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TECNALCO – We are the leading HVAC and air distribution products manufacturer in UAE. Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory has been operating around UAE.

Using Intake and Exhaust Air Louvre for Fresh Air. There’s a growing need to provide buildings with fresh outdoor air in the present era of sustainable buildings.

Using Intake and Exhaust Air Louvre for Fresh Air

This ensures that there will continue to be the need to cover outdoor air and construction exhaust openings with louvers. Construction envelopes and components that secure them have evolved and will continue their adaptation to meet evolving requirements in design and code. Air distribution systems include air handlers, conductors, and related heating, ventilation, and air conditioning elements. It provides fresh air, preserving ample indoor quality while providing air conditioning for offsetting heating or cooling. Multiple elements must function in tandem to ensure the optimal conditions are preserved. How do fire dampers work as ventilators? The property owners recognize the importance of adequate steps or measures against fire damage.

How do fire dampers work as ventilators?

Fire damper manufacturer in UAE can install the equipment in different areas at home or in a commercial building. Although the damper is not the only product to look for, it is important to inspect the different other parts of the system to work efficiently in the misfortunate event of a fire. The latest HVAC air distribution products in UAE include the fire dampers as the pre-installed system. It is important to get the periodic inspection and repaired and understand their working. How do you calculate airflow through sand trap louvers? - technalco. The fire dampers are key passive fire safety devices and are used in the sector of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating.

How do you calculate airflow through sand trap louvers? - technalco

Generally, a fire damper operates when heat from a fire causes a room’s normal temperature to increase by 165°F, i.e., it is designed to close heat automatically. The fuse connected to the damper melts allowing the door of the damping door to close. In particular, they are situated in a duct at the intersection of the fire barriers in building zones, such as divisions at the point of penetration of the duct, to maintain a wall or floor fire rating. Applications of Volume Control Dampers - technalco.

HVAC dampers help to monitor air volume by conducting systems and regulate them.

Applications of Volume Control Dampers - technalco

In the ductwork with low to medial airflow velocity, control dampers are normally mounted. It can be used to produce positive shutdowns and also to monitor HVAC low-leakage systems automatically. Dampers are often used in zoning and zone control systems. Air dampers are used to regulate material movement in industries that move gases and liquids through pipes and pipes. Air Control Dampers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including square, circle, and rectangular backdrafts, and it is critical to choose the right one for the task. Uncontrolled Fire: Avoid the Risks with Fire Damper - technalco. Fire dampers can be found in ducts, air transfer openings, and most places where fire-rated constructions like floors, walls, or other fire obstructions are constructed.

Uncontrolled Fire: Avoid the Risks with Fire Damper - technalco

If fire dampers are not installed, the fire can easily spread, causing serious damage to property and people present in that environment. The reason behind the concept of compartmentation is to stop the fire from spreading to nearby locations. This method helps a lot in limiting the outburst of fire and therefore reducing damage to property and people. So, in a nutshell, a fire damper is a tool used to stop the outburst of fires.

The Best Volume Control Dampers Suppliers in UAE. Description – Volume Dampers multi blade volume control dampers For regulating air flow in the air duct, the Volume Control Damper is used.

The Best Volume Control Dampers Suppliers in UAE

This machine includes a full manual quadrant or a motor drive. Volume Control dampers can be made of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum and are suitable for air-control systems. If you know softly about the Volume Control Damper features, it would be easy to pick. The key factor in selecting a volume damper is also its size and the size of the area to be found. Find time to weigh the location you are going to place before looking for the right damper.The volume control dampers that we manufacture in UAE enable the other parts of this duct system to adjust the air flow volume. The Best Volume Control Dampers Manufacturer in UAE. Variable air volume dampers (VAV) Manufacturer UAE. Description – Variable air volume dampers We also manufacture variable air volume of high quality in UAE.

Variable air volume dampers (VAV) Manufacturer UAE

VAV systems maintain a constant air temperature and instead change airflow according to the load. Single, multi-zone or dual duct configurations can apply to VAV systems. The Best Sound Attenuators Manufacturers in UAE. Description – Tackling the noise issues For the best efficiency, TECNALCO supplies sound attenuators which are used as a wholesome component of an HVAC system rather than in isolation.

The Best Sound Attenuators Manufacturers in UAE

They are used when the device is mounted instead of adding them later for the best effect. To keep the sound down, noise attenuators have sound absorbing insulation inside.A sound attenuator consists of a deflection inside the ductwork in its simplest form. Such baffles also contain materials which absorb sound. In order to attenuate a specific spectrum of frequencies, the physical dimensions and baffle configuration of sound attenuators are chosen.

Sand Trap Louvers Manufacturer in Dubai. Description – It is a replacement for existing air filtration supply plants.

Sand Trap Louvers Manufacturer in Dubai

TECNALCO is also a manufacturer leader of sand trap louvres in UAE. In areas subjected to intense industrial emissions, the sand trap louver is used as a filter pro for the safety of air conditioning plants. Also in cases of high dust levels, it has a degree of sand separation and large particles of dust. Sand drainage parts and holes are arranged vertically such that the sand trap louvre is free of maintenance and auto-cleaning. The Best Non Return Damper Price Dubai, UAE.

Description – self closing dampers, black pressure dampers, gravity dampers, pressure relief dampers TECNALCO is a leading supplier of Non-Return Damper which is an HVAC damper being used in the places where only one direction is required to flow air.

The Best Non Return Damper Price Dubai, UAE

Depending on the application, non-return dampers may be placed on the wall or duct. They are most frequently used in the presence of fans where the blades are only opened when the fan starts and the blades close because the fans stop.TECNALCO ‘NRD’ type models are also named as ‘self closing dampers ‘or ‘Back pressure dampers ‘or ‘gravity dampers’ or ‘pressure relief dampers’.

Motorized Smoke Fire Dampers. Deprecated: wp_make_content_images_responsive is deprecated since version 5.5.0! Use wp_filter_content_tags() instead. in /home/tecadmin/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4860 Motorized fire dampers – TMFD150-G Motorized Smoke dampers – TMSD150-2CL-G. The Best Jet Nozzle Diffuser manufacturer in UAE. Description – Tecnalco Jet Diffuser with Panel Heating and ventilation structures are developed to provide the inhabitants of a building with a degree of thermal comfort. A system’s ability to maintain the minimum level of comfort depends upon a variety of factors, such as air quality supply, control systems. However, a spatial air distribution is the most difficult parameter to measure. AC Ceiling Diffuser Manufacturer UAE. Description – AC Grills and registers provide a high standard of quality solid construction Working of REGISTERSIn the floor, wall, or ceiling, air registers have slatted openings that a user can control using an adjustable damper.

Usually, for airflow control, the damper opens or closes access to the air duct with a rolling guide or lever on one side of the vent. These openings do not return air to the HVAC system, but deliver air that is heated or cooled into a room.Working of GRILLESGrilles are fixed, unshakable structures that are capable of delivering or returning air.

In residential ceilings and walls, grilles are found, but in some cases , a company may mount them on floors. The Best Fire Damper Manufacturer UAE. The Best Exhaust Valves Exporters in UAE. Description – Exhaust valves blend readily with contemporary room designs We are an exporter of exhaust valves in UAE and our exhaust valve removes pressure from the fluid coolant to allow expansion or change of condition in the evaporator from the fluid into a vapor. The high-pressure liquid coolant in the valve is very hot. The liquid line on the extension valve can be tested by the sensation.There’s a rotating rod inside the valve, moving up and down. AC Ceiling Diffuser Manufacturer UAE. Description – AC Ceiling diffusers can provide high volumes of air conditioning with an adequate level of sound.

TECNALCO provide best quality of ac ac ceiling diffuser manufacturer in UAE, the ceiling diffusers from TECNALCO have been designed to deal with a broad spectrum of airflows and to maintain high air diffusion efficiency in the occupied areas. For supply, return and exhaust air applications, the TECNALCO series can be used. Since the air discharge in this kind is horizontal close to the ceiling, the warmest air in the space blends with the cool primary air well above the occupied zone instantly. This type of air outlet is also capable of handling vast volumes of air at high temperatures. It is built to match any type of architectural designed ceiling with a pleasing appearance. Intake and Exhaust Air Louvre UAE. The Best Access Door Suppliers in UAE. HVAC and Air Distribution Products in UAE. HVAC and Air Distribution Products Manufacturer UAE.