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18 Winter Car Hacks That Are Borderline Genius. 21 Car Hacks That’ll Make Driving So Much Better. Improve Car Heating and Cooling With a New Car Cabin Air Filter. 13 Things You Need in Your Winter Car Survival Kit. 26 Things Everyone Should Keep in Their Car. 16 Things Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing. Automotive Family Handyman Ignoring Your “Check Engine” and Other Warning Lights Driver’s often think they can ignore a lit check engine light because “it’s just an emissions problem.”

16 Things Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing

It’s true that the early On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) engine computers from 1982 just monitored the emissions systems. But that changed starting in 1996 with the introduction of OBD II. Ignoring a check engine, service engine soon or other warning light never pays. Waiting Too Long On Routine Maintenance Late model cars and trucks are built to more exacting tolerances and that means routine maintenance is more important than ever. Skipping or extending motor oil and transmission fluid changes can cause total engine and transmission failure. Yes, you can even change your own brake fluid and transmission fluid. Ignoring Unusual Noises Vehicles in good condition don’t make squealing, screeching, grinding, rumbling, clicking or clunking sounds. Got an unusual noise? Detailers Secret Tips for Professional Results.

5 Keys to Making Your Car Last for 200,000 Miles. Photo by Kekyalyaynen / A car is the ultimate financial black hole.

5 Keys to Making Your Car Last for 200,000 Miles

This depreciating asset sucks up your current savings and future wealth. For that reason, many frugal drivers share the dream of saving stashes of cash by pushing a car to 200,000 miles — or even beyond. Even if you’re not a penny-pincher, driving the same vehicle for years on end can help you build a retirement nest egg or even just accumulate more “fun” money. However, a car doesn’t make it to 200,000 miles on its own. The following tips will help you increase the odds that your ride will last for at least 200,000 miles. 1. So, you want to drive your car for the rest of the Trump administration. It all starts with buying the right vehicle. Earlier this year, released its latest annual ranking of the autos most likely to last more than 200,000 miles. Interestingly, not a single luxury vehicle made the top 10. 2. Every car has its own maintenance schedule, set by the manufacturer.

Licensed Brands. 5 DIY Ways to Make Your Car Smell Great. The average American drives 13,476 miles a year, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

5 DIY Ways to Make Your Car Smell Great

That’s a lot of time to spend in a less-than-fragrant car. Fortunately, there are many potential fixes for the problem — and some of them are inexpensive, chemical-free and eco-friendly. Following are five DIY ways to get your ride smelling swell. 1. Open a box of dryer sheets Over at Reddit, a contributor named j-mt suggests storing an opened box of dryer sheets under the front seat of your car.

And he suggests a bonus feature of using dryer sheets: If you smoke, smell like the restaurant you just ate at, or just need a freshness pick-up, you can take one out of the box and rub it all over your clothes for a freshly laundered smell. 2. Love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning? Tie the sock and put it under the driver’s seat. If you simply can’t get enough of the smell, you can duplicate it in your home.

Rental Car Insurance: Do You Need It? - State Farm™ - Simple Insights™ It's a standard question at a rental car company counter: "Do you need rental car insurance?

Rental Car Insurance: Do You Need It? - State Farm™ - Simple Insights™

" The answer can be muddy, which is why preparation is key. Here's how to sort out the specifics. Step 1: Talk to your State Farm agent Most vehicle insurance policies already include some sort of rental car insurance coverage—so if you purchase a rental car policy, you're paying extra when you may not have to. Ask your agent these key questions: Do liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage and any deductibles extend to rental car agreements? Step 2: Call your credit card company If you pay for a rental car with a major credit card, there's a good chance that the card issuer offers secondary car rental insurance at no charge. Step 3: Review your rental coverage options Never sign anything or agree to coverage without reading the policy thoroughly, and know that insurance requirements and rules vary from state to state. For work or play? He Fills A Sock With Kitty Litter, Then Puts It In His Car. The Result? GENIUS! ⋆

21 Insanely Clever Tricks To Vastly Improve Your Car.