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Bell Pepper Egg-In-A-Hole. On Friday night, I finished season six of Mad Men. At 2am. About a week after starting the season. On Netflix. On my wifi tv, my phone, my elliptical, and of course on my laptop (in just about every room of the house). And while none of those were even options a decade ago, they are all of course completely “normal” now, right?!? I mean, I don’t even blink an eye nowadays when a friend asks what show they should “start” next in April. Well, to harken back to the good ol’ days when Don Draper and his family would have sat together around a “set” to watch a show, at a designated time each week, no computer in the house, but perhaps with an Old Fashioned in hand, I made a simple shrimp saute to share with you today inspired by the classic cocktail.

Read more This week has been one of those perfectly normal weeks that makes me adore life. Meals shared with friends every day of the week. Lest I ever forget, most often it’s those normal things are the best things. Read more Read more You guys. Craving > 6 Easy Baked Egg Breakfast Cups. I’ve been a bit obsessed with food in cups. You could say its due to my uber-busy life right now that I’m looking for ways to maximize my family’s food/eating/nutrition schedule while keeping it nutritious and delicious but fast and portable. Those start-of-school-bells ring early! I first discovered a version of these egg strata cups 3 years ago at a local bakery that is no more (damn economy), that I’d drop into after dropping off my daughter for pre-school.

I was just going in for a latte, but those breakfast cups would always draw me in, flirting from the deli case, batting their baked bread, cheese, eggey-ness until I would at the last minute tell the cashier, “I’ll have one of those too.” The best part about these cups? Make the night before and then pop into the oven before your morning shower (yes, I do fit that into my hectic schedule) and they’ll be piping hot and ready to eat in just 20 minutes.

Ham and Cheese Baked Egg Cups Ingredients 4 eggs 1/4 cup milk 1/2 tsp dry mustard. Classic Campbelled Eggs - Campbell's Kitchen. Shakshuka. There are a lot of reasons to make shakshuka, an Israeli Tunisian dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce: It sounds like the name of a comic book hero.


Or some kind of fierce, long-forgotten martial art. Or perhaps something that said comic book hero would yell as they practiced this elaborate martial art, mid-leap with their fist in the air. Huevos rancheros. I wasn’t even going to mention this dish.

huevos rancheros

I’ve got no expertise in the realm of Tex-Mex cooking and generally think it’s best left to those who know what they’re talking about. Furthermore, despite the fact that I had eggs exactly this way daily when we were at a resort in Mexico last year, I suspect this isn’t the most authentic thing out there. But it makes no difference because these ad-libbed and hodge-podged huevos rancheros and the smitten kitchen are at something of a standstill.

They were dinner last Tuesday. They were dinner on Thursday. Also, because they’re awesome. Breakfast pizza. My son’s favorite game in the whole world is Let’s Play With The Other Baby!

breakfast pizza

You Know, The One We Keep In The Mirror. We bring him over to this giant mirror in the hallway and he goes berserk, he paws at the “other” baby, kicks his legs, squeals and laughs. It cracks us up too. Babies: they’re so cute when they’re kinda confused! It took us a few weeks to realize how sad this game actually is. Or more accurately, what I didn’t make: baked eggs and busy stratas and quiche and baked French toast and winter fruit salads and anything involving jam on bread or plates and forks.

I was a little dubious about the intersection of mozzarella and eggs — I had a very awful omelet with that combo, plus basil, a few years ago — and I was also convinced that the eggs would roll right off the crust but ended up finding this pizza absolutely, utterly perfect in every way. Breakfast Pizza Adapted, barely, from The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook via an earlier version of it Makes 2 (12-inch) pizzas. Fried Overeasy Egg with Breadcrust. Monday, March 14, 2011 Fried Soft Boiled Egg* Is it a hush puppy?

Fried Overeasy Egg with Breadcrust

Or a short, fat corndog? Or maybe its a weird looking fried Twinkie? No, it’s none of that. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that one! I had my first one right out of the pan with just a little salt and pepper. Fried Soft Boiled Egg Recipe Note: The recipe states to cook your egg for 5-6 minutes.