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The Derisory Ditherer

I collect links to free fiction and nonfiction content: podcasts, written stories, and nerdy but useless information.

Document 050. "The Great Researcher Prank War of '██" On 01/██/20██, During an attempted capture of SCP-963 by Chaos Insurgency agents, Dr.

Document 050

Bright made use of 963's intrinsic capabilities to make fools of the attempted kidnappers. YANSS Podcast – Episode One – The Invisible Gorilla – You Are Not So Smart. The Topic: Attention The Guest: Daniel Simons The Episode: iTunes – Download – RSS – Soundcloud The video above demonstrates the Monkey Business Illusion.

YANSS Podcast – Episode One – The Invisible Gorilla – You Are Not So Smart

It’s designed to fool both people who have and have not seen the selective attention test, a video on YouTube with over 5 million views. YANSS 097 – What scam artists can teach us about the human brain – You Are Not So Smart. For centuries, scam artists, con artists, and magicians were the world’s leading experts on biases, fallacies, heuristics and all the other quirks of human reasoning and perception.

YANSS 097 – What scam artists can teach us about the human brain – You Are Not So Smart

On this episode, magician and scam expert Brian Brushwood explains why people fall for scams of all sizes, how to avoid them, and why most magicians can spot a fraudster a mile away. Download – iTunes – Stitcher – RSS – Soundcloud. Draft. Write Better. Mental illness: The Problem With The Solution. ImaginaryWorlds. Homecoming – Gimlet Media. The Property of Hate. Magical Thinking. Hocus Pocus.

Magical Thinking

Those words imply magic is silly because it solves problems too easily. That's why fantasy novelists strive to avoid Abracadabra type of situations when designing magic system from scratch.

Stories, Real World, misc.

Favorite Free Fiction. The Property of Hate. EPISODES — KING FALLS AM. 660 On The Radio Dial Air Date: May 01, 2015 It's host Sammy Steven's first show at King Falls AM!


Producer Ben Arnold reluctantly helps co-host while the King Falls residents call in about the mysterious lights emanating off Route 72. All that and more, this week on King Falls AM. That Book is Overdue, President Lincoln. The Orbiting Human Circus. ALBATROSS: Antigua Part 1. The Unreal - The Original Quail Bell Magazine. Listen — WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE. ALL EPISODES — The Bright Sessions. Listen — Mabel. SCP-087. Figure A: Still frame taken from video footage of Exploration I Item #: SCP-087 Object Class: Euclid.


The Magnus Archives. “Make your statement, face your fear.”

The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives is a weekly horror fiction anthology podcast examining what lurks in the archives of The Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join the new Head Archivist, Jonathan Sims, as he attempts to bring a seemingly neglected collection of supernatural statements up to date, converting them to audio and supplementing them with follow-up work from his small but dedicated team. Individually, they are unsettling. Alice Isn't Dead. Within the Wires. RABBITS. TANIS. THE BLACK TAPES The Black Tapes Podcast. The Message. LifeAfter by Slate Magazine.

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