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Untitled Normal Page. This corset is suitable for use from 1860 through 1880 by modifying the length.

Untitled Normal Page

It can also either be made as an under-the-bust or over-the-bust corset. |About |Materials|Making a Corset Pattern| |Construction|Sources for Supplies|Corset Links| MacCulloch & Wallis - Boning & Busks. Underwear accessories. Underbust pattern tutorial. So here it is at last, the under bust pattern tutorial!

Underbust pattern tutorial

At one moment in the making of this tutorial my portable hard drive crashed and all the data for this tutorial was lost with it, I was almost done with it all it was just a matter of putting the text and the pictures together, I had a pdf version of it, on Swedish which was in one way a good thing but it was not totally finished and had a few things that needed to be fixed in the Illustrator made diagrams that were lost. It kind of killed me to loose all my data, so I kind of gave up on it all but yesterday I had some luck with the hard drive and managed to save the files needed for this tutorial.

I was beyond thrilled! So I present to you all the under bust corset pattern tutorial! The biggest prejudices about corsets are that they are really uncomfortable to wear and that one cannot breath properly in them, this of course is all wrong. The measurements needed: (or were you want the bottom part of the corset to be) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Foundations Revealed. Introduction In this article we are going to look at a simple method for how to make a corset, one that is ideal for beginners.

Foundations Revealed

By following the steps you will learn about some of the key principles of a corset. (For subscribers and those interested in greater detail, this corset is also presented as a two-part article which goes into greater detail. Part 1 and Part 2 are best read following The Six Rules of Good Corsetry: a basic guide.) Figure 1: Beautiful stitching just takes a little practice Keep it simple Following a small set of basic rules can be a very worthwhile approach for corsetieres both new and old, and here's number one: Simplicity is good. The challenges of more complex corsets can, I fear, put many people off very early in their corsetry studies. Figure 2: A Sparklewren midbust.

Patterning and Fitting In this article, I will be focussing on construction rather than patterning. Let's Begin This corset is about simplicity. Broche is beautiful to work with because: Preparation. Draftcorsetpr. Planning Out Boning Channels. After the publication of my article discussing the stitching of boning channels, some questions arose as to the positioning of boning channels and some misconceptions as to the reasons for boning a corset.

Planning Out Boning Channels

This article aims to address those issues and provide some ideas for experimentation. Let’s start with some of the misconceptions, because they appear to be one of the main reasons that people experience difficulties when working out the positioning of their bones. Boning has one primary function: to keep the shape of the corset by ensuring the fabric is taut. And that’s it. The Positioning of Boning Channels Trying to work out where to place your boning channels is a common problem when venturing into drafting your own corset patterns. Sadly, there is no simple answer – no hard and fast rule - all possibilities are suitable in some situations and not recommended in others.

There are so many things that can Positioning For Aesthetic Purposes 1 Design on the Body 2 Design on a Dummy Chalk. Crafting A Corset. Victorian Corset & Corsetry.