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Orthodontist SEO, Copywriting, and Social Media. If you are an orthodontist looking to market your business, showing up in search when people are looking for the services you offer is the most effective way to get new patients.

Orthodontist SEO, Copywriting, and Social Media

This is done by having unique, professionally written content on your website in combination with ethical, holistic SEO (search engine optimization). Why do I need content? Some orthodontists and dental professionals and specialists are taken aback by this, having been offered so many other “SEO schemes”. In short, content consistently placed on your website makes your domain topically relevant. Search engines are able to determine “hey, this site is consistently putting out unique and seriously useful information; we should show it to people.” What kind of copywriting and content do orthodontists need? If you are an orthodontist that has the time, creativity, and drive to write on your own website, by all means, do not hire us. Veterinarian SEO Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization. If you are a veterinarian looking to grow your practice, the best thing you can do is have a strong Internet presence.

Veterinarian SEO Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization

This delivers the most cost effective return on investment. During your search for Internet marketing, search engine marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization) you will hear all kinds of nonsense. What you need is someone with experience ranking pet and animal related websites in Google search that also understands local SEO, animals, veterinary marketing, and can provide evidence and references of other businesses that they have ranked. How SEO REALLY works for veterinarians: If you would like to see proven results for other businesses that we have ranked via ethical, holistic SEO, look no further and read: the value of ranking in Google Search. Some people in the search engine optimization industry accidentally misinform veterinarians and other professionals.

What you really need is a clean, easy to use, responsive website, with quality content on it. Is great content without community worthless? I recently heard a statement that made me cringe: “Great content without community and outreach equals failure”.

Is great content without community worthless?

This is some of the worst advice I have heard, akin to “go play in the street”. Anyone that tells you this has definitely never experienced the power of a website that is dominating in search. Will creating great content lead to failure? NO!!! Ok, so, here is an example: You get rear ended by a drunk driver. For professionals, the vast majority of the time, ranking in search and having great content that educates or informs is what is going to land them their next client. Is SEO just Quality Content? People these days want things now.

Is SEO just Quality Content?

We live in a now world with coffee and hot meals served to us in our vehicles in under 90 seconds after asking for them. Can a small business compete against a big business online? Sometimes I think I am the only person in the search world that doesn’t watch Matt Cutts videos.

Can a small business compete against a big business online?

I probably am. I think I’ve seen 5. Matt is the head of the webspam team at Google. No offense to Matt, I am certain is a brilliant guy, his videos are just geared towards beginners. Once in a great while though, one will catch my eye, like the one below. How do posts go Viral on Google+? Google+ is a powerful social media network.

How do posts go Viral on Google+?

There aren’t nearly as many people on Google+ as there are on Facebook but there are active users, many of whom love animated images called GIF images. Google+ has a neat feature which allows animated GIF images to play right in your stream as you are scrolling through posts. Most posts on Google+ that go viral (or make it to “what’s hot”) are animated images (or HDR images).

Of course, anything can get hot and posting animated images are considered useless or even annoying by some users. What Panda 4.0 Means for Your Business. What is Panda 4.0?

What Panda 4.0 Means for Your Business

The Panda update is an algorithm update which Google started rolling out in 2011. It has gone through several changes. The 4.0 designation for this update which Matt Cutts announced on Twitter tells us that it is more significant than other recent Panda updates. The purpose of the Panda update is to weed out sites with low quality content and reward websites with high quality content.

How To Take your Content One Step Further. This advice applies to small businesses that wish to rank better in Google search: Take your content one step further.

How To Take your Content One Step Further

How do I create content for my website? If you understand the amazing return on investment ranking in search offers and work in a competitive niche, you might be looking for SEO. Part of any good SEO package includes content creation, as fresh, unique, informative content is what it takes to rank in search in a competitive niche, plain and simple. Some business owners want to create their own content.

I’ve explained many times over the years that some of the best content I’ve ever read has come directly from the business owner. Q&A With One of the top SEO Salesmen in the United States. Preface: There is some good information in this article and I hope that you find it fascinating or educational.

Q&A With One of the top SEO Salesmen in the United States

The point of this article is to allow you, the reader, to understand exactly what level of SEO to expect from the average SEO firm. From 2001-2012 I owned a laptop repair company. I had been a computer technician, then a network engineer, and had certifications to do everything from repairing fiber optic cables to managing corporate firewalls and Microsoft Active Directory servers. I relocated to North Carolina at a time when Nortel was laying off thousands of seasoned IT people. Today I met with one of the top SEO sales agents in the USA. What is Google My Business? HVAC Air Conditioning SEO Analysis of Cary North Carolina. Today we’re going to take a look at HVAC companies and Air Conditioning Repair businesses in Cary North Carolina.

HVAC Air Conditioning SEO Analysis of Cary North Carolina

A little about Cary, North Carolina: I know Cary very well as I lived there for several years and my last business was/is there, right on Cary Parkway. Signage in the City of Cary is very limited, and exposure on the Internet is everything. The city was also named Google’s 2013 eCity, meaning that the businesses and users there are very well versed in technology. If you’re not taking advantage of the basic tools available to you online, you need to be smacked around a little. The Value of Ranking in Google Search via SEO: A Case Study. Please read this first: What you are about to witness is the power of brilliant white hat SEO which includes unique content. I rarely share client information but have pulled this together with the permission of my client. I had the permission years ago but have finally decided to share this. This is a website in a niche full of computer guys. Some of them are very smart and play by the rules. Some of them are complete idiots and break every rule possible.

Also, this website has weathered many storms, most recently copyright infringement.