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Albert Smith

I am an Architect working with Architect Outsourcing Company. I have 5 years of progressive experience in the field of Architectural Construction Drawing.I am able to work under pressure and meet deadlines. I have Extensive experience in AutoCAD and Revit. I am able to communicate and interact effectively with individuals of all levels.

How does Modular Construction help the environment? Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site in an environmentally controlled location and then assembled and installed onsite.

How does Modular Construction help the environment?

The construction of these buildings is done using the same materials and it follows the same codes and standards that a conventionally built facility would. This method of construction has been able to provide a variety of benefits. Firstly, since it’s construction is not subject to weather conditions or daylight hours; variety of the construction work can take place simultaneously like the site and foundation work. How to build faster and better homes? - Drafting Services. Today around 4.2 billion inhabitants, that is 55% of the world’s total population lives in cities.

How to build faster and better homes? - Drafting Services

The projected data shows that by 2050 number the of urban population will in fact double in size. It falls upon the construction industry to cater to the rising needs caused by this increasing urbanization and overpopulation. This means meeting the accelerated demand for well-connected roads, transport system and affordable housing. Affordable quality housing is now becoming a universal problem. From developing economies to leading countries-everyone is facing this issue in some manner or the other. Factors Contributing to Slow Construction of houses: There are obviously factors not completely related to the construction industry like government policy, interest rates, income of people which lead to lack of affordable housing, but low supply is perhaps the biggest issue. Modern Methods of Construction for faster building: Benefits of using Modern Construction Methods Conclusion: What is BIM Execution Plan? - Drafting Services.

BIM is a 3d model-based process which has provided the AEC industry professionals all the tools that are necessary to effectively plan, design, construct and manage buildings.

What is BIM Execution Plan? - Drafting Services

However, before incorporating BIM it is important to put together a BEP – BIM Execution Plan. A BEP is a document written with the aim of effectively managing the information in BIM. It states how the information will be handled, aids the team identify their roles and augments their workflow. A BEP is very central to any organization providing BIM Support. It describes the key decisions and work methods that must be adopted by the BIM team to meet the client’s requirements. Many times during a construction project, plan execution becomes buried under unnecessary micro-details. What should the BEP include? There are a few things a good BIM plan must include. How does Revit help in creating Sustainable Buildings? The construction industry from its usage to emissions has a huge impact on the environment.

How does Revit help in creating Sustainable Buildings?

In fact, it accounts for an incredible 36% of worldwide energy usage, and 40% of CO2 emissions. When the amount of buildings is only going to increase in the near future, it is imperative that the construction industry aims to reduce its impact on the environment and preserve the health of the planet for the future generations. There are a variety of ways in which construction industry can leave a positive environmental footprint from using renewable and recyclable resources, making efficient use of energy, water, and other resources to reducing trash, pollution, and degradation of the environment when the building is in construction.

However, the architects and engineers are realizing that they can make changes in the designing phase itself which can go a long way in reducing the buildings environmental footprint. How is Revit beneficial to achieve efficiency in Plumbing Design - Drafting Services. The Building Information Model has been a tremendous boon for the construction sector specifically for the MEP professionals.

How is Revit beneficial to achieve efficiency in Plumbing Design - Drafting Services

It helps them design, detail, and document the building systems more efficiently. It also makes it possible for them to improve accuracy, reduce and resolve clashes, and optimize building systems design One key component of the MEP discipline is the plumbing designs. Plumbing systems are important to enhance the comfort of the building occupant as well as increase the overall lifecycle of the building. BIM, more precisely Revit has various workflows that can automate for a quicker, more efficient way of plumbing design. How does Revit improve Plumbing Design? 1. 3D Model: In the virtual 3D model the plumbing systems can be seen and observed from different angles and planes to develop plumbing isometrics. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What are some common guidelines to keep in mind? Gantt chart can help achieving construction costs & process effectively. What is Request for Information and how to streamline its process in the construction projects? - Tesla CAD Solutions. How can BIM help in improving the health and safety of workers while working on-site construction? - Tesla CAD Solutions. Tesla CAD Solutions -