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Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay Dominates Market. When earnings season comes to call, even Google/Alphabet can sing the blues, and Q2 has seen the band officially warming up.

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay Dominates Market

Which is not to say the most recent earnings report lacked positive takeaways. The core Google business is strong, particularly on mobile, and revenue and profits are both heading in the right direction. However, the stock went into something of a spiral in after-hours trading because the key to the earnings system is not absolute numbers so much as it is a check-in with how well firms beat analysts’ predictions or how hard those predictions beat them. Google didn’t live up to expectations after taking larger-than-expected losses on some of its “moonshots,” like driverless cars and home automation. Campanhas Promocionais – O consumidor e os canais de comunicação. A comunicação promocional Uma das ferramentas promocionais mais fortes no mercado do Grande Consumo são os folhetos, tendo-se tornado nos últimos anos um dos principais canais de comunicação entre os retalhistas e o consumidor final, sendo por isso alvo de grande investimento dentro deste sector de actividade.

Campanhas Promocionais – O consumidor e os canais de comunicação

Os produtos em folheto representam elevados incrementos nas vendas, pois estão associados a packs promocionais, produtos inovadores ou acções em preço directo, cartão ou talão. Os descontos, que em tempos eram apenas realizados em períodos muito específicos, passaram a fazer parte do planeamento diário dos folhetos, tendo desta forma uma grande procura por parte do consumidor.

Campanhas Promocionais – O consumidor e os canais de comunicação. iBeacon Technology is Gaining more Traction Day by Day: Some recent Developments. This Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based technology is really creating a marketing revolution.

iBeacon Technology is Gaining more Traction Day by Day: Some recent Developments

It is being used by businesses to send ads, offers and alerts to customers in a contextual manner, all in real time. Moreover it helps understand where the customer might be in the vicinity. It is not just retailers who are adopting the technology. Other industry players are looking at more ways to leverage this proximity technology. Here are some recent highlights of the technology from our quick review of recent happenings in the industry: Bookatable to expand iBeacons to 119 restaurants Bookatable is an online booking platform based in Europe.

Post the festival, with a wider installed base of beacons, Bookatable would broadcast more customized messages to attract customers to its partner restaurants. Shopkick has installed 7,500 iBeacon devices Shopkick has achieved this large installed base across its retail partners in the U.S. Miami International Airport has beacons across all stakeholders Ray. Mobile Payments Fuel Starbucks Growth. Starbucks reported a strong Q2 performance, with revenue up 11 percent, a 23 percent increase in quarterly profit.

Mobile Payments Fuel Starbucks Growth

Mobile payments were a particularly strong performer for the company, contributing 15 percent of total quarterly revenue. In a call with investors, CEO Howard Shultz said Starbucks processed 6 million mobile transactions per week in the U.S. during the quarter that ended June 29. Shultz further noted the extremely popular Starbucks mobile app has 12 million users in the United States and Canada. The company also tipped its hand slightly about forthcoming technological advances coming to consumers via the mobile app.

The Seattle-base coffee retailer will be pushing its mobile order and pay initiative in a major U.S. market this year, which will allow users to make and pay for coffee and food orders via smart phone in advance of arriving at a physical Starbucks location to pick-up their order. Kmart app gets points for rewards, but does not check out. A new app feature that Kmart is testing at a store in New York failed to live up to its self-checkout promise in one test by a reporter.

Kmart app gets points for rewards, but does not check out

A large sign at the entrance to the Astor Place Kmart in Manhattan proclaims that the app allows customers to scan their items while shopping and then hand their smartphone over to the cashier for checkout. However, when this reporter tried to do so the cashier said she had never encountered any customers who had the app, and she did not know how to check out the purchase. “Self-checkout testing started at Kmart in October 2013 in one store and expanded to two additional stores in November 2013,” said a Kmart spokeswoman. “Kmart plans to roll out self-checkout testing to 50 stores by the end of the summer. “The in-store experience allows Kmart members to use their own mobile device to scan the bar code of an item and place it in their cart using our ShopYourWay app,” she said. Retailers' Mobile Wallet Seen Delayed To 2015; Apple Boost? First Signs of an MCX Pilot Appear at Walmart. WALMART LANÇA COMPARADOR DE PREÇOS.

11 JUNHO 2014 Chama-se Savings Catcher a ferramenta lançada pela Walmart que analisa os preços da concorrência e, caso o cliente encontre o produto a um preço mais barato, oferece a diferença.


A Walmart começou a testar o seu comparador de preços em sete mercados durante a primavera. Após o êxito dos testes, que se saldaram em quase um milhão de faturas processadas, a maior retalhista do mundo ambiciona estender o serviço a todo o território norte-americano, inclusivamente através da app Walmart. Numa fase inicial, o Savings Catcher analisa cerca de 80 mil referências de produtos de grande consumo. No futuro, prevê-se a sua aplicação a outras categorias.