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The Importance of a Central Project List - Stepcase Lifehack. Action Method Online. Change Up Your Study Spaces for Better Recall. Pros and Cons to Help You Choose a Desk Layout. Yes, I work (mostly) from my sofa.

Pros and Cons to Help You Choose a Desk Layout

And after struggling to keep work organized in the living room, I'm ready to buy a big girl desk and set up the home office of my dreams. But with an entire spare bedroom to work with, I've got the entire world of desk shape options in front of me. So which one to choose? Here's a helpful guide to the Pros & Cons of each. Corner Desk+ Flexible, fits in difficult room layouts.+ Great for multi-purpose rooms like kitchens or living rooms.- Little screen privacy.- Lost space behind a corner monitor.- Who wants to look at a corner? L-Shaped Desk+ More desktop than a corner desk.+ Everything is closer than if you were sitting at a long desk of the same length.+ "Divided" desk space.- Also loses dead space behind a corner monitor. DIY Record Dividers. Stop Repeating Yourself: Set Up a Workplace Wiki. I'm glad its working for you guys, but by definition everyone who works at Gawker knows and respects technology.

This is far from true at most businesses. I've seen two Wiki deployments happen in companies recently and they both were giant mistakes. - Facebook Calendar Generator. Calendar. It's your life. How to Stay Productive Working from Coffee Shops (or Anywhere Out of the Office) Our Favorite Office Objects: The Letter Tray as Laptop Stand. Top 10 Ways to Organize and Streamline Your Workspace. @MaxellDVD1: I dislike people using technological terms to describe non-technical actions.

Top 10 Ways to Organize and Streamline Your Workspace

Reboot should be Clean-up! Reboot should, as your tip suggests, mean to restart a computer. @MaxellDVD1: I think that 7 is the most important. Every day when I leave work, my desk contains: -Computer (monitor, keyboard, & mouse) Re-Evaluate Your Office Gear to Simplify and Declutter. Uggg, my desk looks similar to the article's photo.

Re-Evaluate Your Office Gear to Simplify and Declutter

It's a matter of prioritizing the workspace. As you mention here: Beat Your Filing Cabinet into Shape with a Filing System Workflow. I know this is a while ago but you might get it... Use the same simple system for paper and paperless with only three folders. Computer: eDocs, leave as whatever format you like. Everything else and stuff you think you might need ten years later - PDF.

You need three folders. 1) Years, 2) Keep and 3) the built in recycle bin. Make up year folders under "years" i.e. 2010 for this year. Paper: Do the same as the computer. 12 Desk Organization Tips. The Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Life.

Small Notebook. Hive Five: Five Best Mind Mapping Applications. Hive Five: Five Best Mind Mapping Applications. Tracks - GTD application on Rails - Download Squad. In my ongoing search for the ultimate software system for use with the Getting Things Done methodology, I've recently come across a real winner.

Tracks - GTD application on Rails - Download Squad

Tracks is a web application that was built from the ground up for the purposes of implementing a GTD system. Written in Ruby on Rails, Tracks offers the familiar Projects and Contexts organization system made popular by David Allen's Getting Things Done system, coupled with the sparse graphical design and easy functionality made popular by well-known Ruby on Rails applications like Backpack, Basecamp and Ta-Da List. Productive Talk: 43 Folders Meets David Allen on Odeo. The Perfect Mess. In an interview with Michael McLaughlin published in The New Writer’s Handbook (2007), Eric Abrahamson, co-author of A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder, says.

The Perfect Mess

Thunderbird gets GTD'd... « searching4arcadia. A few things came together for me this past weekend, and I thought I’d share a bit.

Thunderbird gets GTD'd... « searching4arcadia

First, was MerlinMann’s discussion of the usefulness (or lack thereof) of e-mail folders. I agree completely with Merlin on this one- and I feel a hint of a running thread here- focus on The Work and not on Organization. MVance / GettingThingsDone. Notes from Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen (GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.

MVance / GettingThingsDone

Please visit to learn more.) 31 Resources on The best GTD resources - Listible! Productivity - ATPM 13.02 - Next Actions: A Survey of the GTD App Landscape. The 2001 publication of David Allen’s Getting Things Done stirred a revolution of organized, productive work environments for thousands.

ATPM 13.02 - Next Actions: A Survey of the GTD App Landscape

Allen’s system, affectionately known as “GTD” to those in the know, provides a framework for managing tasks, projects, goals, and, indeed, much of one’s life. As the GTD system spread in usage and popularity, dozens of tools and writings arose as a part of the GTD sub-culture. 25 Firefox Extensions to Make You More Productive. Firefox is my weapon of choice when it comes to browsing the web.

25 Firefox Extensions to Make You More Productive

It’s fast, free, and gives the user the best feature ever: Choice. The beauty of the Firefox extension is that it allows you to add a specific feature or function, fully customizing your browsing experience. For someone wanting to make the most of their online time, this is a huge opportunity. There are limitless ways to tailor your browsing with Firefox extensions. GOE: Getting Organized Experiment Programs 2007. Archive » Tough questions for your things. I like to think of myself as a person who is unattached to physical objects.

Archive » Tough questions for your things

Truth be told, however, this might not necessarily be the case. My lifestyle, being more minimalist than the average Jane’s, means that I make a conscience decision to bring something into my home. Each object exists in my space for a reason, and a chunk of time, planning, and research was dedicated to its acquisition, and there are further evaluations to let it stay. How to Declutter an Entire Room in One Go. Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. My family is moving to another house this coming weekend, and to prepare for the move, we’re going through the entire house and getting rid of stuff we don’t need.

The Perfect Mess. Productive Talk: 43 Folders Meets David Allen on Odeo.