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Embroidered Jacquard Floral dress - Dresses. Dresses for Women - Lace, Silk and Jacquard | HottieandLord. Enjoy great deals and bargains when you buy designer tops for women online. 5 Party Dress Trends for Women to Shine in 2k17 - Al-Balsam Life: Must-Have Outerwear For Your Winter Closet! Calling for style nazis over the web, it’s easy to end up paying jackpots for those glittery shoes, neon bags and shimmery jackets. When you finally look up into your closet, you’re brought to reality and you realise you have nothing to wear to work, lunch dates or a casual day out. Well catch a breath, we’ve got this sorted for you. Here’s what you can wear to the office to work like a Boss or at a lunch date to steal some hearts. Because we know, even in that closet full of glam, you still need some cozy clothing for the winter chill!

A Paris Trench Coat Dodge the chilly cool winds with this beautiful Paris trench coat and outwear. It comes with a full lining and maxi silhouette. A Lavish Velvet Blazer This velvet blazer will strengthen the bold woman spirit that you possess. The Trend-Setter: Printed Bomber A quirky feminine twist to the tomboy bombers. This jacket is something you need in your winter closet to own the world with your style. A Must-Have Classic New York Bomber.

Are you an 'apple' or a 'pear'? Here's what to wear - The other 'F-word' 11 Jan Are you an ‘apple’ or a ‘pear’? Here’s what to wear I am long past 30 now. My body and mind have changed in ways that I am both happy and little less pleased about. On the plus side, I am infinitely more confident than a decade ago. Fashionista’s Lookbook According To Myriad Body Types Women come in myriad shapes and sizes, so it becomes twisting to find clothes that are flattering your specific figure. Dressing up an apple body type: To dress beautifully for the apple body type, you need to keep the attention away from your midriff, and wear clothes to highlight other parts. Draw all the attention to your bust and neck. Dressing up a straight or rectangular body type: A rectangular or straight body type tends to lack curves and your body looks long and thin. If you have a rectangular body type, you can “tweak” in your waist to accentuate curves.

Dressing up a pear body type: The key to dress up a pear body type is to wear anything that shows off your shoulder and bust area. Silk bow tie blouse. Highwaist Skinny Pants - Pants - Bottoms. Because A FashionLover Wants It All. Fashion buying. Mode fashion. Buy Latest Designer Women's Clothing | HottieandLord.