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6 Resources To Make You A Superwriter!

30 october 2018

6 Resources To Make You A Superwriter!

In the era of the Internet, everyone writes about everything. If only a couple of centuries ago the writing skills were owned only by the elect ones, now almost all people can do it somehow. All people should own the writing skills in our time. It is useful not only for those who want to create their own stories and books but also for students, journalists, businessmen, and others. Therefore, the auxiliary applications and websites presented in this article will also be useful.

First of all, remember: the most important in any text and audio message is simplicity. It does not matter what intellectual level you have, it's important for people to understand you. The true skill is the possession of extensive knowledge and expression of this knowledge through simple, understandable things.

And now let's talk about the application, to which you can apply to improve the skill of any assignment writing.

1. Thesaurus

This is a dictionary with a huge variety of words. Of course, on the Internet, there are a lot of dictionaries that work online, but this company has developed a unique product. is the place where you can find synonyms for every word and expand your vocabulary.

Any person has a moment when starting to write assignments with the same words. In such situations, you want some kind of novelty and freshness. For this, you should visit this website and find the right words. And also, you can read funny articles that tell interesting facts about words.

2. Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is a famous American writer, as well as a Nobel Prize winner. Probably there is no person in the world who does not know his outstanding personality. The works of Ernest Hemingway are distinguished by the "simplicity" of perception. Being an opponent of "lush phrases", the author writes in a simple, ascetic style.

The application that was created in his honor is aimed at identifying errors in the text. How does it work? You should insert your writing assignment text and press the button for verification. The program itself highlights the mistakes that found, spelling, grammar, punctuation, stylistic and others. This is a very useful application especially for people who write quickly and make a lot of mistakes.

3. PapersOwl

I am not going to make review here, so will explain very briefly what kind of company it is. It is an essay writing service where you can pay someone to do an essay or can ask for editing help. Website is very convenient for students who do not have time to write qualitatively (from the grammatical point), but they know what they want to write about in their report or even in the coursework. Thus, throw this paper writing service students can communicate with writers and send the instructions on how to write their tasks, or ask to edit the writing assignment.

4. AutoCrit

One of my favourite apps. Do you know why? Because it can be called independent and very critical application. What if not criticism creates motivation and stimulates the desire to improve your writing skills? Of course, the most unpleasant for the author of the work is to hear criticism, but we all must understand that criticism is much better than flattery.

It is an online book editor which is directed not only to editing your work but also to help you improve your skills. AutoCrit experts will help you to identify your weaknesses and strengths, to begin an in-depth conscious work on the mistakes.

5. Easy Word Count

Yes, this is probably the most basic application that everyone should have in bookmarks. Everything works very easily and simplifies the process of counting words when it's important to know. You insert text, and the application shows you three indicators:

* number of characters;

* number of words;

* and number without space.

All figures are shown in real time, so it's very convenient to make corrections and see how the number of words or symbols in your text changes.

6. Cite In It

This website has a very stylish and beautiful interface. But of course, this is not the main thing, the main thing here is the function. As you probably already guessed this application creates a bibliography for you. It is incredibly useful and very much saves time and nerves app. All is simple - insert the necessary information into the windows and get a ready-made quote in the format you need (APA, MLA or Chicago).

The most important advice: write by hand. In the text editor, there is no possibility of full manoeuvre and flexibility. You can read this article to get more info about this idea. When you write by hand, you can freely cross out, emphasize, highlight and change phrases. In addition, many scientists agree that motor activity activates parts of the brain that remain unused when typing on the keyboard.