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Horst Kiechle. Portes de Garage en Bois - Ébénisterie Magog. Elegant Mold Texturing. Capturing reality with automatic 3D photogrammetry software. Warning: Loading time might depend on your Internet browser and connection.

Capturing reality with automatic 3D photogrammetry software

Our webGL viewer is a cross-platform 3D viewer, suitable for desktops, tablets and smartphones. It works within any browser supporting webGL, without the use of plug-ins. In order to visualize the online 3D demos below, you must first install Acute3D Viewer. After installation, click on one of the links below to start 3D navigation. All 3D models are presented ‘as is’, without any retouching. ContextCapture can generate 3D models both in a lightweight format ready for Web publishing or in a very high resolution format for local analysis. All datasets available on this page cannot be used for any other purpose than evaluating ContextCapture, and remain in all cases the sole property of Acute3D and/or third parties.

ZebraTrace: from Guilloché to hatching in a single equation. Maxim Barabash released a new version of ZebraTrace, a free application for tracing bitmaps into a hatching pattern based on a mathematic equation.

ZebraTrace: from Guilloché to hatching in a single equation

Initially designed with Guilloché patterns in mind, ZebraTrace effectively combines a function plotter and a bitmap tracer, where thickness of vector lines depends on the lightness of pixels in a background image. Here's a trace of Mark Twain's photo with wavy horizontal lines: Note how vector lines become become thinner towards the well-lit face. You can control basic aspects of tracing: amount of lines, min/max thickness of lines etc. ZebraTrace currently doesn't make use of PowerStroke LPE in upcoming Inkscape 0.49, so it has to create paths with lots of nodes to directly operate on later. And just to give you idea about the function plotting settings, here's another screenshot for the very same image: There are ca. 15 presets for tracing available which should give you a good start for your own pattern ideas.

Was it useful? Strokes Maker 1 - engraving/etching programm and art vectorization (программа гравировки и художественной векторизации) Apply 150 Special effects to your photos with Repligator 18 - free demo. Repligator 18 - 150 easy to use graphics effects You can easily transform your images with the 150 colorful and unique effects of Repligator 18!

Apply 150 Special effects to your photos with Repligator 18 - free demo

The PRO version costs just $19.99. Here are some screenshots of the photo effects, And see how to create an Andy Warhol Effect in just a few clicks. Turning your modern digital photo into an old sepia one is a snap! Not only are there Pop Art Filters in Repligator, but also Artistic Effects and Filters you've never even thought of! Here are just a few more examples... Repligator is easy to install and use. Repligator is just what you need for WEB images, or fantastic graphics for leaftets, company and school magazines, digital scrapbooks etc.

You can buy the full PRO version for only US$19.99. Creating graphics with Repligator is satisfying, easy, and fun. Even though Repligator produces high quality effects, and is used by professionals, it does not use "plug-ins". The Rasterbator - wall art generator. Guilloche. Strokes Maker 2. About the project Strokes Maker is a unique software product intended for creation of vector engravings and artistic vectorization of raster images.

Strokes Maker 2

The software uses original algorithms for calculation of vector strokes based on initial raster images. It renders halftones and image relief. Thousands of strokes interrupt and intersect under different angles, turn from continuous to dotted line, disappear and emerge again, changing their path and forming a unique of a kind high quality vector image. GuardSoft - Strokes Maker - Demo version. Here you can download a demo-version of Strokes Maker® for more information and testing.It is a full feature program except for the tools of leading-saving documents in an internal format and exporting them to a vector file.The demo-version is not commercial.On finishing the trial testing of the demo-version, please, delete these files from your computer or purchase the commercial version.

GuardSoft - Strokes Maker - Demo version

Strokes Maker® demo-version (21,6 Mb, .zip file) If you have any questions about Strokes Maker®, please e-mail us. PackedSnow2.jpg (JPEG Image, 3999 × 2666 pixels) Chairigami - Chairigami. Freeform Origami - Curved Folding. Software. License The following software systems (Freeform Origami, Origamizer, Rigid Origami Simulator) are proprietary software provided under the following license.


The user is allowed to use the software if and only if both of the following conditions are satisfied. Before using the softwere, please contact me in advance. (Non-Commercial Use) The use of the software is non-commercial. Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Architectural Terra Cotta Manufacturer. Fallen Angels Rescued Parametrically. Boston Valley Terra Cotta restored four decorative angels from the 23rd floor of a Beaux Arts building in New York.

Fallen Angels Rescued Parametrically

(courtesy Boston Valley Terra Cotta) Classically trained sculptors breath new life into four 20-foot angels with the help of Rhino. How to 3D Print a Map of Anywhere in the World. 140724-slicing-build-process.png (PNG Image, 1919 × 1029 pixels) - Scaled (53%) StippleGen: Weighted Voronoi stippling and TSP paths in Processing. One of the perennial problems that we come across in a variety of contexts, including CNC artwork and producing artwork for the Egg-Bot, is the difficulty of creating good-quality toolpaths– i.e., vector artwork representing halftones –when starting from image files.

StippleGen: Weighted Voronoi stippling and TSP paths in Processing

Holz + Kunststoff GmbH & Co KG: Frescata structures. Custom Trim Molding. Architectural Trim Foam Building Products, Columns, Moldings.