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How to Milk an Almond (fresh homemade almond milk, easy) Fresh raw almond milk is delicious, healthy, unprocessed, and economical. There is no waste, no unrecyclable plastic-lined tetra-pak boxes or cartons to put in landfills and drink BPA out of, and this tastes much, much better than storebought. The resulting almond meal is a free bonus, useful in cookies, crumb crusts, porridge, granolas, or in lieu of bread crumbs in stuffings and dressings, breaded crusts, etc. To make a half gallon (or 2 liters) of delicious fresh almond milk, you will need: about a pound (or roughly half a kilo) of fresh raw almonds out of the shellA blender or food processorA large bowl to strain intoA mesh bag or cheesecloth for first strainingA reusable fine wire mesh coffee cone or fine muslin bag for second strainingA half gallon or 2 liter refrigerator jug to keep it inA few pinches of salt (optional)Sweetener of your choice, to taste (optional) How to Milk an Almond (fresh homemade almond milk, easy)


Now you're cooking with comics. Nov 13 It’s Electric. So, Boing Boing asked me to do a recipe for them. The only caveat is that it involve caffeine. Done and Done. Oct 13

Now you're cooking with comics.