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Ideas for Gold Time

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Piramide settima e variazioni. Diagrammi. Nel progettare questo modello ho pensato ai bambini, quindi a qualcosa di semplice da piegare e nello stesso tempo versatile.


Inizialmente, ho realizzato queste due composizioni, e per questo l’ho chiamato Bialbero di Natale. Poi mi sono reso conto che i moduli possono essere assemblati alternando dimensioni diverse e anche colori diversi, avrei dovuto chiamarlo Multialbero di Natale. Sono molto contento di questo modello, che unisce semplicità, armonia, e versatilità, è come un gioco che può essere smontato e rimontato in modo personale.

Ciascuna composizione è ottenuta da 6 ottagoni di carta per fotocopie, ricavati da sei quadrati coi lati di 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 e 21 cm, dall'alto verso il basso. Huzita-Justin Axioms. At the First International Meeting of Origami Science and Technology, Humiaki Huzita and Benedetto Scimemi presented a series of papers, in one of which they identified six distinctly different ways one could create a single crease by aligning one or more combinations of points and lines (i.e., existing creases) on a sheet of paper.

Huzita-Justin Axioms

Those six operations became known as the Huzita axioms. The Huzita axioms provided the first formal description of what types of geometric constructions were possible with origami: in a nutshell, quite a lot was possible! The six Huzita axioms. The six axioms are shown to the right. It has been shown that using the six Huzita axioms, it is possible to: Solve all quadratic, cubic, and quartic equations with rational coefficients; Trisect an arbitrary angle; Construct cube roots, including the famous problem of "doubling the cube"; Construct a regular N-gon for N of the form 2i3j(2k3l+1) when the last term in parentheses is a prime (a so-called Pierpont Prime); Angle trisection. BOS academic : Folding angles of 30 and 60 degrees.

Folding angles of 30 and 60 degrees by Ian Harrison For those of us who fold paper regularly, creating angles of 90o and 45o is almost second nature.

BOS academic : Folding angles of 30 and 60 degrees

We create a right angle by folding an edge, or a crease, back on itself, and we can bisect a right angle (or any other angle) by bringing the folds/edges that form the two arms of the angle together, and creasing between them. The mathematics of folding angles of 60o or 30o is only slightly more difficult to understand. Make a Jacobs Ladder Toy - Easy Instructions to Build Your Own. The Jacobs Ladder toy is a fun optical illusion and toy.

Make a Jacobs Ladder Toy - Easy Instructions to Build Your Own

I'll show you how to make one with things from around the house, without any special tools. Creative Thinking - Exercises. Logic Puzzles. Logic Puzzles <p style="font-style:bold; color:red"> Warning: Solutions are currently displayed.

Logic Puzzles

To hide and show the solutions as desired, enable javascript on your browser </span></p> 1. Radio Contact - Feel Good! - Music & News. Origami Cross « Easy Origami Crafts. This is a simple model created from a single, long and narrow strip of paper.

Origami Cross « Easy Origami Crafts

Quilling paper works well if y. Heart Basket: How to make a Danish woven heart basket, with illustrated instructions. Here is a simple paper craft so traditional, you probably made it in 2nd grade.

Heart Basket: How to make a Danish woven heart basket, with illustrated instructions.

Our Heart Basket is dressed up with silver and gold metallic paper, some satin ribbon, and a vintage Valentine "scrap. " Add some fancy chocolates, and this is the perfect “door knob” gift from the office Valentine Fairy. A Victorian "scrap" is a small illustration, usually color lithographed, embossed, and die-cut. As you guessed, they were sold to decorate scrapbooks! Materials Metallic silver paper, 8.5" X 11".Metallic gold paper, 8.5" X 11".Black construction paper, about 5" X 5".Thin ribbon. Instructions Copy template shape to silver and gold paper, and cut out one of each. Make your own "scrap" by cutting out a heart-shaped image.Glue your scrap to the black construction paper, and cut around it with the decorative-edge scissors.

Tips Here is a shortcut for cutting your paper. Weaving Instructions. Carlton Hibbert's pattern blog. This is where all of my patterns will be kept.

Carlton Hibbert's pattern blog

I'll be tagging them so you can go straight to your favourites. The tags will appear in a list on the right. Just right click the link that says "Download and Print" to save the larger image to your hard drive. Then print it and get colouring! If you like your coloured-in picture, take a photo of it or scan it and send it to me. Although all of the patterns are shown in strips the full downloadable image is much larger. Happy 5th birthday to us! Download and print. Spiral Flower Tutorial. Free Pysanka Designs - Ukrainian Easter Egg Designs. Basics of Quilling - Decorative Crafts. Step 1: Cut Paper Strips Quilling is most often done with 1/8"- (3 mm) wide strips of paper.

Basics of Quilling - Decorative Crafts

Beginners will find that ¼"- (6 mm) wide strips are easier to handle, and younger children will do best with ½" to 1" (12 - 25 mm) wide strips. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut twenty or more strips. Playground fun. Kids Games. Stamping With Blue Moon Creations: Iris Folding-Instructions and Video Tutorial.

Iris Folding Iris folding is a paper craft technique that involves folding strips of colored paper in such a way to form a spiraling design.

Stamping With Blue Moon Creations: Iris Folding-Instructions and Video Tutorial

The center of the design forms an iris -- similar to the shape of the iris of a camera lens. Iris folding originated in Holland. Designs initially were made using patterned paper cut from the inside of envelopes. Any light weight paper, such as scrapbook paper, origami paper, wrapping paper, the inside of envelopes, pages of magazines or even ribbon can be used. Iris Folding for Kids. Recently I taught my 6 year old's 1st grade class how to iris fold. First of all, I have to say it was crazy! We had 19 children and 3 adults. It was a pretty good ratio although I would recommend another adult if I did it again. I really simplified the folding for the kids. Activities for Children - Golden Time for Primary Schools. Iris Folding @ Make an Iris Folded Angel. Make an Iris Folded Angel: Click Here To Print the Free Pattern Click Here To View Angel Project Ideas Submitted by Visitors Look at the pattern guide carefully when making this pattern.

The numbers skip around a little in the beginning. Also, note that pieces 5, 14, and 15 span across two parts of the pattern. Card Inspirations an introduction to iris folding. Search results for childrens craft.