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All Things Linguistic. Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms - Australian National Dictionary Centre - ANU. COMBO. Actualmente, en México se hablan 364 variantes lingüísticas, clasificadas en 68 agrupaciones y 11 familias lingüísticas (INALI, 2008).


Al menos, la mitad de éstas se encuentran en un estado de “extinción acelerada.”En esta serie se retratan siete de estas 68 visiones del mundo: huasteco, maya, mixteco, náhuatl, totonaco, yaqui y zapoteco, a través de la visión de siete escritores y siete ilustradores gráficos.Basados en la obra de: Miguel León Portilla, Andrés Henestrosa, Hermenegildo López, Isaac Esau Carrillo Can, Manuel Espinosa Sainos y algunos cuentos de tradición popular. .......................................................... English Version Indigenous languages ​​encompass a unique view of life and world. Creating an Interactive Game in Microsoft Excel. Creating an Interactive Game in Microsoft Excel In the activity you will create and interactive game for elementary kids.

Creating an Interactive Game in Microsoft Excel

There will be 9 questions and if the student answers them correctly it will reveal a picture underneath. The picture we will use for this activity is the shown below. Save it to your student folder. Open Microsoft Excel 2007: Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Excel 2007 Create a New Workbook. Invention. Inventio. Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. Jarle Hansen's Blog: The simple way to add a prepopulated SQLite DB in PhoneGap. A common scenario for PhoneGap applications is that you want to include a prepopulated database that contains required information for the app.

Jarle Hansen's Blog: The simple way to add a prepopulated SQLite DB in PhoneGap

Tutorial: Developing a PhoneGap Application. In this tutorial, you create a fully functional employee directory application with PhoneGap.

Tutorial: Developing a PhoneGap Application

You will learn: How to use different local data storage strategies.How to use several PhoneGap APIs such as Geolocation, Contacts, and Camera.How to handle specific mobile problems such as touch events, scrolling, styling, page transitions, etc.How to build an application using a single page architecture and HTML templates.How to build (compile and package) an application for 6 platforms using PhoneGap Build. To complete this tutorial, all you need is a code editor, a modern browser, and a connection to the Internet. Skimming - Readingstrategies. Description of Skimming Skimming is used to obtain the gist (the overall sense) of a piece of text.

Skimming - Readingstrategies

E.g. Use skimming to get the gist of a page of a textbook to decide whether it is useful and should therefore be read more slowly and in more detail. Skimming and Scanning: Using Riddles to Practice Fact Finding Online. ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us.

Skimming and Scanning: Using Riddles to Practice Fact Finding Online

If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals. More Teacher Resources by Grade Your students can save their work with Student Interactives. More Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans Lesson Plan Student Objectives Instruction & Activities. Skimming practice. Pulp Friction: Timed Skimming Exercise. Every second, one hectare of the world's rainforest is destroyed.

Pulp Friction: Timed Skimming Exercise

That's equivalent to two football fields. An area the size of New York City is lost every day. Team puts 'weird' grammar on the map. Researchers are working to document sentences like “Here’s you a piece of pizza.”

Team puts 'weird' grammar on the map

Though it sounds totally normal to some English speakers in the United States, it strikes others as totally bizarre. The Yale Grammatical Diversity Project explores the diversity found in varieties of English spoken in North America by documenting the subtle—but systematic—differences in syntax, the study of how phrases and sentences are put together. To understand the syntax of human language, linguists sometimes compare languages that are radically different from one another (like Navajo and English), and sometimes compare languages that are minimally different from one another. This project looks at the minimally different varieties of English spoken in North America. USC-EMO-MRI corpus for emotional speech. Griffith REVIEW » Kartiya are like Toyotas. Orton-Gillingham. Learning Disabilities and Foreign Language Learning. By: Robin L.

Learning Disabilities and Foreign Language Learning

Schwarz (1997) Foreign language study is an increasingly prominent part of education everywhere. Not only are high school students nearly always required to study a foreign language, but many lower and middle schools have added foreign languages to their curricula, whether as an enrichment or a requirement. Foreign language "magnet" schools have been created in some school districts and seem to be very popular. And of course, it's more common than not that colleges and universities require foreign language study for graduation. While it has long been recognized in the learning disabilities field that foreign language study would be a terrific challenge to learning disabled students, somehow this fact has been widely ignored in the field of foreign language instruction and in schools in general until very recently. Dysleksja_jezyk_obcy20112012.pdf. [IT Services] - Indexing a Corpus with XAIRA: a Tutorial.

In this exercise you will learn how to index your own corpus for use with Xaira.

[IT Services] - Indexing a Corpus with XAIRA: a Tutorial

Indexing is quite a complex process, and we will not try to cover all of the issues involved. The reference specification for the Xaira indexer is available online at the Xaira Tools Windows utility, which we will use in this exercise, also includes a Help file which should be consulted for more detailed information. The Xaira Tools Windows utility also has a ‘wizard’ interface, which can easily cope with the most common varieties of corpus. WALS Online - I almost forgot? The Madness of English. Patterns of English - another try... ESL Journals - AMEP Research Centre - Macquarie University.