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IELTS - Difference between Academic and General Training Test. If you are an IELTS aspirant, it is obvious that you should decide to choose the suitable IELTS version.

IELTS - Difference between Academic and General Training Test

For your information, there are 2 versions of IELTS examinations namely; IELTS Academic Training test: Academic Training version of the IELTS is probably preferred by the one who is planning for overseas studies. Or, he/she might have a plan for professional training in a particular field of their choice. Candidates taking the IELTS Academic version are generally students.

IELTS General Training test: IELTS General Training version is for the candidates who choose to train or migrate to the English speaking countries such as New Zealand, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK. The test assesses the candidate’s language proficiency to see whether he can match the requirements of social and workplace survival and terminology. One among the 2 versions is suits according to the test taker’s educational, professional and personal interest. Top 10 Reasons to Study in Ireland - Texas Review. Ireland is a suitable place for international students offering numerous benefits regarding study and career prospects.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Ireland - Texas Review

Ireland gives you a hard to obtain opportunity of living in a rich lifestyle in beautiful cities while laying foundation to build your career goals. We are here to happily provide you the details of the top reasons to choose IRELAND as your study abroad destination. we also include the benefits you gain if you Study in Ireland. 1. Research Projects: The Irish the government contributes beyond 750 million per year for research projects in higher studies. Top 10 Tips for IELTS Reading ? - Texas Review. Are you the one preparing for the IELTS test and seeking for best IELTS reading tips?

Top 10 Tips for IELTS Reading ? - Texas Review

This blog is for you. The Reading section in IELTS is considered as one of the difficult parts, especially for the non-native English speakers. Most aspirants face hurdles while attempting the reading module on the test day like synonyms, paraphrases, vocabulary, etc. This is because English is a second language, and is not given much importance among several countries such as India and China. IELTS’ Reading section is completely academic with Jargon and Sheer fluency.

Aspirants usually get taught to follow IELTS Reading tips for better performance. In fact, they don’t alone help them unless they implement the following ways to improve the IELTS Reading score. 1. To pass the examination and achieve a good score in IELTS reading, instructions were written to help you. No more than one wordTwo wordsOne word and a numberTwo words and a number 2.

Trying to understand each word is time-consuming. 3. Skim: Scan: How to Crack GRE – Best Tips and Tricks to Crack GRE - Texas Review. ‘How to crack GRE?’

How to Crack GRE – Best Tips and Tricks to Crack GRE - Texas Review

Would be your first question if you plan to obtain admission for a master’s degree or a doctoral degree at a graduate school in the United States. The GRE test is about – the assessment of Analytical and critical thinking skillsVerbal skills (language proficiency)Quantitative comparison (Mathematical concepts and calculation) In general, the GRE exam suits a person if he/she wishes to pursue a master’s degree such as MIM, MS or an MBA study program abroad. CAT 2020 Preparation Guide - Texas Review.

The right CAT preparation guide will help you ace your CAT exam with a good score.

CAT 2020 Preparation Guide - Texas Review

To know about the preparation and timing, the test-takers must go through this guide on CAT 2020 when and how to start preparation by texas review. CAT- Common Admission Test is a computer-based MBA entrance test for admission into Business schools all over India. IIMS (Indian Institutes of Management Studies) conducts the CAT exam every year. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) takes care of the CAT exam. CAT is an online test with a duration of 3 hours divided into 3 sections with 100 questions. Education System in the UK - Texas Review. The United Kingdom Education System is well-known for its quality standards, course duration and world-wide recognition UK basically has 5 phases in its educational system namely; Early year’s education Primary education Secondary education Further education (FE) Higher education (HE)

Education System in the UK - Texas Review

GRE Study Guide - Texas Review. GRE- the Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test that assesses the student’s reasoning and analytical skills in writing, reading, and mathematics.

GRE Study Guide - Texas Review

However, it is neither subjective nor requires advanced knowledge of any specific course. Besides, GRE offers universities a broad estimate of how a student is qualified to conduct any rigorous problem solving and critical thinking essential in graduate school. Study in Canada for Indian Students - Texas Review. CAT Archives - Texas Review. How to Apply for Permanent Residence in New Zealand from India. Applying for New Zealand Permanent Residence is one of the toughest tasks to settle in New Zealand.

How to Apply for Permanent Residence in New Zealand from India

However, due to the rapid increase in immigrants, getting PR has become even more difficult. After understanding the mesmerizing benefits of New Zealand PR, there would be only one question running in every aspirant’s mind: “How to apply for Permanent Residency in New Zealand?” People who have witnessed New Zealand’s striking landscapes or breathtaking mountain cliffs will never deny repudiating the statement “ New Zealand is one of the world’s best places to move to”. If truth is revealed, “New Zealand is graded as the 13th best destination to immigrate with Canada, Switzerland, and Germany, etc.

Texas Review: GRE, GMAT, PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, CAT Test Prep Personalized. Preparation for the IELTS exam. Top 12 Tips For Cracking Writing In PTE - Texas Review.