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Informatica big data integration | Tek Classes. All you need to know about Informatica Big Data Edition Companies using Big data to develop innovative products and services and to improve business operations are forced into costly upgrades to expensive databases and data warehouse hardware appliances. Reason being, on everyday basis huge volume and verity of data like Web logs, machine sensor, social media and unstructured data are being created. As the data volume continues to grow, they consume the space in data warehouses and application databases very quickly. Also due to the resource constraints and the perceived risk associated with rapidly changing and emerging technologies like Hadoop, most companies are putting off big data <development activities>projects. Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition works with both traditional data management infrastructures and emerging technologies and provides a safe, efficient way to integrate all types of data on Hadoop without doing much development activities in Hadoop.

Informatica Cloud Training | Informatica Cloud Online Training | Tek Classes. 10-Jan-17 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday 25-Jan-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday What is Informatica Cloud Data Wizard? The Informatica cloud data wizard is a next generation data loader built natively into Salesforce, designed for any user. Informatica cloud enables user to integrate business data security into Salesforce. Informatica cloud data wizard is a simple integration to all objects like accounts, contacts, opportunities and leads are add custom objects.

Custom business templates enable single quick data integration from flat files and cloud applications such as box with Informatica cloud data wizard transforms and concatenates data on the fly, map additional fields with drag and drop simplicity and absolute data automatically the data is available instantly in Salesforce empower users with most productive, secure and self service data loader. Informatica Cloud Training This Informatica cloud training makes you a professional in creating on-demand Informatica cloud applications. FAQ’s. Splunk Training | Splunk Online Training | Tek Classes. 06-Jan-17 7:30AM IST Online Weekday 19-Jan-17 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday Splunk Training You see devices and servers, logs and apps, traffic and clouds. We see data everywhere. Splunk Online Training Are you looking for splunk Training or splunk Online Training?

Splunk Self Paced Training Take Splunk Online training class videos and Splunk Training Videos by joining our Self-Paced Videos Training. Who should take this course? System administrators and Software developersAny professional experience with the basic functions and concepts of SplunkIt’s suggested for anyone in your business who needs to look at IT statistics Prerequisites Must Have excellent Knowledge of System Administrator Key-Takeaways Trainer Profile Training Features Flexible Mode of Training We do provide best quality online training with well experienced instructors for weekend and weekday batches respectively.

Real-Time Learning We do provide software You will get the required software to prepare on your own system. FAQ’s. Talend Online Training | Talend Training | Tek Classes. 10-Jan-17 7:00 AM IST online Weekday Course Overview Little about Talend and Talend Training Talend open studio goes about as brand minister between the business and the different tasks groups including Application Support Team ,Network, Database Teams, Storage and Unix groups. Learn Talend Training from Tek Classes. We have designed the Talend training course content and syllabus based on industry expectations to achieve everyone’s career goal. Modes of Training: Tek Classes offer Talend training in classroom, online and self-paced video modes. We offer Talend online training through various technologies like Gotomeeting and Webex. We offer the best Talend training course in Bangalore. Take Talend tutorial videos by joining our Self-paced videos.

Who can take this course Business Intelligence Professionals or ETL Developers, Professionals aspire to become Talend Professionals, Project Managers, Database Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, SQL Developers Prerequisite Key-Takeaways. PL SQL Online Training | Oracle PL SQL Training | Tek Classes. 10-Jan-17 7:30 AM IST Online/Classroom Weekday 20-Jan-16 7:30 AM IST Online/Classroom Weekday About Oracle PL/SQL PL/SQL is a procedural language extension for SQL; PL/SQL is a combination of SQL with procedural language fractures.

It was developed by Oracle Company in the early on 90’s to enhance the capability of SQL. PL/SQL also consist of statements and loops in the procedural language so that we can run no. of statements in a single block in PL/SQL Engine hence we can reduce the traffic of the network. PL/SQL has the capability of handling the errors effectively while during the execution of a program. Oracle PL/SQL Training Are you looking for Oracle PL/SQL classroom training or Oracle PL/SQL online training? Oracle PL/SQL Self-Paced Course Tek Classes prepared the PL/SQL self-paced learning course those who want learn the PL/SQL course in their own pace. Who should take this course? Prerequisites If you have knowledge on Oracle SQL will make easy learning of PL/SQL. Training Features. ETL Testing Online Training | ETL Testing Training | Tek Classes.

07-Jan-17 7:00 AM IST Online/Classroom Weekend 21-Jan-17 6:30 PM IST Online/Classroom Weekend Course Overview ETL testing is a concept which can be applied to different tools and databases in information management industry. The objective of ETL testing is to assure that the data that has been loaded from a source to destination after business transformation is accurate. It also involves the verification of data at various middle stages that are being used between source and destination.

ETL Testing Online Training Course is designed for beginners to advanced Professionals. The course includes the following topics – Introduction to ETL Testing, OLTP vs. Tek Classes provides the best ETL Testing Online Training will assist you to start the flying career in the world of ETL Testing. Learn ETL Testing Training from Tek Classes. ETL Testing Online Training Tek Classes offer ETL Testing Online Training through various online technologies like Gotomeeting and Webex. Who can take this course.

Informatica MDM Online Training | Informatica MDM Training | Tek Classes. 05-Jan-17 06:30 AM IST Online Weekday 07-Jan-17 10:30 AM IST Classroom Weekend 21-Jan-17 10:30 AM IST Classroom Weekend 24-Jan-17 07:30 AM IST Online Weekday Course Overview What is Informatica MDM? As the name suggests, Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) is a unique method by which an enterprise can view 360-degree of any master data, relationships and associated interactions. Nowadays, Informatica MDM is the latest trend to handle and manage huge data within the enterprise. Be a master on Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) by learning these four major pillars – Universal Services, Universal Domains, Universal Governance and Universal Solutions.

Learn Informatica MDM online training from Tek Classes. Modes of Training: Tek Classes offer Informatica MDM Online Training and Informatica MDM self-paced video modes. Our online Informatica Master Data Management Training offers you the best approach to learning and enhance your knowledge right from your home. Who can take this course. Informatica Online Training | Informatica Training | Tek Classes. 4-Jan-17 07:00 AM IST Online/Classroom Weekday 19-Jan-17 08:00 AM IST Online/Classroom Weekday 21-Jan-17 10:00 AM IST Online/Classroom Weekend Informatica PowerCenter Informatica Powercenter is an ETL tool which is used to build Data Warehouses for the enterprises. Informatica Online Training Informatica online training from Tek Classes lets you master in data integration concepts like data mining and ETL using Informatica PowerCenter. Are you looking for Informatica online training or Informatica training institute, you are in right place. Informatica Self-Paced Videos Training Take the Informatica training videos or Informatica tutorial training videos by joining our Informatica Self-Paced course.

Who should take this course? Suggested attendees for Informatica Powercenter Course may be: Fresh GraduatesSoftware DevelopersAnalytics ProfessionalsBI/ETL/DW ProfessionalsMainframe developers and architects who are looking to upgrade their resume and career. Prerequisites Key-Takeaways FAQ’s. Salesforce Top Interview Questions and Answers | Tek Classes. 1. What is Salesforce Apps and how to use those Apps? In Salesforce, Apps are group of tabs that work as a unit to provide a particular functionality.

Users can switch between apps using the app drop-down menu. 2. What is Salesforce architecture? Salesforce follows MVC (Model, View, and Controller) architecture. 3. Setup → Build → Create → App → New to create customized applications. 4. Essentially, custom objects are database tables that allows you to store specific data within 5. Lookup RelationshipMaster-Detail RelationshipJunctionHierarchy 6. Tabular reportSummary reportMatrix report 7. There are two types of accounts in Salesforce – Personal accounts and Business accounts. 8. Field Level Security refers to the ability of providing access based on a profile of the user. 9.

Role is a component of record-level access, which is not mandatory for users. 10. 11. New field updateNew email alertNew taskNew outbound Message 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. HOW TO LEARN SELENIUM WEBDRIVER IN EFFECTIVE WAYS | Tek Classes. When I started Selenium this was one of the most confusing questions for me like from how to start, where to learn. How to get Selenium real-time scenarios by handful practice, this was also a one of challenge to me.

I will try to explain based on my view, which worked for me. Once upon a time, I was completely new to Selenium and I used to jump from one topic to another topic without practice, which leads to confusion at the end.Follow below step which gave me very good results. First, get basic of any programming language As we, all know Selenium support 7 programming languages, which gives us the chance to take any language and use it, if you don’t know any language you can learn which language you prefer.

I am a Java buff and I use extremely with Selenium Web driver. Before starting to learn selenium we should have some knowledge with some Basic concepts of Java, which includes. We all know Java itself a big ocean, so try to cover which is required for Selenium only. 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN UI / UX DESIGN | Tek Classes. 1. Your opportunities are right at your fingertips. Now a days Mobile devices are ubiquitous according to recent research tells that every smartphone user checks their phone over all 75 times a day.

One recent reported that the every user engages in over 2,600 daily interactions with their smartphone phone. We can find according to research study that the average user spent 145 minutes a day using their phone – but this was the aggregate of lots of short sessions (76 sessions a day on average).Hardly users engaged in over 130 sessions each day. 2. In this mass market, phones and tablets have dominated UX design over the past 5 years, so the user experience is the most challenge to some companies with the use of more specialized technologies. 3. In clinical industries, good UX design can keep patients safe. 4. 5. 6. Good UX design can lead to provide happiness to the customers, fewer complaints, more sales, fewer abandoned carts, and higher profits. 7.

8 Reasons why you should learn Android app development today | Tek Classes. Google’s Android operating system is ruling the mobile world. There has been a continuous roll out of Android versions that attracting the millions of users across the globe. If you are looking out for mobile app development, you should learn android. It is imperative for aspiring developers learn android app development because there is a lot they can achieve through an android app of their own. The surveys suggest that tens of millions of android activations have already taken place all over the world, and there are 85 million Smartphone users in the United States with Android as its operating system alone.

Considering that the numbers are rapidly growing and that Android popularity is improving day by day, it can be recommended that anyone planning to cover the iPhone app market should also need to cover skyrocketing Android market as well. Google Play, the largest online store of Android apps and the number of new apps is increasing every day. The answer is yes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Web Designing Course|Web Development Training | Tek Classes. [agroup first=”1″] [accordion title=”Web Designing Training Schedule”] 11-OCT-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday 25-OCT-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday [/accordion] [/agroup] Web Development Courses Tek Classes web development training gives you and all-round training in both the design and the development part of the web in detail, focusing on the entire workflow of developing interactive web applications, send request to databases, sending and receiving data.

Web Development is the process of creating websites for the internet. Web Development Online Training Web development online training from Tek Classes lets you master in web technology. Are you looking for Web development online training or web design online course, you are on the right the path. Web Development Self-Paced Videos Training Take the Web development training videos or Web designing tutorial training videos by joining our Web development Self-Paced course. Who can take this course Pre-Requisite Key-Takeaways Trainer Profile. iOS App Development Course | iOS Development Course Online | Tek Classes. 11-OCT-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday 25-OCT-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday About iOS iOS is a mobile operating system created and distributed by Apple Inc, it is written in C language. iOS is originally released on 2007.

This iOS was developed for its electronic devises like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS is the second most popular operating system for mobile in the world after Android by sales. This iOS is the powerful, secured and most trusted operating system. iOS App Development Course The iOS development training or iOS development course online is designed for software programmers who want to design innovative and useful iOS applications.

iOS App Development Self-Paced Course Tek Classes is providing the iOS app development training videos and iOS tutorial videos for beginners over our iOS self-paced training course. Who should take this course? All fresher graduates and working professionals who wish to create innovative and useful mobile iOS applications can choose this course. FAQ’s. Android App Development Course | Android Online Training | Tek Classes. 20-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday About Android Android is a Linux based and open source operating system which is developed by Google; this operating system was designed for touch screen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Android operating system’s UI is based on direct manipulation, using touch actions that relatively correspond to the real world behavior. It allows the users to touch the screen, swiping, pinching and taping to manipulate the screen objects along with virtual QWERTY keyboard. Android App Development Online Training Our Android App Development Course designed to propel your professional career as an Android app developer. The Android development training or Android training online is designed for programmers who want to create innovative Android applications which are useful to the real world usage.

Android App Development Self-Paced Course Who should take this course? Prerequisites Why should I learn Android Development? Key-Takeaways Trainer Profile FAQ’s. Unix Shell Scripting Online Training | Tek Classes. Talend Online Training | Talend Training Course | Tek Classes. Selenium Training | Selenium Online Training | Tek Classes. Salesforce Online Training| Salesforce Training | Tek Classes.