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If Freire Made a MOOC: Open Education as Resistance. Lfna27660enn. The MOOC is not dead, but maybe it should be. Five years after the New York Times anointed 2012 as the Year of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Udacity – the company founded by Sebastian Thrun, the self-described forefather of MOOCs – pronounced them dead. This was met with no small resistance from staff and institutions continuing to produce MOOC content and courses. Is the MOOC, as Udacity says, a failed product – or have we not, as Arshad Ahmad and Barbara Oakley contest, given the product a true chance? Within formal higher education, Udacity has long been criticied for their propulsion of (and profit from) the MOOC hype machine, securing government contracts in the United States to “fix” higher education, only to pivot away from the sector less than one year later.

If MOOCs are not dead, what are they doing? Authenticity. 4 3Share1 2 0 When you buy a new car or buy a new TV you go to a showroom who deals in the car or TV, either it’s an official retailer for the item or it has a reputation you trust.


Well, we used to at any rate. It seems these days, and I’m equally guilty of this, we go online and find the cheapest version. There, that’ll do. Even if we use a ‘reputable’ website we may find ourselves buying the £5 USB cable made by a company we’ve never heard of instead of the £15 cable from one we have. Is it the same with our learning? It seems different when looking at the different MOOCs on offer, I find myself looking at the course team as much as the course syllabus itself. Language Learning Apps & MOOCs for Refugees – MOONLITE. Homepage - MOOQ for the Quality of MOOCs. Monetization over Massiveness: A Review of MOOC Stats and Trends in 2016 — Class Central.

This article is just one in our 2016 MOOC Roundup Series.

Monetization over Massiveness: A Review of MOOC Stats and Trends in 2016 — Class Central

Find the whole series of articles here, and discover everything MOOCs in 2016 — from the most popular classes, to overviews on developments in MOOC platforms, to looking at the MOOC-future. It was originally published on EdSurge. Developing a Strategic Approach to MOOCs. Introduction The first massive open online course (MOOC) was developed in 2008 (Cormier, 2008).

Developing a Strategic Approach to MOOCs

‘Connectivism and Connectivism Knowledge (CCK08)’ was a course about connectivism that aimed to put into practice the principles of that learning theory. Connectivism holds that learning and knowledge rest in diversity of opinions, that learning involves connecting information sources, and that the ability to make connections is a core skill (Siemens, 2005). If Freire Made a MOOC: Open Education as Resistance - Hybrid Pedagogy. Moocs to earn degree credits for first time in UK at two universities. Two major UK universities are to offer massive open online courses – or Moocs – which for the first time will earn credits that count towards a final degree, it has been announced.

Moocs to earn degree credits for first time in UK at two universities

In what is being billed as an important step towards widening access to higher education, students will be able to take part of a degree through an online course and gain formal accreditation towards their final qualification. While Moocs offering credits have become a familiar part of the US higher education market, in the UK until now only basic certificates of participation have been available at the end of an online course. Among those taking part are the University of Leeds, which is a member of the elite Russell Group of universities, and the Open University, which specialises in distance and open learning for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and qualifications.

How MOOCs Could Reform Education Completely by Accident. Back in 2013, the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote that MOOCs—massive open online courses—were about to change everything: Nothing has more potential to lift more people out of poverty—by providing them an affordable education to get a job or improve in the job they have.

How MOOCs Could Reform Education Completely by Accident

Nothing has more potential to unlock a billion more brains to solve the world’s biggest problems. Digital skills and competences at all levels of learning. Practical Guidance from MOOC Research: Learning Beyond the Platform - EdTech Researcher -... Frank Gielen sur Twitter : "There is a gap between what professionals and employers are looking for and what universities offer. Survey: MOOCs Supplement Traditional Higher Ed. MOOCs Survey: MOOCs Supplement Traditional Higher Ed A new survey of students enrolled in massive open online courses (MOOCs) suggests that the courses are supplementing traditional higher education forms and "democratizing learning.

Survey: MOOCs Supplement Traditional Higher Ed

" Researchers from Duke University studied "13 free, open-access digital courses offered by Duke using the Coursera platform," according to a news release, and found that the courses "are popular among youngsters, retirees and other non-traditional student populations. " The team analyzed pre-course surveys administered to all students who signed up for a fall 2014 MOOC offered by Duke, looking specifically at responses from 9,000 people younger than 18, older than 65 and those who reported that they had no access to higher education. Findings of the study included: About the Author Joshua Bolkan is the multimedia editor for Campus Technology and THE Journal. ECO Project EU sur Twitter : "Here it is! New #MOOC to design videos for education. Enrol! #JoinECO...

Eco portal. Art Schools Go MOOC, With a New Online Platform. 18 June Teaching free courses in the arts as MOOCs had bee tried before via Coursera, but it did not work out well, so its authors frustrated by limitations of the Coursera platform, just left it – until now.

Art Schools Go MOOC, With a New Online Platform

The new virtual art school Kadenze has teamed up with 18 institutions, including Stanford and Princeton Universities, to create a digital platform designed for arts courses. According to a company co-founder, Perry R. Cook, an emeritus professor at Princeton, the platform will be multimedia rich and allow students to create online portfolios, upload music files and scanned art, watch videos, and participate in discussion forums. Kadenze will initially offer about 20 courses on subjects including music, art history, and technology and art.

Kadenza’s founders anticipate that Kadenze’s courses will attract a broad range of students, but that the primary interest will be from artists, performers, and those interested in going to art school. Our development process - Oxford Brookes University. The Ultimate Student Guide to xMOOCs and cMOOCs. The education media declared 2012 the year of the MOOC, and even mainstream news featured numerous stories about Massive Open Online Courses, some suggesting that this new type of course would revolutionize the model of higher education.

The Ultimate Student Guide to xMOOCs and cMOOCs

Yet the MOOCs featured in the media are quite different from the original concept. One co-founder of the first MOOC, Stephen Downes, came up with the terms ‘xMOOC’ and ‘cMOOC’ to distinguish between classes modeled on his and the form that has become better known since then. The Coursera and edX platforms that have grabbed the spotlight recently are examples of xMOOCs. Have you ever wondered how these courses could be free, or why some charge a fee for certificates or other services? Even if you haven’t, it’s a good idea that students of MOOCs be familiar with the MOOC providers, specifically, how they are funded, what certification or credit is available, and the terms and privacy policy that you agree to when you sign-up. Online learning: How to make a MOOC : Naturejobs.

The 2.0x MOOC and the 1.0x Audiobook. MOOCs have me worried.

The 2.0x MOOC and the 1.0x Audiobook

The ability to watch MOOC videos at 2.0x (double speed) is re-setting my brain’s expectations for information intake. I find that many conference presentations now feel unbearably slow. M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs. Date: Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 14:30 - 15:30 M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs Thursday 9 April 2015.

M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs

More than 110 mentors and tutors and 40 visits. More than 110 mentors and tutors and 40 visits 10Dec By admin Comments To express our thankfulness to everybody involved we would like to share this presentation showing the highlights of our 12-week incubator with four intensive residential sessions in some of Europe’s most innovative cities. Our selection and incubation process would have not been possible without our Jury chaired by Lord Puttnam; more than 110 mentors and tutors and many facilitators that helped us to prepare more than 40 private meetings, visits, workshops or webinars. Futurelearn. Special edition on research on MOOCs in the journal ‘Distance Education’ Image uploaded by @theUL. Language. MOOCs – who, what, why, when, how ? (with image, tweets) · UOBETT. The Future of MOOCs · UOBETT. Easy Spanish - Español Fácil.

Distance learning: who's doing it now? Distance learning is nothing new. In 1938, the International Council for Correspondence Education was founded in Canada. In the same year, they held their first world conference, attended by 87 delegates. MOOC Survey January 2014. No room for sloppiness in online classroom. When your classroom is a global one, filled with well-informed online learners, they don’t cut you much slack. Hundreds of people pore over every element of your course, making well-informed and sometime acerbic comments. Academics who run Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are finding that they can’t afford any sloppy reasoning, one-sided arguments, or narrow perspectives when teaching to a massive global audience. As academic lead at FutureLearn, a company offering free online courses from UK universities, I’ve seen that this instant feedback can be eye-opening for course designers.

On a university campus, students stick around even though the teaching may be dreadful, because they need the degree qualification. In MOOCs they leave as soon as they lose interest. So far, much of the debate in the United States about MOOCs has focused on the dropout rate. It’s now time to move on. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning.

Let's teach the world. Travailler en français. 6 MOOCs You May Not Know About. Open Educational Resource university is launched. cMOOCs and xMOOCs – key differences. Pourquoi y a t-il si peu de MOOCs pour apprendre les langues ? Alors que les offres de MOOCs se structurent et se diversifient, un domaine d'apprentissage reste remarquablement absent des catalogues proposés par les groupements et établissements : celui des langues vivantes. Ceci est d'autant plus étonnant que l'apprentissage d'une langue étrangère, et de l'anglais en particulier pour ce qui est de la France et de l'Afrique francophone, reste au sommet des demandes de formation émises par les travailleurs. University Brands: The Importance of MOOCs.

Whether we accept it or not, all of us are in the business of information these days. From the coffee shop to the fashion boutique to the largest of multinational brands, it cannot have escaped many people’s attention that both prominence and profile are the fundamental marketing objectives of our time. Course: BadgeMOOC: Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials. Launching Blackboard Collaborate. Start Session. MOOCS. Mooc References.

Green Futures: Can Universities Nurture a New Generation of Problem Solvers? International Students and MOOCs: The French Perspective. Keeping Higher Education in Control of Higher Education. CourseSites as a MOOC Platform: Getting Started. Online universities: it's time for teachers to join the revolution. The MOOC bubble and the attack on public education. cMOOC. MOOC - The Resurgence of Community in Online Learning. MOOC assortment. MOOC on Human-Computer Interaction: 7 fails in screen design. Week 2: The Quality of Massive Open Online Courses by Stephen Downes. Kelleycruse: Thinking of creating a MOOC? Why Professors at San Jose State Won't Use a Harvard Professor's MOOC - Technology. Four more universities join Futurelearn. A Comprehensive List of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Providers.

Donald Clark Plan B. 'Social Entrepreneurs' Bring Hope and Contradictions to the College Market - Technology. Stephen's Web. The 6 Characteristics Of Modern Online Language Learning. A World Bank Blog on ICT use in Education. Is That MOOC an A or C or X or some other letter? - Serendipity35. Half the professoriate will kill the other half for free. MOOC ABC de la Gestion de Projet (with images, tweets) · matthieucisel. Professors, Pedagogy and MOOCs. Technology, Transparency & MOOCs. Coursera expands foreign-language classes with help of new international partners. Association of Governing Boards.