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A Top-tier Grocery App Development Company in India and USA. List of Well-known React Native Local Databases for 2021! React Native has become the most talked-about technology in the last couple of years and its popularity as a cross-platform framework owing to cost efficiency has made React Native Development the most preferred development technology in mobile app development companies.

List of Well-known React Native Local Databases for 2021!

Due to the ever-growing demand, it is expected from the developers to build highly performant apps. One of the challenging decisions while architecting React Native apps is to select the right database for the project. The good news is, that the React Native framework comes with some really good choices available for data storage. So, in this blog, we will shed light on top React Native databases for 2021.

Let’s explore them in detail. Variables to be considered while choosing the Apt Database for Your Project Data and App Complexity: complex data sets in the applications can cause severe app performance issues. Memory Handling: inadequate database memory management can lead to the crashing of apps. Realm Firebase SQlite. Mobile APP Development Company — List of Top Local Databases used for React Native... Top Angular app development mistakes to be avoided. Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, which offers myriad benefits to businesses worldwide.

Top Angular app development mistakes to be avoided

Most businesses prefer using Angular for mobile app development. Numerous giants in the corporate world have used Angularjs app development services for a wide range of projects. Take a look at some examples: Video-streaming applications like NetFlix and YouTube Online Payment application like PayPal Travel application like JetBlue A User-review application like GoodFilms eCommerce applications like Land send, iStock, etc. Mobile APP Development Company — Mistakes to be Avoided while Developing Apps with... Create Location Sharing apps using the Ionic framework. Most of the modern-day applications have the facility of Google maps and location-sharing.

Create Location Sharing apps using the Ionic framework

Whether a taxi-booking app or a social media app or a food-ordering app, all have this vital feature embedded in the apps. Since this feature has become essential, several businesses have developed advanced location-sharing apps or at least embedded this feature in diverse apps. So, in this blog, we are going to look at the basic procedure to build a location-sharing app or integrate this vital feature in them. Here we will use Ionic, the popular cross-platform framework, for this purpose. The reason to consider Ionic app development is that this technology is easy to adopt, enables the development of captivating UI/UX, and feature-rich performance-based apps. Mobile APP Development Company — How to develop a Location-sharing App using Ionic? Reasons for businesses to invest in mobile app development!

Mobile app development has gifted us smart digital solutions that assist users to perform diverse tasks effortlessly and speedily; regardless of the location and time.

Reasons for businesses to invest in mobile app development!

So, it has been noticed that the demand curve for mobile apps has been steadily rising since the past decade. This demand has sky-rocketed in 2020, on account of the stay-at-home economy triggered by the Covid19 pandemic. Present-day users are glued to their smartphone screens and expect a digital channel for every product or service they require. As a result, the contemporary scenario is such that businesses without a mobile app often fail to attract customers, thereby incurring losses.

Machine Learning Development Services in USA and India! Mobile APP Development Company — Reasons to invest in mobile app development in... Wearables app development - biz4solutions. Guidance on types of Blockchain projects that are emerging. The term- ‘Blockchain’ was first coined in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto- an individual, or a group of people- its identity is not known till date.

Guidance on types of Blockchain projects that are emerging

Blockchain was actually invented for serving as the public transaction ledger for Bitcoin cryptocurrency. But today, Blockchain solutions are solving several complex challenges for multiple industries. Blockchain Projects range from improving capital markets to data sharing/securing to seamlessly performing international payments. In this blog, I will discuss with you different types of Blockchain projects existing in the decentralized economy, along with a few basics of Blockchain technology and some vital benefits of Blockchain app development. Let’s get started. Mobile APP Development Company — Major Types of Blockchain Projects that are... How IoT has ushered in a wave of success in Healthcare Services? IoT (Internet of Things) is one of those technological marvels of the modern era that has digitally transformed the Healthcare sector by introducing smart healthcare apps.

How IoT has ushered in a wave of success in Healthcare Services?

These healthcare IoT applications have helped the medical industry to overcome the existent roadblocks and limitations in its functioning. IoT App Development Companies have empowered the practitioners, patients, and service providers to unfold new horizons. This has resulted in simplified access to medical facilities through remote communication and reduced mortality rate on account of avant-garde treatment methodologies.

Needless to say, the rate of adoption of IoT App Solutions has sky-rocketed and an upward demand curve has been observed. Take a look at this interesting statistical data released by Statistica, indicating the estimated size of the IoT Healthcare market (in billion US $) between 2016 and 2025. Mobile APP Development Company — IoT-powered Healthcare Solutions: Redefining the... Best Mobile App Security Practices for modern apps! Mobile apps have brought a revolutionary shift in everything around us.

Best Mobile App Security Practices for modern apps!

It has made a paradigm shift in how businesses and individuals operate in their respective capacities. This has helped to connect with the target audience very easily thereby boosting the profits in a big way. Mobile APP Development Company — Top Practices to enhance Mobile App Security for... Angular11: Latest features and updates! “The Angular framework is used by 25.1% of developers across the globe” – states a survey report published by the renowned portal Statista in 2020.

Angular11: Latest features and updates!

As per this report, Angular is the third most favorite choice of developers worldwide. This framework is known for its technical goodies and frequent updates. Each updated version intends to harness the latest technological innovations and improving the Angular experience. The proactive Angular team recently released yet another updated version, Angular11. The Angular11 release date is November14, 2020, and this release has strengthened Angular app development further.

Angular11 aims at addressing the bug-issues that have been raised by the community which ultimately intend to improve the developers’ experience. This article will enlighten you about the new updates introduced in Angular11. Mobile APP Development Company — Angular11: Exciting New Features and Updates. How to develop a Progressive Web App using React Native?

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a disruptive innovation that integrates the functionality of a native mobile app and the usability of a responsive website.

How to develop a Progressive Web App using React Native?

Several business brands have harnessed the goodies of PWAs to reach unprecedented heights of success. Take a look at the success stories of the following brands on account of PWA adoption, as published by the online research portal “Cloud Four”. ‘Flipkart’ experienced a 40% increase in the re-engagement rate. . ‘5miles’ were able to reduce the bounce rate by 50% and boost the conversion rate by 30%. Thus, it is evident that progressive web app development is successfully fulfilling the demanding user expectations and challenging business requirements of modern times. Mobile APP Development Company — Architecting a Progressive Web App using React... Why Start-ups Prefer Swift Over Objective-C. If you are willing to develop a futuristic iOS app for your target audience, then Swift should be your preferred choice.

Why Start-ups Prefer Swift Over Objective-C

This is so because Swift iOS app development is cost-effective and requires less coding efforts as the language is intuitive, easier to learn, and comes with several advanced features and powerful tools. This modern programming language is going to survive for long due to the plethora of benefits that it offers, as compared to its old competitor, Objective-C. Earlier, Objective-C was principally used for building iOS applications. However, it became out-dated slowly due to the lack of several useful features offered by other new-age programming languages. Apple Corp had worked on Objective-C improvements for almost 6 years and understood that a better language could be introduced for writing mobile applications. Mobile APP Development Company — Reasons why Swift is Preferred over Objective-C!

How AI-based Chatbots are transforming business mobile apps? Chatbots – A Magical Technology to Automate Business Communication, and Save Time! With most companies laying their focus on customer engagement, the role of technology has drastically shot up. Customer expectations are all-time high and patience levels are dipping. Customers want immediate responses to their queries/concerns. Owing to increased number of queries from users, customer service teams are unable to fulfil all the requests thereby increasing customer dissatisfaction. But, the technological transformation has resulted in the invention of an intelligent solution to this problem: Chatbots. We all have interacted with chatbots some or the other time. Mobile APP Development Company — Rise of Revolutionary Technology- Chatbots in... The impact of Covid19 on the Future of Learning!

Amidst the wake of the global crisis on account of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, the educational sector was massively impacted. With educational institutions shut for an indefinite period, uncertainty loomed large amongst the learners as well as educators. However, eLearning app development came to the rescue by providing smart solutions that ushered in myriad remote learning methodologies. The year 2020, has witnessed the emergence of innovative eLearning solutions to satisfy the challenging requirement of the educational sector. These smart learning technologies have transformed the learning methodology altogether.

Digital learning is the new normal! The on-going trend of learning via digital learning tools has proved particularly beneficial to corporate professionals with busy-schedules but has negatively impacted a certain chunk of learners. This article explores the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on future learning and teaching! Mobile APP Development Company — How will Covid19 Impact the Future of the... Top-grade Event App Development Company in USA & India. Event Application Development As a well-established event app development company, Biz4Solutions specializes in architecting world-class event apps that help in the successful planning and organizing of all kinds of events. We provide the event planners and marketers a powerful tool for managing everything right from staffing, seating plans, catering, other sub-events like dance, music, etc. and even getting sponsors on-board.

Our customized event apps contribute to providing a delightful experience to the event guests and all the attendees. We provide best-in-class event app development services for building apps for private as well as corporate events. Whether a small birthday party, a lavish wedding, a business seminar, a corporate dinner party or an award function, our team of event app developers has hands-on experience in designing relevant event apps for your requirements. Top-grade Smart Apps Development Services in India and USA! IoT Powered Smart Apps- Merge the Digital and Physical World with our IoT App Development Services IoT-driven Smart Apps are revolutionizing businesses in countless ways. Biz4Solutions is a leading IoT app development company and a one-stop solution for the creation of powerful Smart Apps that are insightful, contextual and proactive.

Our robust Smart Apps take automation and connectivity to the next level. We have been at forefront in creating powerful IoT software solutions that connect to various IoT-enabled devices like sensors, actuators, controllers, Bluetooth-enabled devices, wearables, communication hardware, NFC, iBeacon, SmartWatches, etc. Our Agile teams have been developing IoT-based software applications for more than 9 years now. A Top-tier Grocery App Development Company in India and USA. Notable Advantages of Blockchain-as-a-service Business Model. Did you know? Global expenditure on Blockchain services is estimated to cross15.9 billion by the year 2023, which was just 1.5 billion in 2018!

- as per a report generated by Statista- a renowned online market place for statistics. These staggering numbers portray a massive growth of this technology in just 5 years. Needless to say, Blockchain is going to be a game-changer. Introduced in 2011, Blockchain-as-a-Service has already been the talk of the town and widely adopted by nearly 44% of the organizations worldwide. So, what is Blockchain technology? Mobile APP Development Company — Emergence of Blockchain-as-a-Service and its... Reasons to Adopt a Smart Healthcare Management System!

Technological innovations have smartened the processes involved in diverse industry verticals and the healthcare sector is no exception. Mobile APP Development Company — Reasons to incorporate a smart Health Management... IoT Mobile App Development Services. IoT or The Internet of Things is a remarkable technology that connects the physical world to the virtual world. The IoT market has gained immense popularity in the past few years. The power of IoT has been harnessed by various industrial domains as well as consumers around the globe. A report published by Statista in 2020, predicts that the number of IoT devices installed across the globe is going to rise from 8.74 billion in 2020 to over 25.4 billion by 2030. How IoT Influences Mobile App Development. Mobile APP Development Company — The Influence of IoT on Mobile App Development! Andriod 11: The noteworthy add-ons and enhancements! “Android continues to remain the most widely-used mobile operating system across the globe with a market share of 72.92%” statesa report published in October 2020 by the popular online research portal Statista.

Android versions have garnered popularity because of their numerous goodies like the availability of multiple features, the flexibility of usage, freedom of choice, etc. Furthermore, the dedicated Android team at Google keeps releasing updated versions at regular intervals to complement the latest technological innovations. The most recent Android OS version, Android 11, was released on September 8, 2020.

Mobile APP Development Company — All you need to know about Android 11! What to choose between iOS and Android Development! In October 2020, Android and iOS jointly contributed to almost 99% of the global market share, as per a report shared by the renowned market research portal- Statista. Mobile APP Development Company — How to Decide Between Android or iOS app... Effective App Project Discussion with a Development Firm! Mobile App Development Services — Guidance on how to expedite your App Project...

Angular: An ideal choice for creating an Attractive Website! Traditional website designs fail to achieve the desired results any longer. Modern-day users expect websites to be not only intuitive and engaging but also visually attractive and decked up with rich features. One of the most befitting frameworks that satisfy this challenging requirement is Angular. Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework that came into being in 2009 and has been made future-ready by the release of frequent revamped versions by the Angular team, the latest one being Angular 10. Mobile APP Development Company — Reasons to choose Angular for architecting an...

Pharmacy App Development - biz4solutions. Biz4Solutions offers ready-to-go online pharmacy app development solutions that benefit small or large pharmacy companies, pharmacy chains, hospital bodies, and start-ups in the medicine delivery business. This cutting-edge solution enables the end-users to buy all kinds of medicines online, sitting at the very comfort of their homes.

Best IoT App Development Platforms and Tools to Know! A report generated in 2019 by Statista, a renowned online marketplace and research portal, estimated that the global expenditure on IoT will account for $1.1 trillion by the year 2023. These astounding numbers are enough to understand why the scope for IoT app development has risen at a fast pace. Mobile APP Development Company — Best-in-class IoT App Development Tools and... Key Factors affecting the Cost of Web App Development! In today’s digitally-driven world, web applications have become the most effective tools for businesses to promote their brand and make their presence felt across the globe. Web apps, being mobile-friendly, turn out to be more productive than websites. Consequently, most brands, whether big or small, possess functional web apps to gain a competitive edge over peers. Mobile App Development Services — What are the Factors influencing the Cost of Web...

Key Features of a Successful Logistics Mobile app! The logistics industry, being the backbone of trading, plays a crucial role in boosting a country’s economy. The major factors that determine the success of a logistics company are precision and promptness. Therefore, it has been observed that leading logistics enterprises utilize smart and automated mobile app solutions to eliminate human errors and maintain the desired standards. Mobile APP Development Company — The Essential Features of an ideal Logistics... India’s Leading Grocery Delivery Apps in 2020! Security Vulnerabilities in React and Standard Practices to Overcome them!

AngularJS App Development Company in USA&India. Key Challenges encountered by developers during Mobile app Testing! – Telegraph. Tried and Tested Strategies to Optimize your Angular App’s Performance! – Telegraph. A Top-tier Grocery App Development Company in India and USA. React Native App Development Company in USA & India. Top Angular App Development Best Practices – Part II. Mobile APP Development Company — Best Practices to follow in Angular Development–... Top-grade Smart Apps Development Services in India and USA! Mobile APP Development Company — The Top React Native Features & Updates in 2020! Mobile APP Development Company — Drupal or WordPress: Which CMS suits your Website... Mobile APP Development Company — Mobile App Development: Creating a QR Code Reader... Stripe versus PayPal: Which one best suits your business needs? – Part I – Telegraph. Handy Checklists a Web App Development Company must have!

Mobile APP Development Company — Web Development Checklist: A useful Guide for Web... Another Feather to its Cap! Biz4Solutions shines in top 10 software development companies in Texas! Mobile APP Development Company — Angular Vs React: Detailed Comparative Analysis! lists Biz4Solutions on 3rd position amongst top app development companies, Texas. Top 12 reasons to use AngularJS for Web App development. Mobile APP Development Company — The role of AngularJS Development in Crafting... Blockchain App development services in USA and India.

Mobile APP Development Company — Significant Differences between Creating Android... Significant debugging tools to consider for React Native! Top 8 Tools for Debugging React Native Applications! Flutter App Development Company in USA & India. announces Biz4Solutions as one of the top 10 Full mobile app development companies for the year 2020!

Mobile APP Development Company — The top advantages of Angular9 Ivy: The... 8 Smart Strategies to boost your Mobile App Downloads! 8 Smart Strategies to boost your Mobile App Downloads! Mobile APP Development Company — Best Practices to follow in Angular Development –... Mobile APP Development Company — Best Practices to follow in Angular Development –... How IoT Mobile Apps are transforming the workflow in diverse sectors! Flutter Vs React Native app development services: Which one to opt for in 2020? Smart strategies for improving your Ionic Angular app performance! Valuable Tips for the smart execution of your React Native Project! Ionic App Development Company in USA & India. New Enhancements in the React Native Framework made in 2020. AngularJS App Development Company in USA&India. New React Native Architecture- Value Offerings and Improvements in 2020!

Why should start-ups go for React Native mobile app development? The Pros and Cons of Ionic Vs React Native: A Comparative Analysis! Bizcell enlists Biz4Solutions as the 2nd best app development company in Houston for the year 2020! The most useful Free Angular Templates available for an App Development Project! Ionic vs Flutter: A useful guide to app creators! Ionic vs Flutter framework a comparison guide. AngularJS App Development Company in USA&India. The must-have features of a successful social media application!