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CiLi in Papers - Scrapbooking, CardMaking - ciliinpapers. Pärlor och smyckedelar för din smyckestillverkning - Pagoni. Smyckestillverkning. BINDÖGLOR OCH MOTRINGAR. Scrap och Ting - Pyssel och inredningsbutik - Embossing. K-designs Store - Inca Gold. Forklade-web.pdf. Origami club. Pyssel - Diy: recycled cardboard dollhouse : CAKIES.

Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse Supplies:Cardboard Dollhouse Template (the biggest piece is about 20″ x 20″) Recycled cardboard from a box Pencil Box cutter Self-healing mat Directions: Download the Cardboard Dollhouse Template and you will need to take it to a copy center to get it printed.

diy: recycled cardboard dollhouse : CAKIES

The largest piece measures about 20″ x 20″, but if you want a smaller house to accommodate a smaller box size, I would just have the template size decreased by 25% or 50%, or whatever your need may be. The template can be used later to make wall paper and floor for the house by gluing it onto the cardboard. Break down your cardboard box into flat pieces and trace the templates onto your cardboard. Note: When you cut out the connecting slits for the house pieces, you will want to be sure that the slit you create accounts for the thickness of the cardboard you use.

To put it together: Slot together the center piece with the exterior pieces. ★ How to make an origami star ★ Lucka 4: Pappersstjärna. Här är en pappersstjärna som jag testat göra efter en beskrivning i tidningen 101 nya idéer.

Lucka 4: Pappersstjärna

Det som behövs är tjockt papper, lim och skärkniv/sax. 1. Skär ut 12 stycken remsor i styvt papper.


Pin från Christy Dillman på Thirty-One Gifts. Blue Tadpole Studio - How to draw. More coming soon!!

Blue Tadpole Studio - How to draw

How to Make Folded Paper Bracelets Sunglasses from empty toilet paper rolls. Are you ready for the summer?

Sunglasses from empty toilet paper rolls

Be a sunglasses designer Have a look at this easy way to make your own sunglasses. They become very beautiful if you apply glittering stickers and colour them with felt-tip pens. When you roll the middle part, glue it to stay in place. Glue the temples too, after you fold them (see the pictures). Children activities, more than 2000 coloring pages. WHO’S HIDING Behind the Fence? After last year’s failed attempt at making a store-bought Grass Head grow some hair, this summer we made our own.

WHO’S HIDING Behind the Fence?

The results were great. Only the sprouting took some time – maybe because it was so sad and rainy outside. Here are several different ideas for the container where you could plant the grass seeds. It could be a problem to find those seeds, though. Luckily a wonderful girl from a florist shop made some little packages especially for us, so we wouldn’t have to plant a whole meadow. The little princess – we have put some beads at the base to stabilize the head. The fearsome pirate – we made the eyes with leftover stickers from old books. You will need a nylon sock, some grass seeds, 4 rubber bands and some soil. When the sock is full enough to make a head, tie at the bottom with the first rubber band, Cut away the extra length of sock.

Wet the whole head under running water. Jack Skellington Halloween String Garland. Pixel Papercraft. Freebie Friday – Robot Memory Match. Today for Freebie Friday, we have one for the boys!

Freebie Friday – Robot Memory Match

Today we have a very cute “Robot Memory Match Game” to play with your little ones. Print out your Robot Memory Match Game twice to make pairs, using card stock for added strength.Cut out each card.Laminate.Turn the cards over, picture side down, on a flat surface.Turn over two cards at a time to find matching pairs. To download your free “Robot Memory Match Game” please click the link below! Pyssla pyssla hobby sticka virka sy hantverk papperspyssel brodera smycken sömnad handverk. Servettringar till Halloween. Höstmörkret smyger sig på och det är dags att duka till Halloween.

Servettringar till Halloween

Plocka fram toarullar och färg och låt alla i familjen få en egen servettring. Ni behöver toarullar, griffeltavelfärg om ni vill kunna skriva allas namn med krita eller vanlig hobbyfärg i svart och orange, pensel, färgat papper, sax, klister, ögon och paljetter. 1. Paper Plate Weaving How To. I have to confess, that there are not “many paper plate crafts” on Red Ted Art yet.

Paper Plate Weaving How To

I am not sure why, but paper plates are not something we have in our house. But it was it was time to change that……… especially as it is such a fun material to work with. The first thing we decided to have a go at, where those gorgeous Paper Plate Weaving crafts. Sveriges största kontorsvaruhus på nätet. How to Homeschool Preschool. The years between 2 and 5 are so formative.

How to Homeschool Preschool

So much of the “foundation” of your child’s interests and temperament is being nurtured and awakened. They are also developing skills that they can use in school for years to come. Owls, Foil, Glue, and Shoe Polish. (original artwork by David, grade 5) Art Club, Grades 1-6.

Owls, Foil, Glue, and Shoe Polish

Delicate Leaf Cuttings By Omid Asadi. My name is Omid Asadi and I currently live in Manchester, United Kingdom. I created this work with carving and cutting techniques on actual fallen leaves using a craft knife and a needle. I always try to create pieces with a message, not just beautiful art. Some of these messages or ideas come from my world view, poems, stories, global problems and philosophy.

I’m also inspired by other artists’ and designers’ works. More info: Facebook | Leaf’s Mind I’m very attentive to beautiful fallen leaves. Do It Yourself Gifts to Make for Kids - 55+ Handmade Toys, Creative Kits, Dolls, and More. Do you make homemade Christmas gifts for your kids? I always have a long list of DIY gifts, and then rarely find the time to get them all done. But there’s still a few weeks left to get some crafting before Christmas.

So I thought I’d compile a list of all of the do it yourself gifts for kids tutorials you’ll ever need! DIY Toys. 25 Easy Art Techniques for Preschoolers - Happy Hooligans. It’s no secret – my daycare hooligans love creating art! For me, the funnest thing about art for kids, is finding unique and interesting ways for my toddlers and preschoolers to get creative. The kids and I have tried a lot of creative processes over the years, and today, I’m sharing with you, 25 easy art techniques for kids! They’re easy, inexpensive, super-cool, and each of these projects can be done using things you have in your kitchen cupboards and around your home! Put away those paints and paintbrushes! Fairy houses and gardens. Pysselmaterial & Hobbymaterial - Make & Create. Till barnen: Pyssel f r barnen, aktiviteter, tips och ideer f r f r ldrar och... DLTK's Crafts for Kids.

Online image editor pixlr free - fix photos direct in your browser. The Graffiti Creator. Creator. Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Image Generator Links 2012, Make Custom Graphics/Clipart Online. - Fun photo effects and photo frames online. Free photo filters, photo collages and montages. Dumpr - Photo Fun. Hemgjord. Collage Maker. Collage Art for Kids. Paper Model of a Great Stellated Dodecahedron. Examples of decorated great stellated dodecahedra: More pictures of decorated polyhedra great stellated dodecahedron (.PDF) Print the PDF file to make the paper model.

Vik papperstranor för fred. Paper Crafts for Kids - Paper Craft Ideas. Creative Disney Activities for Kids. Enjoy origami online. Paper Models of Polyhedra. Kids Crafts - Inspiration for Children of all Ages. Bunting is a quick and fun way to decorate the house or classroom for any occasion. It also... It is amazing what fun can be had and what can be created from a few basic ingredients. DLTK's Crafts for Kids. Art Projects for Kids. - Free Crafts, Ideas, Projects, Patterns and Tutorials.

Family Crafts. Skapligt Enkelt. TinkerLab - Creativity for Kids. Pappersblomma - Arla. Arts and Crafts for Kids. Tänker på dig. Tropical Paper Flowers. These bright and beautiful paper flowers are made from scrapbook paper and cardstock and were inspired by the gorgeous tropical flowers in warm weather climates. So if you want to have a bit of the tropics in your home year round, make these tropical paper flowers! A bonus… they never need watering. :)