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Woodworking. Ways to Clean Dried Paint From a Paint Brush. Latex Paint – To remove latex paint that has recently dried, use hot water and dish soap by first washing the brush thoroughly by filling a container with hot water and a couple drops of dish soap.

Ways to Clean Dried Paint From a Paint Brush

Allow the brush to soak. Swish the brush in the water and press the brush against the edge of the container to loosen the paint. Empty and refill the water if the water gets too dirty. You can also use a comb or utensil to loosen the paint from the brush. Next, rinse well, and let the brush dry. An alternative to this method and for tougher jobs, is to try using vinegar. Coming Events. ShopBot Basic Training classes focus on using a ShopBot and our PartWorks design software.

Coming Events

The 2-day classes held monthly at ShopBot Tools Headquarters in Durham, NC are $300 [More details here]. Classes begin each day at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. Lunch will be provided each day as well as bagel and coffee each morning starting at 8:30 a.m. Online Training sessions are held twice a month from 1:00pm to 3:00pm EST and are free to participants. The sessions are subject-specific, click here to be notified about the next online training. Camp ShopBots are user events held by individual ShopBotters at their own shops. Note that Basic Training Classes at ShopBot are now on Thursday and Friday Color Code Web Columns ShopBot Launches Official Certification Course for TeachersMichael Berliner4/28/2014 ShopBot Tools has announced the launch of ShopBot Certification training.

Woodworking. Euro Finishing Clip - FastCap - Woodworking Tools. Burn Pile Buffet–Part 2… Using Stain to Make Artwork! If you missed Part 1 of our Buffet Transformation, click here to read about how we rescued this buffet from a burn pile… stripped, sanded, repaired, primed, and painted!

Burn Pile Buffet–Part 2… Using Stain to Make Artwork!

Next is the fun part. You may not know this about me, but I love to draw with charcoal. I love the shading, and the instant gratification of seeing a masterpiece unfold before your eyes. I can’t draw a person to save my life… but I can shade, yo! I get an inordinate amount of joy from coming up with new ways to make furniture (or a room) unique and beautiful. If you’ve ever stained something before, you know that the longer you leave stain on the wood, the darker the finish will be when you wipe it off. With that in mind, I started with the center petals and stained each petal, starting at the center and working my way out toward the tip of the petal. As you can see I didn’t stain all the way out to the edge of the petals, because I wanted that to be the lightest portion of my ‘shading’. Are you so inspired? UPDATE! Woodsmith Tips — Tips, Techniques, and Videos from Woodsmith and ShopNotes. Finishing a Butcher Block Cutting Board.

Seems like cutting boards are on everyone’s minds these days.

Finishing a Butcher Block Cutting Board

Probably because we are all making holiday gifts. Either way, this is the time of year you can expect almost one forum post a day asking a question about cutting board finishes or “food safe” finishes. And the responses to these posts are nearly always the same: Person 1- The best finish for a butcher block is mineral oil. Person 2- NEVER use varnish or salad bowl finish on a cutting board! What are you, stupid?!?! Ok so I am generalizing here for fun, but you get the picture. I recommend diluting the finish sufficiently so that it immediately gets absorbed into the wood’s wide open pores. So how does a board like this fare in the kitchen?

So how about knife marks? Now let’s talk about maintenance. I am by no means trying to discourage people from using mineral oil. Viva La Varnished Board! Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. <font color='Red'><h1>Please enable JavaScript to view this site.

Klingspor's Woodworking Shop

</h1></font><br> Customer Support: 1-800-228-0000 Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Quality Tools and Supplies for the Woodworker since 1989. Shopping Cart0 Item(s) Select a Department Browse Clearance Items Around the Shop Browsing Clearance Items Page size: Items 1 to 12 of 155.


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