized worksheets. Asilomar07packet. FractalPacks-EducatorsGuide.pdf. Monthly Index page. The Numbers Give the Design. How about making designs like the ones above?

The Numbers Give the Design

It's just a matter of getting a group of numbers together that repeat and then using a simple drawing rule, then colouring the pattern in. A good way to start is to take a number sequence that you like, for example square numbers or the times table. Just keep the ones (units) of those numbers, for example etc. or etc. You may notice that with these, and perhaps your own sequences, they go to a and then repeat. For this challenge, you just need the numbers that go as far as just before the zero, for example or . Now to draw ... Using squared paper and starting somewhere in the middle, take each of the numbers in turn to tell you how long to draw the line and turn a right angle to the left after you've drawn each line.

This may help you to see what to do, using the example of square numbers and starting with the red . After the final you start again as shown below: and so on until you get back to the beginning. Index by Year and Subject. Upper Primary Working Systematically KS2. Half Time KS 1 & 2 Challenge Level: What could the half time scores have been in these Olympic hockey matches?

Upper Primary Working Systematically KS2

Sitting Round the Party Tables. 12. Summer Sun. Robert Louis Stevenson. Modern British Poetry. Ultra Cute Origami Easter Bunnies with Cotton Bums - Oh So Very Pretty. I know there’s been an influx of Easter-related posts on our blog – we’ve made a card and watercolored some eggs, and the next thing we’re going to share are bunnies!

Ultra Cute Origami Easter Bunnies with Cotton Bums - Oh So Very Pretty

I’m not actually quite sure how bunnies are related to Easter, but a quick search on the web came up with a children’s story, a number of medieval church art inspirations and whatnot! All I remembered was that as a child, whenever we had Sunday School, our teacher would often bring a bunny for the kids to see and pet. Being a competitive little kid, I challenged my teacher once why she would bring a bunny, but not allow any of us to bring it home as a prize. Frustrated, one of the teachers thought it was a bright idea to tell me that it is a prize if I answered all the questions correctly.

Dan Luiten - Alléluia - "Seule ta grâce" Whoopa Wahey. BOLT RUNNING WITH KIDS. Salomon Running Season 2011. Kilian's Quest S3 E07 - Slow Motion. Cheetah - Super Slow Motion. Teaching tips - Sentence Play. Roald Dahl story openings. Great Idea: Graphic organisers. - /web/Literacy/ Ultra Cute Origami Easter Bunnies with Cotton Bums - Oh So Very Pretty. Les calligrammes. Voici un « corpus » de calligrammes que j’ai présenté à mes élèves, dans le cadre de notre projet poésie.

Les calligrammes

L’objectif : comprendre comment le poète a construit ce type d’écrit pour ensuite un écrire un soi-même. La plupart des calligrammes sont issus de ce petit livre, une vraie mine d’or ! Un achat que je conseille, au tarif livre de poche ! J’ai trouvé une séquence très bien faite ici et des compétences détaillées là. Teachers TV: Primary French - Bienvenue en Martinique! 1. Mrbchs - Portrait Poems. Word-Space-Souvenir-Poems-final.pdf. Everything-Touches-KS2.pdf. If Emotion Was A.... Kids clapping games, songs & rhymes. Where the Sidewalk Ends. “My beard grows to my toes, I never wear no clothes, I wraps my hair Around my bare, And down the road I goes.” – “My Beard” Where the Sidewalk Ends “Needles and pins, Needles and pins, Sew me a sail To catch me the wind.” – from “Needles and Pins” Falling Up “Millie McDeevit screamed a scream So loud it made her eyebrows steam.” – from “Screamin’ Millie” Falling Up “I will not play at tug o’ war.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I’d rather play at hug o’ war” – from “Hug O’ War” Where the Sidewalk Ends “If you are a dreamer, come in.” – from “Invitation” Where the Sidewalk Ends “Anything can happen, child, ANYTHING can be.” – from “Listen to the Mustn’ts" Where the Sidewalk Ends “Balancing my ABCs Takes from noon to half past three. Rudyard Kipling: Just So Stories. You are here: Home » British/American Poets » Rudyard Kipling » Just So Stories When the cabin port-holes are dark and green Because of the seas outside; When the ship goes wop (with a wiggle between) And the steward falls into the soup-tureen, And trunks begin to slide; When Nursey lies on the floor in a heap, And Mummy tells you to let her sleep, And you aren't waked or washed or dressed, Why, then you will know (if you haven't guessed) You're "Fifty North and Forty West!

Rudyard Kipling: Just So Stories

" How the Whale Got His Throat The Camel's hump is an ugly lump Which well you may see at the Zoo; But uglier yet is the hump we get From having too little to do. How To Draw Hands Tutorials. So everybody knows that the hands and the fingers are one of the hardest things to draw.

How To Draw Hands Tutorials

So here is a personal collection of different hand references, hope to enjoy it and never stop practice. Hogarth hand poses from Iron Giant (middle of page) Mickey Mouse Hand Model Sheet by Les Clark ca. 1932 Merlin hand poses via Deja View. Go Fish - Crazy Dance (Praise 2012 VBS) Go Fish - I'll Do My Best. Primary Lesson Starters. 3 mins Character Glimpses.

Primary Lesson Starters

Teachers TV: Lesson Starters: KS2 French: Musique et Les Instruments. Bonjour les amis! Primary Language Microsite. Jean Petit qui danse. Jean Petit qui danse est une chanson populaire et une comptine.

Jean Petit qui danse

Il en existe une version en français, en breton, en occitan et en catalan, sous le titre Joan Petit dans ces deux dernières langues. Histoire Les paroles pourraient être une moquerie du roi Jean II de France, après sa défaite contre les Anglais lors de la bataille de Poitiers (1356)3. L’analyse musicologique montre que l’air de Jean Petit qui danse possède les caractéristiques des chansons populaires du XVe siècle4.

Schools - Primary Languages - French - Things To Do - Sports and pastimes. Index. Shadow Poetry - Poetry Types - Shape Poetry. Shape Poetry -Shape Poetry is also associated with Concrete Poetry- Shape is one of the main things that separate prose and poetry.

Shadow Poetry - Poetry Types - Shape Poetry

Poetry can take on many formats, but one of the most inventive forms is for the poem to take on the shape of its subject. Therefore, if the subject of your poem were of a flower, then the poem would be shaped like a flower. If it were of a fish, then the poem would take on the shape of a fish Shape and Concrete Poetry go hand-in-hand; however, Concrete or Visual Poetry don’t have to take on the particular shape of the poem’s subject, but rather the wording in the poem can enhance the effect of the words such as in this line:

Best Math Poems. Heather Dohollau. Sommaire des stèles - Victor Segalen, Stèles. Liste par titre des poèmes d'auteurs. Canvas Editor. Math Worksheets Printable from the Math Salamanders. BOS academic : Folding optimal polygons. Folding optimal polygons by David Dureisseix I have looked at various ways of folding the "optimal" pentagon & hexagon (the largest regular hexagon within a square of paper). Additive constraints are a mathematically exact construction, a finite number of operations (no iterative method) and, of course, a folding sequence as simple as possible. Hexagon The corner B comes in B' on the medium vertical line. Pentagon The goal is now to fold a regular pentagon, as large as possible, within a square of paper.

Lesson 2 - Very simple 'programs' Introduction OK! We have python installed, now what? Well, we program! Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds. Safe Search - Primary School ICT. 2. Built-in Functions. Open file and return a corresponding file object. If the file cannot be opened, an OSError is raised. file is either a string or bytes object giving the pathname (absolute or relative to the current working directory) of the file to be opened or an integer file descriptor of the file to be wrapped. (If a file descriptor is given, it is closed when the returned I/O object is closed, unless closefd is set to False.) mode is an optional string that specifies the mode in which the file is opened. It defaults to 'r' which means open for reading in text mode. The default mode is 'r' (open for reading text, synonym of 'rt'). Primary teachers' best tips for language lessons.

Lisa Stevens, primary languages educator and consultant Finding links between a child's own language and others is a really useful activity. This is particularly interesting when there are learners who have languages other than English as their mother tongue as it allows comparison with a number of languages and also gives value to knowing another language. Changing Phase: Shape up with Tarsia. At the ICT and Languages Conference in Southampton this weekend I have presented a workshop on using Tarsia to make shape puzzles for use in the languages classroom. You can read my previous posts about Tarsia here and here.The PowerPoint that I used in Southampton would not be much use for telling you more about how to use Tarsia, so I have recorded a short video showing you the basics: You can also download my Tarsia guide and my brand new Ideas for using Tarsia sheet.

Here are the links to the animal puzzle that I made in the video:French animal square puzzleFrench animal puzzle tableFrench animal puzzle solution You can also try out the countries and languages puzzle that people tried out on the day - it would be great for European Day of Languages: Countries and languages hexagon puzzle Countries and languages table Countries and languages solutionCountries and languages puzzle shrunk (smaller pieces) Culturethèque — Learn. Python Basic Syntax.

The Python language has many similarities to Perl, C, and Java. However, there are some definite differences between the languages. First Python Program. Big Writing prompts on Pinterest. Latin on Pinterest. Create Your Own Snowflakes on

Romans theme

Shakespeare and Drama. Barnabas in Schools. You will find on these pages a wealth of ideas to help you explore Christianity creatively. To find the right ideas you can either use the search box above or add keyword filters using the menu on the left. For more information and tips on searching, visit our help pages. The trial of Jesus ... story, involving everybody present. Pope Francis makes scathing critique of Vatican officials in Curia speech.

Primary Maths. Advent & Christmas Resources. My Top Picture Books: Origami Calendars. Nature detectives. Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection. Introduction. The triangular binary clock. Jörg Pretz, Bonn University. Fabulous Fourth Grade: Anchor Charts. Hampshirelanguages - assessment.

Biblical Studies

Curiosities for TKS. Grammar, Phonics, Possible resources. Poems, Fables and Reading for TKS. Assessment. Art and Maths for TKS. Twitter for Teachers. Art and Literacy reference TKS. National Curriculum for King's School. Collections of resource sites for TKS. Michael Morpurgo - Key Stage 2 Literacy. Complete List of Daily Writing Prompts. Science for King's School.