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Do You Want To Dream Different? Pat Perry. Seo Young Deoks Incredible Chain Sculptures. Photo © Seo Young Deok The human body and its formation lie at the core of the Korean artist Seo Young Deok’s work who is preoccupied with the stories told through the human figure.

Seo Young Deoks Incredible Chain Sculptures

His solo exhibition 'Dystopia' took place at the INSA/Arko Art Centre in Seoul from 26 October 2011 until 31 October 2011 and showed his nude sculptures made meticulously in welded metal chain links piece by piece. Seo Young Deok presented a number of nude sculptures, some lying on the ground, some hung on the walls. He used welded metal chains in order to model them linking them piece-by-piece. Cut Paper Illustrations by Bovey Lee.

- StumbleUpon. We get a lot of emails asking how to use brushes correctly so I hope this helps you out a little!

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A brow brush is designed to be stiff and angled for a reason. And we use the slanted edge to shade and the tip of the edge to outline. Put those components together and a brow brush is quite frankly a thing of perfection! Here’s how to use it properly: READ MORE… Last week we explored four different ways to wear Spring’s biggest Cobalt blue trend. This method has been around for centuries! A nod to the Uptown Girl, this look is very put together and polished. An Amazing Collapsible Lamp. You remember Hoberman spheres, right? Those collapsing, 3-D gizmos? Pish posh--they've got nothing on this new lamp by Studio Dror, being unveiled this week at Art Basel. The shade itself folds completely flat--it actually looks just like a bit of chicken wire or plastic fencing.

But give it a tug, and the thing unfurls into a forest of interlocking cubes. The only way to create something this complex is rapid prototyping--and laser sintering, to be exact. Dror created the lamp for Materialise.MGX, which specialises in producing furniture using laser sintering. If the name Dror sounds vaguely familiar, then it's probably because the studio, founded by Dror Benshetrit, recently designed a line for Target. Environmental art, design, and products - Illusion - The Most Amazing Creations in Art, Photography, Design, Technology and Video. Fingerings.

Growing up in Asia, I have only come across the Chinese finger paintings which uses finger and black ink that the painter draws traditional paintings mostly of flowers, animals or scenery.


And now there's Judith Braun who uses her fingers to draw but in a totally new way which she dipped her fingers in charcoal or pastel and mostly her drawings are in abstract forms and bilateral symmetry. A seasoned artist: Japanese sculptor creates artworks entirely out of salt - Mirror Online - StumbleUpon. Motoi Yamamoto creates stunning sculptures and intricate mazes by filling a plastic bottle and meticulously pouring it on to the floor You may have to pinch yourself when you realise that this seasoned artist’s creations are made entirely out of salt.

A seasoned artist: Japanese sculptor creates artworks entirely out of salt - Mirror Online - StumbleUpon

Motoi Yamamoto creates stunning sculptures and intricate mazes by filling a plastic bottle and meticulously pouring it on to the floor. The Japanese artist became fascinated with salt as a third year student at the Kanazawa College of Art in 1996, after his younger sister died of brain cancer aged 24. In Japanese culture, in times of mourning, salt is used to purify the body from death after a funeral, and to ward away evil spirits hiding in the dark corners of homes. Mourners also sprinkle themselves with salt at funerals. Recycling Clothing Art.

- StumbleUpon. Yes, these are real paintings. All though these amazing pieces of art might look like photographs, they are actually outstanding realistic oil paintings. Made by the American figurative painter Lee Price. Love the food theme! Via Recave. Naked artist pops her (toffee) cherry. There was only one thing on artist Audrey Baldwin's mind after her Dunedin Fringe Festival performance "Canker" last night.

Naked artist pops her (toffee) cherry

"A shower," she said, with a tired grin. Two and a half hours earlier, Baldwin had crawled into a cavity lined with 1m square by 4mm thick panes of pure toffee and begun to lick her way out. She had the challenge half-licked before she even started, because the dodecahedron intended to be constructed for the performance was reduced to a hexagon. "We broke a few panes when we were putting it together," Baldwin said. "So, we had to change the shape of the structure.

" A crowd of about 30 curious spectators gathered at 5.30pm in the gallery as she crawled naked into the toffee tomb. Asked what it was like inside, she replied: "Sticky". At 8pm, she broke through one of the panes and was greeted by cheers from onlookers. She emerged, covered with toffee, and blew kisses to the crowd. Evelyne Politanoff: Graceful, Ephemeral and Opulent: The Art of Susie MacMurray. A first encounter with the work of artist Susie MacMurray inevitably places the viewer right at the centre of the key issue in her work -- the tension between extremes of sensual and aesthetic response: Ying/yang; anima/animus; soft/hard; a dress/not a dress; love/death; freedom/constraint; power/submission.