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Techugo Private Limited

Techugo is a top mobile app development company in Qatar, which has catered the app development services to Fortune 500 companies, Global 2000 companies, established brands and budding startups across the globe. We offer the most creative and innovative app development approach to our clients and bring every possible element of creativity and freshness to your mobile app concept.

How To Turn Your Business Profitable With Android Apps. Since it’s introduction in 2008, the smart phones have taken the world by storm, with over 75% of people accessing the internet through Android platform, a mobile OS by the technological giant, Google.

How To Turn Your Business Profitable With Android Apps

Recent studies and surveys have shown that an average mobile user spends approximately 3 hours daily on his smart phone and 47% of the people claim that their smart phone is the most important and inseparable entity of their lives. So what makes these smart phones so dependable and important to their users? It’s the information and access that’s made available to them on their fingertips to make their lives easier. A user on an average checks his mobile at least once every hour. With such a huge dependability, and with our heads hung down and deep into the screen of our smart phones for anything and everything makes it necessary for businesses across the globe to have an app for their products and services. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Future Of Mobile App Development. With the Smartphone deals blast as of late and cell phones getting to be noticeably shoddy and more moderate, the quantity of people on the Internet has been expanded exponentially.

Future Of Mobile App Development

The expansion in volume has brought about making the versatile application industry huge. Before the finish of 2016, it is normal that there would be more than 10 billion gadgets on the Internet. There are a couple of things which designers need to think about fate of portable application advancement to be a la mode on the most recent patterns. What To Avoid In Mobile App Development Process. Has Hogwarts produced mobile apps, they would be sold and downloaded as hot cakes, just like the Harry Potter movies….but we all know that it’s all fictional, but beautifully magical, where everything get sorted out with a one tap of magic wand, hmmmm….let’s come out of the illusion-world and talk about facts, A mobile app is a need of today’s time, where apps have covered the maximum space on the business verticals and are on the verge of further expansion.

What To Avoid In Mobile App Development Process

But when you look closely you usually find that many mobile apps fare well in the app stores, but some fail to even meet the basic standard of business goals, this all happens due to the certain negligence played during the app development process, today we shall discuss those negligence to avoid the business chaos in the long run, so let’s not wait any longer and let’s hit the bullet… Too Many Platforms Website Replica. What Are The Essential Elements For A Top-Selling Mobile App. How To Plan A Successful Mobile App Project -... - Techugo.

Integrating Security Into Mobile App Development Process. Hackers are always on the prowl to get access to vital and personal information for vested interest.

Integrating Security Into Mobile App Development Process

With the onset of mobile technology, the phishing activity has become rampant and new ways have been devised to attack and hack devices. It is because of this reason that companies have begun spending enormous sums of money, amenities, and time to protect their system but often fail miserably in doing so because the application layer of the system is rendered unguarded against these threats.

Studies have shown that it’s the application layer that suffers most of the damage when a security breach takes place, thus, making it the most vulnerable and exposing it to risks and loss of private information. Such a situation damages the reputation of the products and services, and of the company that provides them. To avoid such incidences, the developers should do away with the practice of developing security measures after the development of the app.

HOW TO EARN BUSINESS THROUGH PROMOTIONAL WEBSITE. Not every business is lucky enough to earn the business from its targeted customers efficiently; it takes a lot more than the dedication and passion to get a deserving platform for your business to attain success.


It is possible through some beneficial and key elements to make a business successful in a true sense. Monthly many businesses make their entry into the respective fields and what they get in return is not so mesmerizing all the time. Although a quite a bit of the business gets the success button pushed perfectly in the first go and others are left on the fate to taste their bitter destiny. But why does it happen? Why some businesses get clicked, while others lose their way, is it because of some luck, karma or special gestures made in the businesses? WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE DEVELOPING A MOBILE APP - techugo. How to make my business go global?


Techugo. What To Avoid In Mobile App Development Process. Top Mobile App Development Company in Dulles, Virginia, USA. Dating App Developers Cost - Techugo. Mobile apps have changed the way we live our life, now everything can be ordered, checked, bought, played, downloaded and asked with the help of our mobile.

Dating App Developers Cost - Techugo

Finding the true love has also become easier with mobile apps. Dating app android and dating app iPhone are two most loved platforms by the users to get the best services, which they are looking for. The app market is over flooded with dating apps, which are all of the different types, but the most important factor is the security encryption of your shared data. There are numerous benefits which dating apps can provide, which includes: easy to access, browse and chat as per your ease. A Dating app should include the fun part of dating so your browsing period would turn into a cherishing experience. Top Mobile App Development Company in UAE. RESTAURANT MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT IN DUBAI.

HOW A MOBILE APP HELPS YOUR BUSINESS - Techugo Private Limited. Mobile technology has proven to be a boon to humans and businesses alike.

The fact that mobile technology has the ability to be omnipresent, is nothing short of an opportunity. An opportunity, that business houses, big or small can feast upon and turn it into a cash cow. 7 Steps To Tackle Mobile App Development Challenges – TechugoBlog. Mobile app development is a process that requires critical thinking and constant brainstorming.

7 Steps To Tackle Mobile App Development Challenges – TechugoBlog

The competition is ugly with businesses and individuals fighting for the top spot. Users have a lot of options to choose from and thus, it is necessary for people seeking to develop an app, to come up with something unique and different from what’s already available. It doesn’t matter whether your business is technical or non-technical, big or small; if your idea is fresh and unique, you need to have a mobile app developed for your products and/or services. If you think that being a non technical business your hopes of having a mobile app developed for your business is lost, you are wrong.

Ways To Use Sound cloud As An Effective Marketing Tool ~ Techugo. Sound cloud.

Ways To Use Sound cloud As An Effective Marketing Tool ~ Techugo

The name itself gives away a vague idea of what it could be. Something related to sound you bet. For the uninitiated, Sound cloud is a podcast streaming service and a platform with a huge user base, where people can upload their recordings, host talk shows, release their music etc. And what’s more? Some of its features are free. Let’s first discuss the attributes of Sound cloud that could help your business. 1. 2. How to Increase the Efficiency of App Store Optimization. An app launched on the app store, doesn’t guarantee its success. It doesn’t become an overnight sensation. There’s a lot of hard work that goes behind making an app successful and the hero of the story is App Store Optimization (ASO). A very broad term, ASO comprises of a lot of technicalities. Keywords indexing, app store research, etc. are just a few of the things that collectively form ASO.

WHY OUTSOURCING MOBILE APP PROJECT IS ALWAYS BETTER. I love this music, its light, but why is it getting louder and louder and pissing me off? I almost fell from my bed with this thought that there is a doorbell ringing constantly on my door, the moment I got senses from my almost FALL, I collected my all 6 senses and realized it was not the ring on the door, but it was my Skype, which was showing a call, and I suddenly looked at the wall clock, it was showing 3.15 AM yes, it was midnight, and there was a call, I got panicked and the sleeping Business Head in me woke up with an alarming sound. I rushed to pick the phone, and by the time I could reach, the phone screen started to reflect incoming call icon on the Skype call window.

I cleared my voice in haste and picked the other side, it was a male, who introduced himself and then started his conversation “hope I am not disturbing you?” Why Outsourcing Is Better. WHY YOU NEED A FASHION MOBILE APP IN UAE. I generally hit the panic button in my life (unintentionally of course) when I text my friends for cancelling a planned evening, where I can’t make due to my work engagements.

…in return I end up getting the endless messages with all angry emoticons and the one last message always comes, stating, you wake up to a client call, sleep after a client call, talk only with clients and that’s all which makes you called a successful CTO…. Oouch, it hurts!!! But who can tell this to my friends that at times the work demands and it makes you cancel the most prominent meetings and you have to adjust and gulp down that bitter essence from the expensive chalice of your designation…ok, let’s stop here and let me jump out of my role of a sophisticated corporate executive, and grab your attention why I am here today…

Top Mobile App Development Company in UAE. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN UAE - Techugo ~ Techugo. The upsurge demand of mobile apps should not come as a surprise to us since the technology has brought the convenience at our fingertips in the form of mobile apps. The mobile apps have shrunk the entire globe onto an axis point, where we all can talk, share, view, buy and do lot many more interesting stuff through mobile apps. Blog. iPhone Application Marketing. Since I have started my career as a BDM, I have been bombarded by the numerous questions from the client’s end, and the most obvious question which usually crops up, in almost every call is that how my mobile app can garner more views? It is a much obvious expectation of every client because they not just invest their money, but their business growth perspective also depends hugely on the app success, if you think why then let me clarify…today mobile apps have covered the maximum space of revenue generation for any business across the globe, technology has not just made our life convenient enough, but has made us get closer to each other, where we can access each other’s business expertise with a mere touch on our Smartphone.

9 Practical And Easy Steps To Mobile App Marketing Strategies – Techugo – TechugoBlog. HOW TO INCREASE ANDROID APP MARKETING. OMG!!! Useful Tips To Create A Mobile App For Your Business. From the most useful things to utterly useless stuff, there’s an app for everything and, is able to satisfy the need of every associated and relevant users. With digitization at its peak, everybody is trying to access maximum customer base, by maximizing the potential of their business through digital platform. It has become the single largest source of information dissemination and broadcast. How to elevate sales with mobile marketing strategies – App Developers Blog. It deems too surreal to be able to order your favorite dress online, or just hit a button for someone to pick you from your destination, but it’s eventually a fact that has been adjusted and assimilated so well in our lives and we can’t think of working without mobile apps.

Mobile apps, are considered the gigantic invention of technology, but for a layman like me, it has brought convenience in abundance. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN UAE: techugopvtltd. Techugo. Healthcare Mobile Apps In Dubai. Since I have stepped our Dubai office as a BDM for my company Techugo- a top mobile app development company in Dubai, I generally get to hear the regular complaints from my co-workers telling me the uncomfort and the uneasiness they can feel in their health system, but due to lack of time they usually postpone their doctor’s visit till next week off days, which at times, does not prove healthy and only prolong the issue further to be originated in a bigger health issue.

It is a harsh fact that the demanding lifestyle has drowned us to a level where we enjoy the luxuries of life while compromising our health system, I sometimes envy our previous generation for leading a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time feel pity for our upcoming generation too, who would bear the all environment threats, where the innovation would be at larger extent, but the health would be missing. How To Improve And Maintain Engagement In Mobile Apps. It was Sunday, and in order to beat the boredom, I decided to jump back to my Smartphone and pick out some game apps, for my surprise, I ended up looking for farm heroes saga on play store and downloaded and played it for a good 2 hours and my session was interrupted by an urgent phone call, which made me leave the session to be joined again later.

After returning I again hooked to the same game and then I realized that it is not just the boredom, which made me get infatuated towards again that age-old game, but the interesting and the engaging platform of it made me opt for it again. How Much Does It Cost To Create E-Learning - E-learning or most commonly known as M-learning is the modern way of learning; it is performed through computers and online education. Lately, this technology has already been adopted by many educational institutions like schools and colleges, training institutions. Mobile App Technology in Oman - Techugo ~ Techugo. iPhone Game Development Company. Android Game Development Company. Top Mobile App Development Company in UAE.

Top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. MOBILE APPS’ FUTURE IN BAHRAIN – Techugo Private Limited – Medium. iPhone Application Development Company. Android App Development Company. Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Application... - Techugo. Best Android App Development Company Based In UAE – Top Mobile App Development Company. Top Mobile App Development Company in Qatar – TechugoBlog. Top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. How To Earn Money From Android App - Techugo Pvt Ltd. The Importance Of App Store Optimization (ASO)-Techugo ~ Techugo. Top Mobile App Development Company in Qatar. Top Mobile App Development Company in Kuwait. A Complete Guide To SMS Marketing. Significance of Mobile App Development For Your Small Business: techugopvtltd. How To Name Your Mobile App-Techugo – Top Mobile App Development Company. Mobile App Development Strategy. Facts Involved In The Mobile App Development Process. Social Media Don’ts For App Marketing.

Top Mobile App Development Company in India. Top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. Dubai - A Promised Land For Property Investors. Dubai - A Promised Land For Property Investors. Top Mobile App Development Company. Top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN DUBAI-Techugo. TECH SCOOP FOR DUBAI TRAVEL INDUSTRY -