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Terence Lewis Dance Institute

We work together, towards professional excellence in exploring dance in various forms such as educational, research, artistic and commercial ventures. We constantly strive for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Mission Paani Waterthon. 3 tips for great dance videos. The current trend of dance videos going viral on social media platforms means that all students who take our dance classes online or on ground, want to know the secret to making great dance videos.

3 tips for great dance videos

Here are 3 tips from our instructors, who are well-seasoned in the art of creating dance videos and getting lots of attention! Try to record your dance video with a nice camera so that the quality of your video is good. Get a friend to record your video using different camera angles like - zoom in, zoom out, panning the camera, top shot or a low-level shot, etc. You can match the rhythm of your choreography (quick paced edits and fast-moving shots for an energetic number, for example) to give your dance video an interesting effect. You can use the space around you effectively and creatively. Dancing for Self-Care. Dancing is an integral part of human expression.

Dancing for Self-Care

From the early years of mankind, we see examples of primitive men and women moving to music to celebrate good news, happy life events or simply, to reflect and communicate joy. In today’s strange standstill world, dance can bring us myriad benefits by way of comfort and release, at the same time optimizing our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Research has consistently proven that dancing can be a useful cardio-based exercise , if done regularly. BoCa – Fusion of Energy, Rhythm, Fitness. Zero Gravity. Contemporary Dance Attire. Happy & Healthy Kids. TLPTI - Specially designed online dance courses for you. If the Primary Student (PS) gets-

TLPTI - Specially designed online dance courses for you.

5 Tips to get ready for Online Dance Classes. Have you tried a few dance classes online and signed up for a course with the TLPTI?

5 Tips to get ready for Online Dance Classes

Here are a few tips that will be useful for you to read before you begin your class. 1) Dress for your dance class. Your clothing should be comfortable, allowing you to move without restriction. TLPTI - Specially designed online dance courses for you. If the Primary Student (PS) gets- 1 buddy - PS gets - 30% discount 2 buddies- PS gets- 50% discount.

TLPTI - Specially designed online dance courses for you.

ABCD Anytime Anywhere Online! The team at the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute has been happily working overtime the past three months.

ABCD Anytime Anywhere Online!

Since the success of the 24-hour non-stop dance online Adda we held on 1 May, we have been overwhelmed with the response we have received! Literally by popular demand, we have added dance training online with digital learning courses in all shapes and forms, for all people everywhere. We soon learnt that social distancing did not mean a lack of dancing – in fact, with gyms and public parks being closed, more people have turned to us as a way of keeping fit and active virtually. Dance Camp Adda. Blog. An Iron Lady who was not afraid to call a spade a spade!


She was the only choreographer in the 90s & early 2000s where both the Producers & the Superstars, revered & feared her, with due respect! I personally admired her grasp in being able to capture the mood of the music & her ability to interpret lyrics through dance & movement, transforming music & poetry into a heightened visual art! She was truly the Fosse of Bollywood! Both, embodied the philosophy that 'less is more' and her strongest suit was her ability to extract from her artist, their most beautiful version of themselves & make them caress the lens with subtle intimacy, giving the audience an immersive experience. She truly sett gold standards in choreography! Blog. Blog. The TL Dance Ambassadors Program (The DA Program) -"Spreading the Joy!


" As the unprecendented global Lockdown took root, from there stemmed a whole new way of functioning for the TLPTI. TLPTI- Our *Vision Mission Dream. Dance Camp Adda. The Young Masters’ Program is an accelerated course for youngsters who aspire to, and have the potential for, a professional dance career.

Dance Camp Adda

Customer Service number: 0222-6325041, +91-7045375101 In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities and programs of the TERENCE LEWIS PROFFESIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, DANCE PE LO CHANCE 2018, and to use its facilities in addition to the payment of Registration fees, I do herby waive , release and forever discharge the TERENCE LEWIS PROFFESIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE instructors, employees , representative and assigns from any and all responsibilities or liabilities with respect to any injuries or damages resulting from my participation activities. I do also herby release all of those mentioned and any other acting upon their behalf from any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to myself. Rs. 35000.00/-Only Duration: 8 Months Course, Once a week (Saturdays) 1.5 hours Eligibility criteria: 8 to 14 yrs. Find the right course of you.

Blog. For the past three weeks, TLPTI & TLCDC have (in keeping with government advice and for the safety and security of all staff and students) temporarily disbanded operations at the Mumbai studios.


However, the lockdown hasn’t stopped us from connecting, and we continue to teach our students at TLPTI like many institutions and organisations are doing today – with classes and assignments taking place online. In that sense, your dance classes are now right in your private room – closer to you than ever before. Frequently Asked Question. TLCDC has been awarded the title of ‘India’s Number 1 Dance Company’ a number of times. There are many criteria to join the company, but a firm technical grounding is mandatory. The Performance Scholarship Programme is an internship with TLCDC and deserving DIDFC students may be selected for this, based on aptitude and performance.

If you complete the PSP successfully, you may be offered a permanent contract with the Company, and live the life of a professional dancer travelling to perform at elite events through the country and across the world! TLCDC has been awarded the title of ‘India’s Number 1 Dance Company’ a number of times. There are many criteria to join the company, but a firm technical grounding is mandatory. About TLPTI - Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute in Mumbai. हमारे संस्थापक और कलात्मक डायरेक्टर मास्टर Terence Lewis को सारा हिंदुस्तान एक मशहूर कोरियोग्राफर, डांसर और टीवी जज के रूप में जानता है, जिन्हें कई बार गिनीज़ बुक ऑफ़ वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड्स में शामिल किया जा चुका है.

Terence एक ऐसे कलाकार हैं, जिन्होंने अपनी कोशिशों से डांस सीखा है और अपने कैरियर के दरम्यान एल्विन एले स्कूल ऑफ़ डांस, न्यूयार्क की वर्कशॉप में भाग लेकर अपने डांस कौशल को संवारा है. TLPTI - Terence Lewis professional training institute.