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Improve Online Strategy With eCommerce Trends

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In this digital age eCommerce business is on the rise, as online buying and selling is predicted to increase by analyzing how to attract buyers. Learn more about the trends to step-up your business sales.

Digitales Marketing: Key-Trends und Strategien. Durch Digitalisierung, Internet, Social Media & Co. ist das Marketing der Unternehmen in einem völligen Umbruch: nur wenig wird so bleiben wie es war.

Digitales Marketing: Key-Trends und Strategien

Viele Trends verändern den Auftritt der Unternehmen, neue Strategien werden entwickelt: Trends werden zu Strategien. Die UEC – Ulrich Eggert Consult + Research hat in Ihrer aktuellen Studie Digitales Marketing – Trends, Entwicklungen, Strategien, Vorschläge, Tipps, Check-Listen – etwa 30 wesentliche Strategie-Trends für das „neue“ Marketing der Unternehmen detailliert herausgearbeitet, die Interessenten in einem kostenlosen Download kurz erläutert werden. Digitalisierung, Internet, Social Media & Co. zwingen auch das Marketing zu neuen Wegen. Bild: Julien Christ/ Das sind folgende Aspekte: 7 e-commerce SEO trends we’re seeing in 2016. Forbes Welcome. 128 Ecommerce Trends and Statistics. 9 Trends Shaping Retail Ecommerce in 2016. The retail sector appears to be growing steadily, according to recent estimates from eMarketer.

9 Trends Shaping Retail Ecommerce in 2016

The research firm says that while retail sales grew 3.3% in 2015, it may be expected to grow 3.5% this year. The U.S. remains the largest retail market, but developing countries are growing pretty fast. Ecommerce remains a fairly small part of total retail at just 7.1% of U.S. retail sales, but eMarketer is optimistic that the share will grow to 9.8% by 2019. Note that the share of ecommerce sales in total retail sales is relatively lower in the U.S. Public Access - The Most Important Ecommerce Trends To Follow Into 2017. 10 Interesting Ecommerce Trends for 2016 and Beyond. Ah yes, the end of 2015 is approaching and so is the speculation about what the ecommerce world has in-store for us in the future.

10 Interesting Ecommerce Trends for 2016 and Beyond

As with just about every industry, trends change (see our 2015 trends roundup!) , making it necessary to catch up and follow along in order to keep your business relevant. 6 Online Shopping Trends That Proves To Be Game Changers.