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Solar Powered DIY Portable HotSpot. Blazing Fast Internet Speed with Dual Band Wifi. Learn how to rapidly increase your internet speed by using the D-Link DIR-825 dual-band router. The standard wifi spectrum is filled with dirty signals from Bluetooth and microwaves and that constant interference slows down file transfers and internet connection.

Blazing Fast Internet Speed with Dual Band Wifi

“On the other hand, 5GHz 802.11n is clean and incredibly fast – it’s really easy to upgrade if you’ve got a simultaneous dual-band router like the D-Link DIR-825 (cheap on eBay). How to set it up: First setup your central router normally, assigning it an SSID and select the 5GHz method where the option is available. Typically, you can find this under the settings menu but it’s different for various manufacturers.

That’s basically all there is to it and you can now suck in all the download bandwidth your heart desires. Files will transfer quickly, browsing will obviously be faster, and you can even steam high quality video. Few all of our internet projects and subscribe for more great weekend projects. Awesome Gajitz, Weird Science & Futuristic Technology. UCL - Département d'Ingénierie Informatique - Peter Van Roy - Profile. Computing science engineering department - Profile.

Programming paradigms. Can Augmented Reality Tech Help You Make Better Life Decisions? - - Profile. IT Tools >> Browse Articles >> Industry Trends IT Tools >> Browse Articles >> Innovation/Moving Ahead IT Tools >> Browse Articles >> Quick Tips Can augmented reality technology finally make it easy to do the right thing?

Can Augmented Reality Tech Help You Make Better Life Decisions? - - Profile

Last year was huge for a young technology called “augmented reality”—and that’s important even if you’re not a nerd, because it should revolutionize the way we approach social causes. Sure, many current examples of augmented reality are trivial, but hear me out.