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Look Great Off of the Course Too. If you are looking for great golf related clothing for those times that you cannot be on the golf course, then you are in luck.

Look Great Off of the Course Too

Golf fashion has taken a turn for the better during the last decade, and now clothing designers are making golf accessories that are stylish enough to wear off of the greens. If you want to wear a shirt with a clever golf saying on it out to your next party, then you can do that as well. The fashion rules for golf have changed a lot during the last 20 years, and today’s golfer is directly benefiting from this. Now a golfer can leave the course and head straight for the restaurant or the club thanks to the great look of modern golf clothing.

Gift Ideas for Golfers: Golf Apparel and More. Gifts are often difficult to choose.

Gift Ideas for Golfers: Golf Apparel and More

Fortunately, if a loved one is a golf lover, presenting him or her with a gift should be easy enough. There are plenty of items that all golf enthusiasts would surely love to have. Rain Gear There’s still no way to accurately predict or control the elements, which is why golfers will always face the threat of playing in foul weather. Some golfers make do with ordinary rain gear unsuitable for swinging and movement, which naturally prevents them from performing as well as they should.

Golfing Situations that Get Golfers Teed Off.

If you are a golfer, there’s isn’t a greater feeling than hitting the course and seeing your newly bought golf ball fly through the air after a great swing. As tranquil as the game can be, however, there are also a few times when it can be a bit stressful. – teedoff

How to Get More Members for Your Golf Team. Perhaps you’re a college golf club president looking to grow your organization, or a young golf enthusiast yet to build your dream team.

How to Get More Members for Your Golf Team

Adding members to your team can be very challenging, especially when most of your prospects have to juggle their hobby and studies. The No-No’s of Golf Clothing Designs. If you’re holding a company golf tourney or any other similar event, where you want to hand out commemorative or souvenir shirts, you have to make sure that the design is executed tastefully and strategically.

The No-No’s of Golf Clothing Designs

You can use the shirt as a promotional material so people can recognize your brand better and encourage them to be customers or employees. This won’t happen if your shirt design is: Possibly offensiveToo “unrelatable”Too wordyToo boringMade with poor quality print and fabric Take the cue from iconic Ramones tees and other band shirts, and use a minimalist approach to the design. For instance, if your company name will be the main feature of the design, use white, bold fonts for the text, include your logo in black and white, and print this design on black shirts.

More importantly, look for a shirt supplier that provides quality services. Like this: Like Loading... Show Your Personality with Your T-shirt Choice. How to Pick Proper Golf Clothes. Golf Apparel Shopping Tips. Golf is not a contact sport.

Golf is not a contact sport. You don’t need to run, jump or make any intense physical exertions to play the game, so naturally, the clothes you wear can be highly flexible. – teedoff

You don’t need to run, jump or make any intense physical exertions to play the game, so naturally, the clothes you wear can be highly flexible.

Golf Apparel Shopping Tips

With that in mind, don’t disregard the practical aspect of clothes you’re choosing to wear for your game. Golf Clothing: Style Icons to Emulate. Dressing well for a round of golf isn’t solely for making an impression but really all about comfort.

Golf Clothing: Style Icons to Emulate

With a little mix-and-match knowhow, though, you can look every bit as dapper on the course. Take some tips from a few of the most stylish golfers you can emulate. Ian Poulter – Poulter may get jeered at for some of his on-course fashion choices, such as an all-pink outfit that prompted a fan to yell “Hey Poulter, your mom wants her clothes back!” In 2007. Fortunately, Poulter understands fashion much better than most golfers.

Jesper Parnevik – Sports watchdog Bleacher Report considers Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik as one of today’s best-dressed golfers. Doug Sanders – This 20-time PGA Tour winner can rock flashy colored outfits far better than anyone else. Even something as simple as a plain shirt, when worn right, can up your style ante. Looking Good on the Green: Choosing Golf Apparel. Shirts and Jackets.

Looking Good on the Green: Choosing Golf Apparel

Most of the time, golfers settle for shirts. If the weather is cold though, jackets and sweaters are often tossed on to add some warmth. The main thing that golfers look for in these two is flexibility since swinging your golf club properly requires a wide range of motion (which is why many golfers go for short-sleeve shirts). Of course, the biggest test for your shirt is actually wearing it and taking a swing. Cotton is usually the preferred material since it is both warm and comfortable. Golf Apparel: Showing Your Love for the Game.

Some hardcore golf fans might be teed off by team USA’s loss to Europe in the recent edition of the Ryder’s Cup, while others might still be reeling from the sting brought about by the loss. – teedoff