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Film for languages

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Parlez du cinéma en français ! Le vocabulaire utile. 5 outrageous things educators can’t do because of copyright — Copyright Untangled. Finland: No moving images in class In the 1990s, Finnish copyright law was modified so that in order to show a commercial movie in the classroom, the school would need to pay for screening rights.

5 outrageous things educators can’t do because of copyright — Copyright Untangled

Unfortunately, the wording in the law is ambiguous, and covers all “moving picture works”. So, to view an online educational animation or instructional demo made by another teacher or student, the educator would also need to obtain a permission from the rightsholder. And unlike for commercial films — where teachers can pay for screening rights via a simple web interface — there’s no way to obtain rights for online video clips or indie films without negotiating with the rights holders directly. In practice this means that teachers must either potentially break the law or spend a lot of time tracking down rights holders for permission.

Austria & Lithuania: no e-mailing of quotations Most jurisdictions in the EU have a copyright exception for the quotation of copyrighted works. FLAME Conference. Media and Learning Association. FILTA. Raising Students' Intercultural Awareness Through film in Higher Education. Film Network - FilmMaking - Guide - Legal FAQs. Cinéma - Dossiers pédagogiques - FLE. Le Hall de la Chanson nous présente "en avant-première" sa réalisation : La Chanson du Film .

Cinéma - Dossiers pédagogiques - FLE

Découvrez les aventures de la chanson dans le cinéma en vous promenant dans le Trianon, haut lieu du music-hall et du cinématographe : explorez les coulisses de l’histoire de la chanson du film, prenez des leçons de cinéma dans la cabine de projection, visitez les loges des chanteurs-comédiens, jouez avec les Bandes Originales dans le foyer, fouillez dans le jardin des connaissances, rendez-vous au Hall avec les compositeurs de musique de films... N’oubliez pas de télécharger le lecteur Flash si vous ne l’avez pas encore et bonne promenade sur La Chanson du Film ! Visitez les autres expositions en ligne, collections thématiques sur les artistes, époques et styles musicaux du Hall de la chanson : On ne connait pas la chanson Femmes en chanson - les actes... 10 foreign language films you need to see before you die. Yes, DIE! In the past twenty years, foreign language films have seen an explosion in popularity.

10 foreign language films you need to see before you die. Yes, DIE!

This is due to the availabilty of films you wouldn't normally see in your cinemas. With the help of video rentals and, later, streaming services, foreign language films are becoming increasingly popular with audiences. Here's 10 of the best foreign language films from the last twenty years... Tom Tykwer has moved on from his humble beginnings to work with Tom Hanks in last year's Cloud Atlas, but Run Lola Run is the perfect introduction to his work. More than anything, it shows his ability to pace a scene and make it visually stunning. Guillermo Del Toro's work can be described as imaginative, but none more so than Pan's Labyrinth. Germany's relationship with politics have been the subject of many films, but none have really looked at the criminal element involved. Romantic stories don't come more well-known than this.

Guide to...European Day of Languages. Download our language learning resource 26th September, 2013 Film can enrich the curriculum in all manner of ways, not least when it comes to language learning.

Guide to...European Day of Languages

Studying a language is one thing, but there's nothing like hearing it spoken to really help you get to grips with one. Supported by the Association for Language Learning, we've put together a brand new curriculum enrichment resource for KS3 and KS4 featuring five films from across World, each guide including teacher's notes, discussion starters and activities to kickstart your language learning! Guide to...European Day of Languages.