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Techugo Private Limited

Techugo is a top mobile app development company in Qatar, which has catered the app development services to Fortune 500 companies, Global 2000 companies, established brands and budding startups across the globe. We offer the most creative and innovative app development approach to our clients and bring every possible element of creativity and freshness to your mobile app concept.

Techugo Producing a Unique Mobile App for You. Why user experience is the key to app success. Top Android Application Development Company. Top Mobile App Development Company in India. Why Your Tourism Industry Needs To Have A Mobile App Platform ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd. Mobile App Development Company. Mobile Application Development Services Techugo is a Mobile App Development Company, with an aim to boost your business, serve a practical purpose, and simply engage your users with the interesting mobile apps developed specifically for your business.

Mobile App Development Company

Techugo offers mobile application development services with a team of highly experienced app developers, app designers, testers, project managers and market analyst with extensive experience of working with the world's leading technology, advertising and design companies. iPhone Application Development Services Techugo practices a different approach to deliver high performance iPhone mobile apps, we listen to our client’s requirement and work on wireframes, design and most importantly the app functionalities not from a developer’s perspective but from a user’s perspective. How Significant Market Research is for Your Mobile App’s Success. Techugo - Top Mobile APP Development Company in India. How an APP Video Helps Your Mobile APP to Gain Success by Techugo Pvt Ltd. By Techugo Pvt Ltd Top Mobile App Development Company The best way to advertise a product is by demonstrating what it can do… The moment you look at these lines, you realize how beautifully these lines depict the worthiness of demonstration of a product but in a right manner.

How an APP Video Helps Your Mobile APP to Gain Success by Techugo Pvt Ltd

For decades any dress donned by a celebrity and showcased in a video has sold like hot selling cake, in no time, credit ball falls into the depiction or demonstration of the dress, which largely grabs the attention of the audience and made people fall in love with the dress. Undeniably this task is well-performed by the technology these days for every possible service or the product to be sold. In this league, the app technology has also crossed the boundaries of reaching out to the right set of people and letting the services to get accessed with just a tap on the Smartphone. Benefits for Iphone Mobile App Maintenance. iPhone App Development Company in USA - Techugo. Mobile App Design - Techugo. Tips for App Store Optimization. When you decide to proceed with a mobile app, there are many aspects which are associated with it and you have to consider them in-depth at every step, skipping a step in the said strategy can lead to something undesirable and not-so-much-welcome.

Tips for App Store Optimization

Indeed my words didn't mean to scare you, but you need to pick a strategy, which can help your app to survive in the big jungle of existing mobile apps and to make this happen, there are few of the strategies which you need to pick to give a life to your mobile app. This set of techniques is called ASO, an abbreviation for App Store Optimization. What ASO does? The existing competition for your mobile app, cannot be avoided and if you hope and truly wish that your mobile app would be downloaded automatically by the users, then you are at wrong, and you need to get a hold onto a marketing strategy to make your app get noticed and downloaded by the targeted users. Top Mobile App Development Company - Techugo.


Why Customer Satisfaction Matters Most In The App Marketing. I read it somewhere, that Customer is your real boss, who can fire CEO and anybody in the office, simply by spending his money elsewhere’…how uncouth these words sound, but eventually bear the real essence of success hidden beneath.

Why Customer Satisfaction Matters Most In The App Marketing

Any business which sounds lissom from the distance apart is not as attractive and cheerful as it seem from miles away, the closer look opens a new window which has the strong points of customer dissatisfaction and the faded marks of customer’s smiles…. As it has been said, that a happy customer opens the door to many, and an unhappy shuts the doors on millions. But unfortunately, there are many instances which have proven it further that many app owners take the customer satisfaction a secondary or of a much lower category. I think this ideology has given birth to a moot point, where everyone has their own set of logic, and are rigid to find a solution, but if not paid attention this lax attitude can cost the app success. How To Control Your App Development Cost ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd. Yes, an app helps your business in many ways, beyond your imagination even.

How To Control Your App Development Cost ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd

The apps do bring the hidden benefits out of the closet for your business revenue and open the new window to opportunities. But the major concern which hangs around the business owners, before picking an app solution is the cost of the app, which gives the jittery feelings to the maximum people, considering it something to be larger than life sort of… Is the app development cost really that biggggg????

Maybe, answering it by bifurcating it into different segments, would help in real… How To Save Your App Venture From Failure. How many apps downloaded in your Smartphone, are regularly used by you?

How To Save Your App Venture From Failure

I think only 30% and the remaining 70% usually stay or get uninstalled with time. It is not something which is very uncommon and happens with most of us on a regular basis, but the real task occurs when you have to find a reason and then the solution to get rid of this issue. Issue? Is it really an issue? Well, I don’t consider it as an issue merely, rather adding another adjective to it like ALARMING would sound more appropriate. No, I am indeed not taking any sort of pun here, but rather addressing a real-time problem faced by most of the app developers, when their months of efforts are dumped in the basket of trash by the users. How cruel it sounds, but it has every possible reason to make your app go haywire and lose its charm. Which App Platform Startups Should Focus On – Techugo Blogs.

App technology has engulfed all the business genres positively and there is no second opinion to its existence.

Which App Platform Startups Should Focus On – Techugo Blogs

Whether you need to call a distant relative in abroad or booking a cab to travel in your city, from major to minor, all daily needs are well-handled by the mobile apps and users prefer to get their needs addressed through the app platform. In this race of fitting the odds of competition, every business be it a branded outlet or a newbie startup prefer to set a strong foot in the app development process. As a startup the most suitable platform to be picked is…? Effective Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing Strategy. I am getting a mobile app, and it is more than anything....

Effective Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Has this thought crossed your Mr. Brain lately? If yes, then it is time for you to wake up, before it gets any late. App development is not an act of fraction of seconds but consumes time and energy, but this dose of energy and efforts can turn futile if no marketing push is given to it at the right time. Yes, I will do it at the right time, once my app is this your answer...? HOLD, it is an emergency which requires instant action. But how can I promote my application when it is not developed even? A very valid question...thus I have decided to pen down the answer to this question, in the following content, so stay hooked, and keep reading... How Push Notifications Help In Your App Success – Techugo Blogs. App success depends on various segments and one of the segments which bears the great potential in the marketing efforts is Push Notification.

How Push Notifications Help In Your App Success – Techugo Blogs

Though there is a huge chunk of people who don’t know the significance of push notifications and for them reading ahead would help a lot… Natural marketing tool.. Every push notification is a least forceful marketing channel which allows the users to receive and opt out or opt in as per their convenience. Also, the push notifications give value to your business, because it helps your brand to stay connected with the potential users, and in return, users get the prominent advantages out of it.

Myths Related To SEO Strategies. Can you relate to this….?

Myths Related To SEO Strategies

Before picking any new business development strategy for your business, the only aspect which revolves around you is the authenticity and the productivity output of that segment. Too Boring…………am snoozing…. Ughhh….it was a mere technical and Google offered information…. Things to consider to develop a medium app project - AppFutura. Mobile apps are categorized in three different groups: small, medium and large apps.

But what is considered to be a medium app project? Does the category apply to the work hours, the number of users, the number of developers, the size, the number of downloads or the client’s budget? In this report, some of the mobile app development companies on AppFutura explain what’s a medium app project for them and how it is developed. We have already covered the small app projects on another report, and now we take a step forward and analyze the app projects in between small and large apps. Effective Strategies For Efficient Project Management. What to do and how to do? These are the two major aspects what are considered to be the success base of the project management for any business, but when it comes o mobile app development the project management converts more into a discipline, which is hard to be described and defined further, since it involves step-wise strategies.

App development is the process which includes every segment of technology and unfortunately technology is always on a constant run, which turns the project management game into a rigid control base, which needs to be followed without a mistake. Don’t get scared, it can all be a fun, if you follow the strategies with your passion and enthusiasm…J. How Apps Benefit The Fashion Industry - Techugo. How To Know When Your App Needs An Update – Techugo Pvt. Ltd. A mobile app development does not approve of ‘done and dusted’ strategy; rather it needs to be constantly taken care of, with the regular updates made on the app.

The app update indeed is a very good concept to re-market your app product, and engage the users further, but how to know when app update has to be made to make a seamless experience for your users? Yes, it is a very valid question and it is answered well in this article further, so stay tuned and grab the answer further… How Apps Can Benefit Your Business – Techugo Blogs. Getting an app for your business is no more a trend abut a necessity to accomplish the business goals. If you think that without a mobile app it is an easier task for your business to survive, then you are absolutely wrong, because an app is a digital revolution, which helps your business to get acknowledged by the larger user base across the globe. An app is a window, through which your users can interact with you at any time and at any place as per their convenience.

A mobile app has much more to offer to your business, such as: Your business gets sheer visibilityEnhances your business accessibilityLet your business get an edge over your competitorsYou can offer value to your customer by offering SupportYour business gets the brand recognitionYou gain customers’ feedback and requests from a simple platform. Naming An App? Is It Really Tough. When you think of a mobile app, many emotions and feelings start fluttering in your belly, and out of those all, something which really comes in abundance is the confusion, which makes you oscillate between to do or not to do situation, considering the every risk factor involved in the app development, it gets riskier then you have even imagined for.

But as every situation has its very much own demand and relevance, in the same way, every single bit of information related to your mobile app has its own worth too, and you cannot expect your mobile app to do wonders, just due to a great concept favoring its development, no you indeed need a very much robust survival plan which means, every single detail as a part of your app needs to be perfect and faultless. As a mobile app development process begins; the tension, new challenges, new risks also proceed along with the development process. 3 Steps For Effective Content Marketing. Which App OS To Pick – Techugo Pvt. Ltd. Crucial Mistakes Which Lead To App Failure. How To Bring App Concept Into Reality. The app concept intrigues the brain chords of the maximum and shakes you down entirely, where you eat, drink and sleep even most of the times the app concept only.

Isn’t it beautiful? Well, calling it beautiful would destroy the real essence of it, so I would leave this section blank and empty, to be filled by our own imaginary adjectives…. 3 Essentials To Improve User Conversions. The user experience is the only aspect, which decides the fate of the product/service, which is handled by the website/ a mobile app in this current digital trend. If users are dissatisfied with what you are offering, they prefer to take the replacement options available in the market. How To Deal With Negative Reviews. The saddest fact is that you have to deal with it, rather projecting an escape cusp. Whether you are a business expert or a newcomer, the cycle of negative and happy reviews is an ongoing process and it needs to be considered as a very much part of your business mechanism.

How In-App Advertisement Boosts App Monetization: jyotitechugo. Why Your Startup Needs An App - Techugo Private Limited. WHY YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR MOBILE APP. Considering app development in the nascent stage is not a worthy point to be considered…I totally understand that the opening line itself is sufficient to raise many eyebrows out there, but with this blog, I plan to address only the real-time situations across the globe experienced by the app users, so the misconception aura, which is well-built around the app developers, it would change thoroughly. How To Ensure Someone Doesn’t Steal Your App Idea. User Experience- Is It Really Important For Your App - Techugo Private Limited. What You Should Not Avoid While Developing A Mobile App. What Is The Next Step After The App Concept – Techugo Blogs. Why Your App Needs A Landing Page ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd. How To Pick A Top App Development Company Over A Non-App Agency?

What To Consider While Converting The Web Experience To A Mobile App. Major Mistakes Of App Design. How To Know When Your App Needs An Update. Essentials For Wearable App Development. How To Get Effective Social Media Marketing For Your Mobile App. Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App. How Do Free Apps Make Money. How To Grow Your Business With Mobile Apps - Techugo. Essentials For A Successful Mobile App - Techugo Private Limited. What Is The Importance Of Mobile Apps In Our Daily Life.

How To Handle The Basic App Development Problems. How To Promote iPhone Mobile Apps. Top 3 Key Features For A Perfect Android App Design. Techugo Named a Top Agency and Developer in India on Clutch! How To Find A Right Technology Partner ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd. How To Increase Blog Traffic Generator. Factors That Influence Mobile App Development Cost. iPhone & Android App Development Cost. Infograph 2. Why iPhone App Makes A Difference To Business... - Techugo. Top 8 Tips To Get Perfect Ui For Your Mobile App. Why Does Your App Need An Effective App Marketing Strategy ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd.

How To Develop A Wallet Mobile App. Get Free Mobile App Development Consultation On Uae Toll-Free Number. WHAT TO AVOID WHILE HIRING A UI DESIGNER – Techugo Blogs. Android App Development Company - Techugo Private Limited. HOW TO INSTALL iOS 11 ON YOUR iPhone /iPad. What To Include In The Mobile App To Boost Business Revenue. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY – TechugoBlog. Tips For Successful Content Marketing. How To Submit Mobile Apps For Reviews Successfully – TechugoBlog. Basic Marketing Steps For Your App Development Company. What Brings Success To Your Mobile App.

Top Mobile App Development Company – TechugoBlog. How To Get The 5-Star Ratings & Reviews For App. How To Select A Professional App Developer For Your Mobile App. Top 5 Mobile App Development Misconceptions - Techugo. Techugo. How To Launch Your App Successfully. How App Developers Can Market Their Company. Mobile App Development Agencies India ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd. Decoding The Technical Aspects Of Mobile App Design. How Technology Ensures To Keep Our Kids Safe.

Iphone 8X IS THE FUTURE OF SMARTPHONE. The Key Benefits Of An Event Mobile App – TechugoBlog. How To Increase The User Downloads For Your Iphone Mobile App. What You Should Know Before Hiring An App Developer ~ Techugo Pvt Ltd. How To Combat Some Of The Worst Mobile App Development Myths. What You Need To Know Before Developing A Mobile App – TechugoBlog. Why Some Great Mobile App Ideas Fail - Techugo Private Limited. Top 3 Sins Of Mobile App Testing. Tips For Successful App Marketing. Tips To Design An App Icon. How Mobile Apps Help To Promote Your Business. What Are The Key Features Of Android Oreo. How To Retain Your App Users. Android Tablet App Development Company.