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Tek Classes

Tek Classes is an IT Training Institute specialized in providing best in class IT Software training in Bangalore. Tek Classes provides a wide variety of job oriented software courses for freshers and assist them in getting a job in IT industry.

SoapUI Testing Training. [agroup first=”1″] [accordion title=”SoapUI Testing Training Schedule”] 20-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday[/accordion] [/agroup] About SoapUI SoapUI is a leading open-source API & functional testing tool, here in a single test environment you can get comprehensive test coverage.

SoapUI Testing Training

Informatica Data Quality Training. 12-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday 28-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday Course Overview Informatica Data Quality is a suite of applications and components that you can integrate with Informatica Power Center to deliver enterprise-strength data quality capability in a wide range of scenarios.

Informatica Data Quality Training

The core components are Data Quality Workbench and Data Quality Server. Big Data Hadoop Online Training. 06-Dec-16 9:30 AM IST Online Weekday 20-Dec-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday About Big Data Hadoop Hadoop is an open-source framework that allows to store and process big data and helps to organize the massive data.

Big Data Hadoop Online Training

Oracle DBA Training. [agroup first=”1″] [accordion title=”Oracle DBA Training Schedule”] 12-Dec-16 7:15 AM IST Online Weekday 24-Dec-16 9:00 AM IST Online Weekend[/accordion] [/agroup] [iframevideo] [/iframevideo] About Oracle DBA DBA (Database Administrator) is responsible for doing all the activities related to managing or maintaining a strong database environment.

Oracle DBA Training

Salesforce Administrator & Developer Online Training. 15-DEC-16 8:00 AM IST Classroom Weekday 27-DEC-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday Salesforce Training Salesforce began with the vision of reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM).Tek classes offering salesforce training in Bangalore with most experienced professionals.

Salesforce Administrator & Developer Online Training

You will be trained on Salesforce platform, dashboard, and you will learn about Salesforce database and integration. Java Training Courses Online, J2EE Training. 08-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday 27-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday Course Overview What is Java?

Java Training Courses Online, J2EE Training

Web Design & Development Course. [agroup first=”1″] [accordion title=”Web Designing Training Schedule”] 11-OCT-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday 25-OCT-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday [/accordion] [/agroup] Web Development Courses.

Web Design & Development Course

Android App Development Online Training Course. 20-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday About Android Android is a Linux based and open source operating system which is developed by Google; this operating system was designed for touch screen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Android App Development Online Training Course

Cassandra Training. [agroup first=”1″] [accordion title=”Cassandra Training Schedule”] 09-Dec-16 6:30 AM IST Online Weekday 22-Dec-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday [/accordion] [/agroup] Course Overview Little about Cassandra and Cassandra Training Apache Cassandra is an open source conveyed database administration framework intended to handle a lot of information crosswise over numerous item servers, furnishing high accessibility with no single purpose of disappointment..

Cassandra Training

Data Science Online Training Course. 20-Dec-16 7:30 AM IST Online Weekday About Data Science Data science is an interdisciplinary combination of scientific process and systems to mine knowledge and analytics insights from structure or unstructured data.

Data Science Online Training Course

And data science is a blend of some data analysis categories such as data mining, machine learning, statistics, predictive analysis, mathematical algorithm creation and execution and the data science is similar to knowledge or data discovery in databases. Data science may effect many domains of today’s technologies like robotics, search engines, speech reorganization, heath care, social Medias. Selenium WebDriver Online Training.

19-DEC-16 7:00 AM IST Online Weekday Selenium Training Selenium is an open source automation testing tool for web based applications.