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Facebook Twitter Everything you need to know about Google's Spaces chat app. In case you haven’t heard, Google today released a new messaging app called Spaces.

Everything you need to know about Google's Spaces chat app

Evernote and Google: A Smarter Way to Work. Publish good looking Google Docs. Debuts alpha keyboard powered by Neural Networks. Today, we’re excited to announce SwiftKey Neural Alpha – the world’s first smartphone keyboard software that uses an artificial neural network to predict and correct language.

debuts alpha keyboard powered by Neural Networks

This is a big step forward for mobile typing, offering a keyboard that makes smarter and more meaningful word suggestions in the context of your sentences. SwiftKey Neural’s underlying technology is based on the use of neural networks, a subfield of artificial intelligence inspired by the structure and operation of the human brain. It’s available now for smartphones on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above as an early-stage project in SwiftKey Greenhouse. Since SwiftKey Keyboard launched on Android in 2010, it has defined the standard for predictive keyboards. It was the world’s first keyboard to introduce a simple, three-word suggestion bar above the keys that could accurately predict your next word. N-gram technology provides accurate predictions for common phrases and those learned from you. Best camera apps for Android: 6 to improve your photos. Open Camera When you want a lightweight and fast camera app, Open Camera is the best choice out there.

Best camera apps for Android: 6 to improve your photos

It's completely free and contains almost all the adjustment options you might need, such as manual focus, ISO and exposure time (assuming you have the Android 5.0 Camera2 APIs, which come with Android Lollipop). What's particularly great about this app is that it has a widget you can add to your home screen, which will open the app and taken a picture with a single press. This is useful if you need to quickly grab a picture of something without needing it to look great. [Z Ultra][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualReco… INSTALLER: How to install using the installer:Make sure you have USB debugging turned ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION] from Windows:unpack at C: or somewhere you will remember!

[Z Ultra][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualReco…

Navigate to the resulting directory and look for install.bat, double click it to run; Linux:unpack in your home folder with 'unzip ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION]'navigate to the resulting directory and 'chmod +x', then execute it, follow instructions.Your phone WILL reboot when installation has completed and it will go into the default recovery for the first boot.Reboot to system from recovery to allow the installer to clean up after installation (it is safe to skip this step).Enjoy DUAL RECOVERY! How to install or update using a previously installed (XZDualRecovery) recovery: Create a backup of /system/bin/chargemon and keep it somewhere safe, then just flash ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION] from using CWM or TWRP. Sign in - Google Accounts. Coach’s Eye + TEAMS Resources « Coach's Eye Bullpen Blog.

Fleksy Keyboard - Fast, Custom Typing. 12 Google Search Tricks You Probably Didn't Know. Deep Dive Into Google Photos. At Google IO this past June we saw the launch of many new products from Google, including Android M, Android Pay, and Project Brillo.

Deep Dive Into Google Photos

The tech giant also launched Google Photos as its own service, which was previously tied down to Google+. Today we're going to dive into every corner of Google Photos and my experiences with it over the last few months. Intro & tests Over the last eight years I have used iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, and Photos on Mac to organize my photos. While each worked for a period of time, I never truly felt like my photos were properly organized. Assistant, Photos, Albums Google Photos is laid out into three different sections, Assistant, Photos, and Collections. Quick Pic Apk. Embeddable Visualizations. Easiest Way To Root Android: NO COMPUTER. Bing for Android just beat Google Now on Tap to the punch.

Evernote nabs Chris O'Neill from Google as new CEO. Evernote has announced that it has appointed a new CEO, Chris O'Neill, who will step into the job on July 27.

Evernote nabs Chris O'Neill from Google as new CEO

Co-founder and current CEO, Phill Libin, will step down from the position to become the Executive Chairman. Evernote says that Libin will stay "actively involved with the company," though they didn't specify exactly what that would look like. From Evernote: "Chris brings to Evernote the experience needed to scale the company so that we can create the maximum positive impact on the world," said Phil Libin, Executive Chairman of Evernote. Uk.businessinsider. Camera FV-5 Official User Guide. Replacing Dropbox and Evernote to Google Drive. - Goolge Classroom Quick Start Guide.

Replacing Dropbox and Evernote to Google Drive

Euroskank. An Exclusive Early Look At Hangouts 4.0. Back in September, Hangouts switched from gray to green in its 2.3 update, ostensibly making the first baby steps on its journey toward joining Google's material design parade.

An Exclusive Early Look At Hangouts 4.0

Then in December we first spied a slightly more material version of the app. Now, users are running version 3.3 and many aren't satisfied with the app's layouts or structure. Things like the seemingly unnecessary contacts tab, the somewhat messy drawer, and the non-standard toolbar are common complaints. I'm totally and irrationally in love with Google Photos. When Google announced its new Photos service, I was skeptical.

I'm totally and irrationally in love with Google Photos

Why would anyone give their entire photo library to Google, a company infamous for mining data for ads?! How could they be trusted with my images if they’d used my data in uncomfortable ways in the past? The app didn’t look all that special at first glance, either. The New Google Photos App Will Automatically Group Your Images By Faces And Recognized Objects Like Cars, Skylines, And Food.

Google's current Photos app uses some image processing smarts to piece together auto-awesome compilations and Stories, but the new Photos experience pushes the limits of computer vision.

The New Google Photos App Will Automatically Group Your Images By Faces And Recognized Objects Like Cars, Skylines, And Food

Not only does it pick out and identify faces, it recognizes objects like cars and food. It's not perfect, but it's sometimes creepily accurate. The new auto-groups are shown in the search interface, which is accessed with a floating action button in the main stream. This isn't the most intuitive location, in my opinion. At the top you get several of the faces Photos has spotted in your uploaded pics. Swiftkey's Clarity Keyboard Puts Auto-Correction in Context.

By John P. Mello Jr. May 12, 2015 9:47 AM PT. How to Move On When a Service You Love Shuts Down.