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Christian Dance Music. EpicWinMusicFTW. Mixes and Mashups #2’s stream. Shaharvarshal’s stream. Mixes and Mashups #25’s stream. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - Love Is All I Got (Friction Remix) mp3. DJTT Interviews: Armin Van Buuren. One of the few DJs in the world who needs nearly no introduction, Armin Van Buuren is one of the most successful, highest praised, and experienced DJs on the planet.

DJTT Interviews: Armin Van Buuren

In our exclusive interview, he shared his thoughts on what the greatest skills that DJs can have are, and what the most important obstacles they face in playing live are. Take a few minutes to check out the full video after the jump – we think almost every DJ in the world can find some inspiration in what he has to say. Learn more about Armin on his official website. DJTT Interview: Zedd. Inside Daft Punk’s DJ Booth At The Grammys. Last night Daft Punk had good occasion to celebrate at the 2014 Grammy Awards – taking home five Grammys: album of the year, best dance/electronica album, best engineered album, record of the year, and best pop duo/group performance.

Inside Daft Punk’s DJ Booth At The Grammys

They also made their second-ever televised performance, joined by Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell Wiliams for a live rendition of “Get Lucky”, working into “Another Star”. In the booth with Daft Punk at the 2014 Grammys There were a few glimpses into the their booth during the TV broadcast, (watch the full song at the end of the article). At first glance appeared to just be a stage set – but then overnight we were linked to a photo gallery by Hollywood prop-specialist Jim Logiudice showing the set being built. NAMM 2014 Summary: New DJ and Production Products. Four hard-working DJ TechTools staff members and three volunteer reporters took on the sights, sounds, and smells of NAMM 2014 in the hopes of finding the most interesting and inspiring products of 2014.

NAMM 2014 Summary: New DJ and Production Products

If you have any use for amazing DJ effects, deluxe DJ controllers, game-changing drum programming software or a next-level DAW, you’ll want to read and watch our findings now. Another NAMM has come and gone in a flurry of competing sound systems, faded rock star glory, and the wafting aromas of fog machines and booze. This year we saw a lot of really cool gear that may keep you inspired to play music through the year. Here are the most notable products we saw from 3 categories: DJ Hardware, Production Hardware, and New Software. Pioneer DDJ-SZ The DDJ-SZ was one of the most talked about Dj pieces at NAMM. Availability: 2014Price: $1999Key Benefits: Check out our full coverage of the DDJ-SZ here. Dimitri from paris - (Private Browsing) Dimitri From Paris Simlar artists Genres.

dimitri from paris - (Private Browsing)

JBLUR’s stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds - (Private Browsing) Isosine’s stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds - (Private Browsing) Serranocarlos’s stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds - (Private Browsing) - (Private Browsing) Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think (Featurecast Remix) by Featurecast - (Private Browsing) Ean’s Four Powerful FX Techniques for Digital DJs.

Christian Electro Music [Подпишись] DJZ - Electronic Dance Music & DJ Culture - (Private Browsing) iRing - The first motion controller for all your music apps and more. Take Control Now control your music apps and effects without touching your device with the iRing™ touchless controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iRing - The first motion controller for all your music apps and more

The new iRing uses hand gestures to control parameters of effects and other items in your music apps, allowing you to create stunning and dramatic music in an incredibly fun way by simply moving your hands in front of your device. iRing uses patented advanced image-recognition, motion control and precise geometric positioning technology to give you control of assignable parameters within your apps. It uses the front-facing camera on your device to determine the exact position of the wearable rings, and recognizes and tracks the movement of the linear or triangular patterned iRing “rings” allowing you to control up to six parameters at a time. Share your Traktor Remix Deck Set. Traktor Remix Decks: A Quick and Easy Way to Remix Songs in DJ Sets. Traktor’s Remix Decks successfully stirred up a lot of interest and a fair amount of controversy, but now that the dust has settled, is anyone actually using them?

Traktor Remix Decks: A Quick and Easy Way to Remix Songs in DJ Sets

The reality appears to be that many DJs, including myself, are having a hard time finding simple ways to integrate them into a regular DJ set. Even Chris Liebing mentioned his lack of inspiration around them in Friday’s informative interview. Today, we’ve got a creative recipe for Remix Deck success that only takes five minutes to cook up – and all it requires is a little special sauce. Here are the problems we currently see with using the Remix Decks extensively in a standard DJ set. So what is my suggestion for spicing up the decks? Add in effects on top of the samples, and you have a recipe for fun remixing on the fly. Route Beat Repeat and “space” effects to individual samples to create morphing patterns that float over songsRoute the effects to cut out parts of your master track when you trigger a sample at the same time.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix Deck. Remix Decks.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix Deck

Meh. If you’re anything like me, and unless you already own an F1 controller or a MIDI Fighter 3D, you’ve had no real desire to use Traktor’s Remix Decks since their appearance over a year ago. In their first year of release, without a suitable device, you had very limited control over them by only being able to map a standard MIDI controller to just four samples per deck. Of course, it’s possible to use your mouse to control all 64 samples but where’s the fun in that? Using them without a dedicated hardware controller proved to be a frustrating experience. There were makeshift solutions and projects that used other methods, such as using a controller to simulate mouse clicks, but these were fiddly, cumbersome and often unreliable.

Why was this? Well, it seems that the people without an F1 had already disregarded them for their lack of functionality or were not really prepared to come back and learn a whole new part of Traktor. Vicetone MP3 download. Phunk investigation MP3 download.