Free to use with credit. Without credit donate at least $10 US per mp3 track or buy the package. See the License FAQ for credit options and more information. Just for listening: Also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and every other major music service. Search danosongs or your favorite song name. To download MP3s here right click on the link, choose 'Save Target As...'


Open source multimedia Open source multimedia Open Music and Open Source Sound Repositories The Freesound Project - Open source sound effects of every type imaginable, searching by tag on the left is the easiest way to find things, you have to register and logged in to use them but it’s free, you can preview all of the clips in the browser before downloading. Sound Bible offers thousands of copyright free sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds, they consist of Creative Commons and Public Domain works. Magnatune - Full access to 1200+ albums unlimited music downloads in a variety of MP3 and lossless formats as well as unlimited online music streaming.

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