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Save This List! 21 Top Websites for Social Studies Teachers. Every day on our Facebook page, teachers post "Helpline" questions and receive resource recommendations, lesson and classroom management ideas, career advice, and so much more.

Save This List! 21 Top Websites for Social Studies Teachers

Recently, a high school teacher asked readers to suggest their favorite sites for teaching social studies. The list was so awesome, we just had to share it! 1. iCivics 2. Teaching Tolerance 3. Library of Congress 4. LDC Social Studies Collection. 1 to 1 Quick Tips. Do you have a quick tip about learning in a 1 to 1 school?

1 to 1 Quick Tips

Please share by contacting us.Step away from the workbook Your school didn't spend millions of dollars on infrastructure, training, and computers so they could save paper. 1 to 1 isn't about the computer, its about how you can leverage the technology to impact learning. You gave worksheets and multiple choice quizzes because thats all you had before. That time is over. You now have the whole world at your, and your students' fingertips. Don't sit down You didn't give the power of the world-wide web to every student to stand in front of them and lecture, and sitting at your desk is an open license for students to be off-task. Let students learn independently Independent learning should be the ultimate goal, but you have to practice. Get a PLN You can't do this alone--you need a Professional Learning Network.

Try a project Projects aren't just for dessert anymore. Present, publish, and share The need for knowledge is changing. Interactive Learning Sites for Education - Home. CPRESA Social Studies Mix. Home - Medal of Honor. Social Studies. Page Content What’s New The Social Studies Precision Review The Social Studies Precision Review of the Standards is ready for public comment!

Social Studies

Click this link to review the revised standards and access a survey for public comments and feedback. The revised standards will be posted for 60 days to collect public comments and feedback. Resources and Professional Development​ Professional Development Opportunities for TeachersBruce Lesh, author of the book “Why Won’t you Just Tell us the Answer?” Social Studies Standards and Curriculum Frameworks Georgia Social Studies Standards and Courses Studies Standards Curriculum Frameworks and Resources Resources for Constitution Day Public Law 108-447 requires the designation of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day on September 17 of each year. Opportunities for Students Teacher Awards Helpful Resources Atlanta History Center Outreach Programs. Released Tests & Item Sets.

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Released Tests & Item Sets

This site uses JavaScript but is fully functional without it. Standards of Learning (SOL) & Testing Released tests are representative of the content and skills included in the Virginia SOL tests and are provided to assist in understanding the format of the tests and questions.


Economics. USHistory. APUSH. World History. Human Geography. 8th Grade. 7th Grade. 6th Grade. 5th Grade. 4th Grade. 3rd Grade. 2nd Grade. 1st Grade.