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Tensator Group - crowd control and queue management solutions specialist since 1881. Inventor of the world famous Tensabarrier® and Tensator Virtual Assistant

The world’s first animated Tensator Virtual Assistant. Tensator has created the world’s first animated Virtual Assistant, projecting the image of Tetley’s well known character, Gaffer.

The world’s first animated Tensator Virtual Assistant

Tetley is developing a number of initiatives to enhance shopper engagement, and the animated Tensator Virtual Assistant will be used as a promotional tool to attract buyers and point them to special offers. The Tensator Virtual Assistant has proven to be ten times more effective at influencing behavioural change than other forms of digital signage. Research has shown that many of us are becoming de-sensitised to more traditional forms of marketing, and brands need to have an innovative approach to capture customers’ attention. The brand new animated Tensator Virtual Assistant has a 50cm2 footprint and lockable wheels, making it simple to transport the unit between locations.

Tensator — Appointment Booking Solutions from Tensator... Tensator — Buy Temporary Safety Barriers from Tensator Buy... In-Queue Merchandising In Queue Merchandising Systems In-Queue Merchandising Solutions. The lines you can’t avoid. No-one enjoys waiting in a line, no matter the reason.

The lines you can’t avoid

In our daily lives we all unfortunately encounter lines that we must participate in and thankfully Tensator® offers solutions to make the experience more comfortable and efficient. Where are queues most commonly found? Tensabarrier® Crowd Control Tensabarrier Retractable Queue Barrier. Tensator® Queuing Solutions for different Goals. Choosing the right queue management system is an important strategic decision for any company that wants to organise the flow of its customers and ensure the customers' experiences are smooth, helping to avoid guest discomfort or stress.

Tensator® Queuing Solutions for different Goals

In order to decide which queue management solution is best for you, Tensator recommends setting your expectations and goals for this system. These goals could include: Pre-informed waiting time announcements Correctly ordered and signposted queues Customer comfort in the queue Increased revenues via the queue Efficient space utilization Scope for customizing the queue system Technology-oriented solutions Options suitable for outdoor queuing Tensator offers a plethora of products suitable for individual company needs, see examples below.