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8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site With Google+ Would you like to drive more traffic to your website?

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site With Google+

With new enhancements from Google+, you can more easily accomplish just that! One of the biggest changes recently rolled out by Google might even be called a seismic shift in search. Google is somewhat clumsily calling it “Search, plus Your World.” You see, Google has years of experience in the search engine business. And they are so good because they aim to deliver what people are looking for, not just what they actually enter into the search window. Part of what they’ve learned is that people want to see results based on their own personal history and social profile. 8 New Google+ Changes and How They Impact Your Business.

Have you heard about all of the recent changes on Google+? Google+ is always evolving and recently made some big changes to help create a simpler, more beautiful Google+ . And these changes can have an impact on how you use Google+ for business . So here’s everything you need to know . #1: Header Image and Profile Photo Changes Google+ changed the page layouts to allow more space for your photo strip. The new Google+ page layout with larger header. You can choose whether you’d like to continue to feature five photos at the top of your page or select one main cover image (like Facebook). You’ll then get the option to have one panoramic cover photo or five small scrapbook photos. Select a header template for your page. If you choose to have one header photo, make sure the cover image is 940 pixels x 180 pixels. Also pay attention to how your profile photo looks in the new layout . 6 Google+ Tips for Businesses.

Has your business set up a Google+ page?

6 Google+ Tips for Businesses

Google+ is growing at an impressive rate. In less than one year, Google has reached over 90 million registered users—far exceeding expected growth rates. According to CNN’s Mark Millan, it took Facebook about four years to grow to that many users. It took Twitter almost five years to grow to the same size. 5 Top Google+ Tools and Apps for Marketing Pros. Are you looking for Google+ apps and resources to enhance your marketing? This article reveals five categories of tools and apps you can employ to greatly enhance your Google+ experience. Check this out: Thirty-six percent of brands on Google+ have seen a 100% increase in circle size in less than 3 months, according to a recent study by Simply Measured. This is a stunning metric when one considers that there’s no Google+ advertising platform to fuel campaigns. Brands are forced to use great content to engage and can’t “pay to play” by using sponsored stories or other advertising gimmicks.

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools With this spike in activity, developers are scrambling to create tools to help businesses of all sizes manage, integrate and promote their Google+ communities. 4 Ways to Improve Your Google+ Engagement. Are you looking for better engagement on Google+?

4 Ways to Improve Your Google+ Engagement

Google+ has a unique culture and set of capabilities that set it apart from other social networks. Here are four tips that have helped me build engagement and expand business networking. How To Connect Google+ To Twitter Using Hootsuite. How To Connect Google+ To Twitter Using Hootsuite. Google Fires Back at Twitter: You Took Yourself Out of Search. Will Google+ Replace Facebook As The King Of Social Media? [Infographic] Nothing is forever and the rise of Google plus begs the question “When will Facebook be dethroned?

Will Google+ Replace Facebook As The King Of Social Media? [Infographic]

” MySpace lasted 5 years as the king of social networks until 2007 after launching in 2002. Smart business heads such as Rupert Murdoch paid over a half a billion dollars on the the continuing success of MySpace and its longevity. We now know that that business decision ended in tears, with MySpace being sold in 2011 for less than $40 million, as its user base continued to decline. Facebook is not taking the private sale route but is going public this year with a market valuation estimated at $100 billion.

Google had attempted in the past to create a social media network as it knew that social networks were the future. It launched Google “Buzz” and Google “Wave” both of which were dismal failures. Stickiness is a term that is used to describe the amount of time users spend on a platform engaged and using its features and functions. Time Spent on Facebook In May, 2011 Americans spent.