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Why Employers Don’t Hire Perfectly Qualified People , Peter Weddle. Jobing Career Services - Nashville - Profile. Jobing Career Services - Nashville - Profile. WEDDLE’s - Job Search, Recruiting and Employment Resources - Profile. Company Salaries and Reviews - Profile. Prepare for job interviews with the questions and answers asked by high-tech employers - Profile. Career Services Center - Find your future today. International Association of Employment Web Sites. Be the Master of Your Career, Not Its Victim! Jobs, Resumes, Career Resources - JobTarget. Dreaded Interview Questions: What is Your Greatest Weakness? - - Profile. Get a Job >> Browse Articles >> Job Search Tips Photo: juliaeatssweaters/Flickr (CC) Before I start this story, I need to make a confession.

Dreaded Interview Questions: What is Your Greatest Weakness? - - Profile

I never wear watches. Not because I don’t find the correct time an incredibly useful piece of information, but because I keep losing them. Watches are a distraction when I’m working, and so I take them off and they disappear. So, now the story. The weekend before the intensive, I made a deliberate effort to buy and wear a watch. On the first day of the Strategic Planning intensive, I was late (see above, about the watch), and walked in as the seminar leader was describing the four quadrants of teamwork style: Visionary; Analyst; People Person; Routine Keeper (actually, in truth, I can’t even remember the proper title of the last category, but it was along these lines).

He was using pictures of watches to make a point about the personality differences of the various styles: In a Job Search, Without this Ingredient – You’re Toast. « My Brown Chair. I’m very lucky.

In a Job Search, Without this Ingredient – You’re Toast. « My Brown Chair

I get to meet fascinating people every day. Some have awe-inspiring, creative gifts. Some have subject-matter knowledge that boggles the mind. And a few have earned academic credentials from the very best universities on earth. However, without self-confidence, few of these people will ever land the positions to which they aspire. The truth is, people without self-confidence are typically ineffective networkers, they sell themselves short and they tend to stay in their comfort-zone. Self-confidence trumps the best dress suit, the best resume, the highest degree, and even the best inside connections. As a recruiter, self-confidence is one of the most important things I look for when meeting any candidate. However, if you have always had low self-confidence, there are still things you can do to improve on it. The most important first step toward gaining self-confidence is to accept and love yourself.

Also consider that positive energy is closely allied to self-confidence. My Brown Chair. 5 Types of interviewers and how to prepare for them. InShare630 Not everyone interviews with the same format, passion, process and questions.

5 Types of interviewers and how to prepare for them

There are some old standards out there that some interviewers follow, while others take their own path, especially the entrepreneurs. There are different types of interviewers and with some forethought you can be prepared to interview successfully, no matter which type you encounter. Keep in mind that an interviewer’s personality and their style make a difference in the outcome. For example, a hotel front desk clerk learns quickly to read a person’s personality as they approach the desk. Take caution though: if you misread the personality of the interviewer, you might make some mistakes that could cause you to not move further in the hiring process. 1. You’ve seen the type – they talk more than they ask questions. 2. Opposite of the chatter is the interviewer who maintains domination over the conversation by firing off a list of questions in a monotone voice. . | 1 | 2 | Next Page.