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Texas Safety Supply is a National Supplier of Industrial Safety Products. We deliver Industrial Safety Products and Supplies in the DFW metro area the same day as ordered off of our delivery Vans, and we ship the same day as ordered Nationally from one of our 14 Distribution Centers.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST CUT RESISTANT GLOVES. <b>Basic Difference Between ANSI and EN 388 Cut Protection Levels</b> How Oilfield Impact Gloves Serve The Oil Field Industries. Industrial Safety Supply, Where do I start? 3 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Full Face Respirator. 4 Facts About Cut Protection Impact Gloves. Things To Consider While Choosing The Roughneck Work Gloves. This entry was posted on December 29, 2015 by Texas Safety Supply.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Roughneck Work Gloves

The work gloves are the great safety resource for the roughnecks who do strenuous and life risking tasks like drilling and oil extraction to earn their livelihood. Various industries are benefited by their efforts and are providing services to the general public. The hands play a major role in the industrial work. Protecting them against any injury or accidental damage should be the primary concern. Roughneck work gloves are specifically designed, keeping these factors in mind. 1. For a good amount of protection, the material usually contains the layer of polyurethane, Kevlar that is considered a super tough material and the microfiber padding that absorbs the shock impact. 2.

The sizes are available in small, medium, large, extra large and so on. 3. There are some industries which handle more strenuous tasks as compared to others. Protection against hazards should be the primary step in the industrial work environments. Get An Efficient Work With Safety- PVC Dotted Gloves. Get An Efficient Work With Safety- PVC Dotted Gloves PVC Dotted Gloves Improve Efficiency at Work It is very important to protect the hands at all time.

Get An Efficient Work With Safety- PVC Dotted Gloves

Hands constantly face cold, warm, and other things that can cause damage to them. There are dangerous conditions in the workplace as well. Sharp tools, heavy items ,and slippery surface can make a working environment dangerous. There are some special features that these gloves offer. There are many different types of work gloves. Keep Mishaps In Check Using Industrial First Aid Kits. Keep Mishaps In Check Using Industrial First Aid Kits Accidents never come with a warning.

Keep Mishaps In Check Using Industrial First Aid Kits

Despite taking the best precautions, mishaps do occur in factories causing considerable panic and anxiety among the workforce. Crisis management is vital in these circumstances. Here is a list of first aid kit items that you need to have to attend an injured worker and make sure that productivity at the workplace does not come to a standstill:- Bloodstopper Trauma Dressing Bandages The Swift First Aid 061910 Bloodstopper Trauma Dressing is a useful dressing purpose in different conditions. You can do away with the gauze roll so as to utilize the non-adhesive surface to cover wounds. Memphis 96371 Latex Coated Work Gloves These gloves come with latex coating and can be used for numerous industrial applications that require a lot of skill.It features a seamless 13 gauge nylon shell and comes with blue foam latex dipped fingers and palms. Why Hydration is Necessary? Industrial workers are exposed to hot, humid working conditions almost on a regular basis.

Why Hydration is Necessary?

People working in specific industries such as petrochemicals are exposed to severe heat while working in indoor operations. While working indoors, workers have to wear heavy, protective apparels even in hot, humid conditions. Without having access to fluids, workers will feel dehydrated, which is the major reason for heat illness. Therefore, having a steady intake of electrolyte fluids such as Gatorade and Sqwincher is essential. These supplements are scientifically formulated to keep workers hydrated throughout the day, and help them work in the toughest of work conditions. Daily exposure to the hot work environment is the major reason behind many types of heat-related disorders. The human body needs fluids to control temperature and also maintain muscle functions. There are a number of steps that industrial workers should follow to remain hydration. Visit Website: Select Safety Glasses With Care For Optimum Protection Of Your Eyes.

Select Safety Glasses With Care For Optimum Protection Of Your Eyes The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body.

Select Safety Glasses With Care For Optimum Protection Of Your Eyes

People working in industrial applications are exposed to harsh conditions on a daily basis. Bifocal glass lenses are specifically have been specifically developed by directly molding them into the lenses. One of the major advantages of bifocal safety glasses is that you don’t have to exchange safety glasses and non-protective reading glasses to view minute details. Checkmate safety glasses are specifically developed to help users make adjustments in lighting conditions from time to time. Checkmate safety glasses are an ideal option for warehouse visitors. The pair has been specifically designed to offer superb protection to the eye.

A strong yet lightweight designed Crews Bearkat pair of blue lens safety glasses with integral side shields for an unobstructed view. To Know More please Visit: