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The Unspoken Rules of the Internet. Or heck, maybe they are spoken ... but I think they need to be all in one place, particularly for marketers.

The Unspoken Rules of the Internet

Why for marketers? Because the internet is the inbound marketer's playground. And if we want to get along -- with leads, customers, other businesses, random internet beings -- we need to know the rules of the playground. So here's what you should know. Some of these are hard and fast rules. 1) If you're citing someone else's data or a quote from their content, give 'em a link. 2) Don't copy and paste content from someone else's site, unless you're deliberately and obviously featuring their content with proper attribution. 3) Don't promote your business in the comments section of blogs. 4) Be transparent about your business affiliations. 5) Don't Facebook friend business connections. 6) Don't connect with someone on LinkedIn unless you've had some type of contact in the past. 7) Make unsubscribe links ridiculously easy for people to find. 9) Don't auto DM.

What did we miss?

SocialMedia Management

Email Marketing. Social Media Agencies. Social Engagement. Social Media ROI Backwards (for B2B) If you have thousands of followers on social networking sites then the obvious question comes up.

Social Media ROI Backwards (for B2B)

How do we get money out of it? Now if you started thinking about it just now then it may seem a very complex task. But the solution has been here for years in project management and goal setting. First ask yourself: Check out the related post: Social Media ROI Will Become Important. What is the desired result of your social media activity? Now we would have to put a dollar value on that result.

So what are the steps before the prospect gives you the money (backwards)? Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization Use this book to bring true business discipline to your social media program and align with your organization’s goals. Convince the prospect The visitor believes that you know what you are doing. Demonstrate your expertise Show your skills and give advice.

Get qualified visitors Create outstanding content. Sharing and distribution Profit. The four social media characters. Social media is here, embedded and in daily use for many of us.

The four social media characters

The death of Steve Jobs last month broke all tweeting records as mourners and those wanting to pay tribute tweeted over 10,000 tweets per second in the hours following the news announcement. The use of social media has grown beyond the domain of the young, and positive business case studies are evolving about profits made from social media campaigns. But the prominence of social media in the business world adds a whole new set of complications and rules for us as business owners. We have helped friends, business leaders and clients overcome their social media hurdles and the result for some is that social media has become a highly useful tool. It is estimated that approximately 800 million people use Facebook alone.

After following the ups and downs of social media use in my industry and around the world on my travels, I have noticed four real stand out factors which reflect almost all social media users and non-users.