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ANDRESGALLARDO. "Moules en silicone, MOULES SILICONE FLEURS DE TIARE 3 TAILLES FIMO est une création orginale de creationmoulage sur DaWanda. DaWandaMatériel créatifFournitures pour créationMoules en siliconeMOULES SILICONE FLEURS DE TIARE 3 TAILLES FIMO Boutique 4 de 5 25 Prix par article Converted Price Now T.V.A. comprise (si imposable) plus Frais de port Frais de port gratuits vers France Quantité par unité: 3 Pièce Prix de base: 2.67 € EUR / Pièce Les Conditions générales de vente du vendeur s'appliquent à cette vente.

Prêt à être envoyé 1-2 jours ouvrables après réception du paiement Back To Top. "Moules en silicone, Mold Putty Silicone 2 parts Salubrité des aliments est une création orginale de miniaturesweet sur DaWanda. Moule en silicone est un moule flexible qui vous permet de faire apparaître votre travail hors du moule facilement! Aucun agent de démoulage est nécessaire! Maintenant vous pouvez faire les vôtres facilement avec ce moule en silicone jeu de mastic! Poids: 120gram total / 4,23 oz (Vous obtenez 60gram de la partie bleu et 60gram de la partie blanche) (Les 3e et 4e photos ci-dessus montrent la quantité de moules que nous avons fait avec 120gram de mastic de moule) ♥ ♥ COMMENT UTILISER 1. Vérifiez la taille de l'objet que vous voulez mouler et de décider comment grand / petit vous voulez que le moule soit (il permet d'éviter le gaspillage de l'mastic silicone) 2.

♥TEMPERATURE♥ Nos moules peuvent supporter des températures aussi élevées que 450 degrés F. ♥QUALITE ALIMENTAIRE♥ Tous les faits à la main nos moules souples sont fabriqués avec des matériaux de silicone qui sont conformes aux réglementations prévues par la Food and Drug Administration à la FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. Pâte à mouler Siligum - Siligomme - Gédéo 100g - Mouler un objet avec une pâte comme du silicone - Place des loisirs. Pâte à mouler Siligum Gédéo 100g La pâte silicone Siligum 100 g de Gédéo est une pâte de moulage bi composant pour créer facilement un moule en moins de 10 minutes. Économique, la pâte Siligum 100 g vous permettra de réaliser jusqu'à 50 reproductions avec une précision d'empreinte exceptionnelle. La pâte silicone Siligum 100 g de Gédéo s'utilise avec le plâtre, la résine, de la porcelaine froide à modeler WePAM, de la fimo, du métal à bas point de fusion ou encore de la cire pour vos tirages.

Attention, une fois votre moulage Siligum 100 g réalisé, la pâte silicone durcit en 5 minutes, et votre pâte ne sera plus utilisable pour réaliser un autre moulage. Informations techniques : - Pâte à mouler silicone Siligum - Marque : Gédéo - Quantité : 100g - Nettoyant : eau savonneuse - Conservation : 12 mois au sec dans son emballage Dans la fiche technique ci-dessous, vous trouverez tous les conseils d'utilisation, les astuces et les précautions d'emploi.

Fiche technique. Les anneaux de jonction et piston - L'atelier de Marine3388. 1 micro BILLES VERT - L'atelier de Marine3388. Les breloques (3) - L'atelier de Marine3388. Rainbow Silks : EFCO Sock-Stop - for non-slip socks. Visit us for Yarn Shop Day on Saturday 3rd May. We'll be celebrating all things knitting & crochet, with a chance for you to try our new yarns and techniques. Our local knitting group Knit for Victory will be in attendance, and there will be events for children too. We will be open 10am to 4pm with free refreshments. If you are stuck with your current knitting or crochet project we will be here to help. Rainbow Silks has been established for 21 years as retailers of textile arts and mixed media supplies. We ship orders within the UK and internationally. and also have a high street shop and studio for classes in Buckinghamshire, UK. Whether a beginner or a more experienced textile artist, we can supply a fantastic range of products to use in your work.

We can also put together a selection of threads, paint and/or fibres to a specified theme or colour and price - ideal for those of you with City and Guilds projects to undertake, and great as a present for an arty friend! Shop online Visit us. POTHRA™ – used coffee ground decorative pots by matthew waldman. Like most design professionals, we are obsessed with good coffee. like many designers, we view every process in life as an opportunity to re-invent. there are few options for dealing with organic garbage in a big city like new york. pulling all these streams together, we spent several weekends experimenting with materials and processes to find a use for the copious used coffee grounds that are otherwise discarded. the result is – POTHRA™ – made from resin and leftover coffee grounds. this unique flower pot brings a new use of an otherwise wasted material, turning an everyday cup of coffee into a functional item that challenges this consumption-oriented world with the idea that eco-friendly need not be ugly.

Each piece is unique - different roasts of coffee interact with the resin in surprising and beautiful ways, creating a collection of hand cast individual pieces - where no two look the same. click here to see the eco packing we won a dieline award for. production timeline: Hatshop Himo. DIY BRACELET. March 29, 2013 Time to make a braided bracelet. In this tutorial I used one thick thread, because it is easier to show what I am doing that way. But once you have the hang on the technique, you can use three thinner leather threads to get one that looks like the picture above. I used three threads, 2mm thick and about 1.65 m long.

But make it a little bit longer just to be on the safe side. /// Nu ska jag visa er hur man gör ett flätat armband. Start by finding the middle of your thread and mark it with a piece of tape. /// Börja med att hitta mitten på ditt snöre och tejpa fast den på bordet. Now it´s time for part two. /// Nu är det dags för del 2. Then start over with part one again, and then part two. /// Och så börjar du om med del 1 igen och sedan del 2. Coffret masking tape - masking tape. Nous vous proposons des coffrets de plusieurs de scotchs japonais qui vous permettront de décliner vos idées à l'infini. Vous avez le choix entre des coffrets unis ou motifs, sobres ou plus fantaisistes selon vos goûts ou selon les occasions.Ces coffrets vous permettront de faire le plein de créativité en vous offrant des rouleaux aux couleurs et aux formes assorties. Nos coffrets de scotchs papier washi vous assureront des créations originales et harmonieuses.La diversité des masking tape japonais présents dans nos coffrets vous sera utile pour un grand nombre de loisirs créatifs.Vous pourrez laisser s'exprimer votre créativité et tout personnaliser selon vos envies.

Nos scotchs japonais vous permettront de réaliser de magnifiques paquets cadeaux pour surprendre et faire plaisir. Vous pourrez aussi décorer votre intérieur ou goûter aux joies du scrapbooking. Ces magnifiques coffrets contiennent des masking tape japonais de très bonne qualité, fabriqués au Japon. DIY Shell Earrings. The chilly climate has hardly deterred me from incorporating a bit of tropical flair into my winter wardrobe. Inspired by Kelly Wearstler ‘s metallic shell earrings from her upcoming spring collection, I’ll show you how to transform a couple of simple shells into a pair of beachy stunners. Vamos a la playa! You’ll need: Start by placing the shells on a paper bag or plate. Spray a nice even coat on one side and allow to dry completely before spraying the backside.

Use the pliers to open the loop of the eyepin. Slip the quartz component onto the eyepin and close the loop shut. Measure about an inch of the way down and trim eyepin with a pair of wire cutters. Using the pliers to grasp the loop of the eyepin, immerse the pin into the glue until it’s well covered. Use a toothpick to add additional glue if necessary. Repeat the same steps to complete the pair. And you’re finished before you can say Sally sells seashells by the seashore! (all images by HonestlyWTF) Whimseybox - A Monthly DIY Craft Subscription Box and Community. DIY Paperclay Bust Jewelry Display | Whimseybox. Lexy WardThe Proper Pinwheel Custom jewelry busts can be hard to find or super expensive!

Not anymore! With a little cardboard, paperclay, and gold spray paint, you can create your own bust to display those statement necklaces year-round! Materials: paperclay cardboard cut into shape of a shield as well as two pieces of paper cut into same shape paper scraps wooden pedestal and candlestick holder masking tape fine grit sanding block gold spray paint Start by taping the two shield-shaped pieces of paper to the cardboard. Tape all the way up to the top leaving a small opening. Roll up the paper scraps and stuff them into the taped cardboard to create the shape of the bust. Making sure your hands are wet, manipulate the paper clay and add it to the front of the bust. Once the clay is dry, sand down any bumps using the fine grit sanding block. Wrap the bottom half of the bust in masking tape. Using a hot glue gun, glue the bust to the candlestick at a tilted angle.

Lexy Ward. Smart n Snazzy. RECYCLE / PLASTIC BOTTLES 2012. RECYCLE BIJOUX WINTER EDITION 2011. Colorful Rectangle Drops. Razor's Edge Earrings. Teahab. There are a couple of different ways to heat shrink plastic. Either in the oven or with a heat gun. The oven is my favourite and, in my opinion, the easiest way to shrink you designs. The even heat distribution keeps the dimensions equal all over, and it also means you have more time to shape or flatten the piece after taking out the oven. I've sprayed cream spray paint over this piece of lace trimming to show the change in size once it's been heated. The packet will usually give you examples of different pens, paints and inks that are suitable to use. I like to experiment with other materials as well. I use clean thick cardboard to place the pieces on in the oven. Once you've taken it out of the oven flatten between to hard objects or shape using a ring mandrel (more examples of this coming up in the next month) So that's one way of heating shrink plastic.

More on that later this week. DIY leather belt christmas gift | Lovely Indeed. I’m so stoked today, because it’s the first installment of a super-fabulous holiday series that I’ve got for you, stuffed with DIY gift tutorials for everyone on your list: Make and Give! If you’re like me and haven’t started shopping yet (or would prefer to give something handmade anyway), boy did you ever come to the right place. Check back often over the next few weeks, because you don’t want to miss any of these gems. And to top it all off, you know I love a low-cost DIY, so they’re all pretty easy on the pocketbook.

(Today’s cost me $2.) So we’re starting with something that would be perfect for your sister or best friend (or a kiddo, if you want to make it in a mini size!). Leather strip 30″ long and 1/2″ wideleather scrap 6″ long and 1/2″ wideleather scrap 2 1/2″ long and 1/4″ widescissorsleather punchscrew-back button studstrong thread & needle (and thimble, if you wish) FYI, definitely see if you have a leather store nearby and check in their scrap section. Make it and give it! ALEXANDER WANG ZIPPER SUNGLASSES | DO/DIY | Singapore's Own Dedicated DIY Blog. You know that saying "Everyone needs a little Alexander Wang in their lives"?

Never heard of it? Well you ought to, it's new, I made it up. Speaking of, I've eyed these utterly lust-worthy Alexander Wang sunnies for THE longest time. With the zipper detail it's just the right amount of edgy for me. Look who's got a new pair of sunglasses! Also, if you have any queries, suggestion or are simply stuck at one of the steps and need help, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can!

How to make: holiday leaf crown. I was in one of my favorite shops a couple of weeks ago, F.N.92, and the owner showed me this little ornate bolero jacket. My jaw dropped to the ground. How awesome is it? I just had to use it for a shoot. So, I dreamed up a little leaf crown to accompany it. It's the first time an outfit has informed the craft rather than the other way around. I'm thinking it could be the perfect accessory for a holiday ball, winter bride, or a halo for a little angel for a nativity scene. Materials: wire thin enough to shape to the head, wire cutters, greenery clipped from the garden, gold spray paint, straw floral tape Step 1: Spray paint your leaves at least 24 hours before you intend on making the crown.

Step 2: Measure the wire around the model's head and cut it with 3 extra inches. Step 3: Form the wire into a circle and wrap the extra inches around to secure it. Step 4: Break the leaves into 2 1/2" segments. Step 5: Take your first segment and floral tape it around the wire. That's it! PerlenPen + DIY = Korallenkette...? Auf Danas Blog bin ich vor einiger Zeit über dieses Tutorial gestolpert.

Gerade vor ein paar Tagen stellte ich fest, auch ich bin tatsächlich im Besitz eines PerlenPens und schwupps habe auch ich mir eine Korallenkette gemacht. Allerdings beweglicher und schmaler, eben mehr "lici"... ^^ Die Anleitung kann ich empfehlen. Und es klappt wirklich so gut, ist nicht schwer und hält erstaunlich gut! So weit, so unterwasser lici. Kitty Cat, Wire Ring. DIY. Inspiration Tutorial Things you need. Silver Wire 20 gauge Michaels or HEREPliersRuler *not shown.Candle Cut your wire about 5 inches.

I drew a cat on a piece of paper to help me stay symmetrical. Find the middle of the wire, Then I bent the ears. and wrapped it around my candle. I bent the wire and wrapped it around the other wire. Shape as needed with your fingers or pliers. Just a little whimsy. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Lots of <3, Anne. DIY Crystal Pendant Necklace. Beetle Wing Mosaic Pendant. A chevron leather cuff is my fave (guest post from clemence) Anthro Luya Bib Necklace Knockoff. Taylor and Demolish: DIY Lock Hardware Necklace. DIY Nautical Rope Necklace. Designer's fashion blog: DYS: Folkloric Braid Necklace... Crème de la Craft | DIY projects made from everyday objects. Jewellery from Recycled Materials: Jaimie MacDonald: Livres anglais et étrangers.

BIJOU_CONTEMPORAIN_JEWELRY. Feed » Field of Dreams. Kate Cusack | Sculptural/Wearable: Tiffany Wigs. 1-800-Recycling - Find Recycling Center Locations.