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TechThirsty has been launched by, a content and editorial services company that started out in 2006. Today, they provide end-to-end content solutions to companies globally. Latest Technology News across the world to discuss the latest gadgets and Mobiles. TechThirsty is a platform for admirers and addicts of Tech updates.

Discord Stage Channel: The Latest Rival to Clubhouse. To keep up with the fast-growing world of social audio alternatives, Discord Stage Channel has now decided to join Twitter spaces and launched latest rival to Clubhouse.

Discord Stage Channel: The Latest Rival to Clubhouse

The chat application is popular among the gaming vertical and supports audio, text, and videos as well. Discord’s new Clubhouse-like feature, Stage Channel, is available now on all platforms where Discord is available, including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web. The app already offered voice channels, which allowed everyone in them to talk freely. Clubhouse, on the other hand, is currently only available for iOS users. You Might Also Like: Bill Gates Chooses Android Over iPhone. Discord Stage Channel: The Latest Rival to Clubhouse. 5 Fab Cycles for Women in 2021. Cycling is an effective form of exercise.

5 Fab Cycles for Women in 2021

From exploring the unexplored trails to burning extra calories, cycling can be a great way to work that sweat and enjoy the season at the same time. Moreover, engaging in outdoor workouts have a positive impact on body and mind. PUBG 11.1 Patch Will Have Paramo Drop. PUBG Mobile India relaunch is happening.

PUBG 11.1 Patch Will Have Paramo Drop

The Indian government has given a green signal to PUBG Mobile India. GodNixon, the very famous PUBG Mobile content creator shared the PUBG Mobile India relaunch news. There is also a new PUBG 11.1 patch update in the pipeline. The new update is expected to bring in a lot of changes, including additions to map rotation and gameplay, as well as the start of Season 11. What is the Google Pay revenue model in India? With the ongoing pandemic, most people are staying indoors and are opting for shopping online.

What is the Google Pay revenue model in India?

Thus, digital payment has emerged as the first choice for many. In this article, we discuss Google Pay and google pay revenue model. Google Pay, developed by Google and launched on September 18, 2017, is compatible with Android and iOS. Simple Steps To Remove Password From PDF Using Chrome. We all love security!

Simple Steps To Remove Password From PDF Using Chrome

Most of our bank statements, and financial transactions are password encrypted to ensure the information does not end up in the wrong hands. We receive our monthly pay slips, official documents, etc. in the form of password protected PDF files so that only we can open it, and NOBODY ELSE! Now, there might be many PDF files that password protected and it is often difficult to remember the passwords to all of them.

5 Best Media Players For Mac You Should Try. Is QuickTime player giving you trouble?

5 Best Media Players For Mac You Should Try

Is it taking ages to launch? Qualcomm Launching Nintendo Switch-Like Gaming Console Powered by Android? Yes, it might be true.

Qualcomm Launching Nintendo Switch-Like Gaming Console Powered by Android?

Qualcomm is currently said to be working on a Nintendo switch-like gaming console that will be powered by Android. Expected to run Android 12, with the new gaming console, Qualcomm is trying to capture the international market. According to Android Police, Qualcomm’s gaming console powered by Android will wear detachable Joycon-style controllers on the left and right sides. There are speculations that Qualcomm has partnered with “premium supplier in the controller space” for the production of the same. If we go by this report, then its also believed that the chipset company has already started discussions with Epic Games to include the Epic Games app on the console. New Spotify Web & App Update For Enhanced Mobile Experience. With Spotify expanding its reach in the global market, the music streaming service is continuously working on refining user experience.

New Spotify Web & App Update For Enhanced Mobile Experience

Recently Spotify rolled out a much-needed redesign for its desktop and web player to keep up with spirit of its over-updated mobile app. Spotify has indeed revolutionized the way we access music and did not feel inferior or lost in accepting that its desktop and web product was inferior to its mobile app. It said, “We felt [the] experience hadn’t kept up, and that it was time for a change.”

Cleaner homepageAdditional filters for libraryNew playlist tools New search barDownload button to play offline. New WhatsApp In-Support Feature In Version. Not a fan of Telegram or Signal?

New WhatsApp In-Support Feature In Version

Still using WhatsApp? While some moved on from the Facbook-owned messaging app, there are still many who use WhatsApp as the main mode of communication. To keep people from leaving WhatsApp, the messaging platform has recently launched several new updates, the latest being the in-app support feature for “specific Android beta testers”. Everything You Need To Know About Chrome Crash Issue With Android. You might have experienced your favourite apps crashing!

Everything You Need To Know About Chrome Crash Issue With Android

Android users all across the world experienced random app crashes on Tuesday. Several useful apps, including Gmail, Google, and others were behaving erratically. Well, it was all because of Chrome crash issue with Android. The issue was a result of a system component called Android System WebView that enables Android apps display web content. Find the Best Educational Resources with Google's New Feature for Students. Google Search is a saviour, it is our “go to” for everything, literally everything! For students, it’s a power bank of knowledge, collating information from different resources to helps students understand and grasp a concept in a more efficient and productive way. To help students become better searchers, Google has introduced a new feature to offer interactive educational useful resource with a simple search. Google’s new feature for students will enable them to find best educational resources directly in Search.

It will also test a student’s knowledge of chemistry, mathematics and physics directly in the Search engine. Did You Know About The Secret Sensor In Apple HomePod Mini! Yes, you read that right! The latest Apple HomePod Mini has a built-in sensor curated to measure a room’s temperature and humidity. Embedded right at the bottom of the HomePod, when switched on, can be connected to other smart home devices, including fans and thermostats, to regulate a room’s internal temperature. The sensor is designed by Texas Instruments Inc. and is referred to as the HDC2010 Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor.

Although an Apple representative failed to confirm when the sensor might be useable for consumers, it is clear that the it has the capacity to revive a smart-home strategy that has bolstered Amazon and Google. Apple is working hard in the smart-home market, and if all goes well, the new sensor in Apple HomePod Mini will help is catch up with other competitors. Where Can You Find Latest Govt. FAQs on COVID-19 Vaccination. The Health Ministry has recently updated Govt. FAQs on COVID-19 Vaccination. It has now said that those who have already received the first shot of the approved COVID-19 vaccine can now take the second dose of Covaxin between four to six weeks and the second shot of Covishield between four to eight weeks.

The increasing COVID cases in the country have also led the Union Cabinet to allow all citizens above 45 years to get the COVID-19 vaccine starting April 1. It has also removed the comorbidities clause to make the system simpler and more efficient to ensure a maximum number of people get vaccinated at the earliest. In a circular released by the government, it has requested people to not panic as there is no shortage of coronavirus vaccines in the country. What is the suggested time interval between the two doses? The government has extended the time interval between two doses of the Covishield vaccine from the present 4 to 6 weeks to 4 to 8 weeks. What happens after I get the vaccine? The Lightest Notebook Has Arrived: Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon. Elevating lightness to a whole new level, Lenovo recently launched the lightest notebook ever. The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon is co-engineered with Intel, thus combining the best of all worlds. Weighing less than a kg, the latest Yoga Slim Notebook features the Intel® Evo™ platform to offer a perfect blend of performance, tunning visuals, excellent battery life, and great responsiveness.

Unlock Dark Mode for iPhone With Simple Steps. There has been a lot of discussion on the need and efficacy of Dark Mode. While many believe it helps in reducing eye strain in low light environments, others simply consider it a simple toggle that enables mobile users to change the background colour of an app window to black. But one thing is for sure, Dark Mode is here to stay. In this article, we have discussed the importance of Dark Mode, its advantages, and how to turn Dark Mode for iPhone. Dark mode maintains the minimum colour contrast ratios required for optimum use at night and ensures strain-free readability at night. It is also believed to assist in a good night’s sleep, especially for those who love to use their mobiles right before bed.

All iOS users can set automatic Dark Mode turns itself on between sunset and sunrise, following local time zone, or can even set a custom schedule. New Feature: Start Voice Chat in Telegram. It's Possible! Dual WhatsApp Account In One Phone. You Can Now Listen To Messages With New WhatsApp Audio Feature. OnePlus Watch Launch Confirmed: Date, Features & Price. New YouTube Copyright Checks Tools For Videos. The widely used video sharing platform recently introduced YouTube copyright checks tools, which will evaluate the content of every video to check for any potential violations, including copyright concerns, before the clip is published.

Best Apple TV Remote Apps You Should Install. The Good & The Not So Good News For Samsung Galaxy Note Series Fans. Your ABC to Add Microsoft Teams Filters Using Snap Camera. Motorola G100 Launch Update & Expected Price. Motorola recently teased the arrival of its latest flagship Motorola G100. Must Have Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S21 has also garnered great reviews. Loved for its powerful performance, high refresh rate, decent camera, and great battery life, Samsung Galaxy S21 is truly an excellent upgrade. Now, if you have already purchased the smartphone, and are looking for some must have best apps for Samsung Galaxy S21, then we have got you covered. Restore Deleted Instagram Post with This New Feature. Which is the best site to download web series in 2021.

New Cool Features in iPhone 13

PUBG Mobile India Relaunch Happening Soon? Sony Alpha 1 Launch in India: The New Mirrorless Camera. Facebook Launches Instagram Live Update. New Button For Gmail in Android For Select Users. Acer Nitro 5RTX 3060 Launched in India. How to Make Video Call in WhatsAp Web in Laptop. Best Sensitivity Settings for PubG Mobile No Recoil 2021 : Without Gyroscope. TechThirsty Talks About Happy And Safe Online Dating Tricks. TechThirsty Talks About Most Expensive Gaming Laptops Which Are Worth The Investments Made. Top 5 bands india - Download - 4shared - tech thirsty. Samsung Galaxy A52 Launch: Price & Specifications.

Adidas Free Shoes Women's Day: It’s A Scam.

Choose Only The Best Windows Laptop 2021

Boult Z1 True Wireless Earphones Are Here. Samsung Neo QLED & Micro LED Launched During ‘Unbox Event’ 2021. Nintendo Releases An Improved Switch Console. Amazon Logo Change After Consumers Compare It To Hitler’s Moustache. Vodafone Idea Health Insurance: Recharge Plan @Rs. 51. WhatsApp Update: New Animated Stickers For Voice Messages. Truecaller Launches Personal Safety Guardian App. 5 Insane Android Apps Not on the Play Store. Hack any game with best 5 android game hacking apps. 8 Ways To Save Android Smartphone Battery. Hack Any Game With Best 5 Android Game Hacking Apps. Instagram Live Rooms Feature Launched Globally. A New Codec By Google Duo For Better Call Quality. Bill Gates Chooses Android Over iPhone. 10 WhatsApp Hidden Secrets You Should Know. Apple Days Sale Is On: iPhone Discounts on Flipkart. PUBG Mobile 2 Launch Expected Soon. AOC Launches New Gaming Monitors In India.

9 Proven Tips to Save Your Smartphone's Battery Life. Everything You Need to Know About the Spotify HiFi. Time To Invest in Best Smartwatch in India. What Is the Best Smartphone You Can Buy In 2021? Enjoy Customisable Audio Experience With Xbox Wireless Headset. Use Google Maps App To Pay For Parking. Free Repairs For Apple Series 5 Watch, Anyone Interested? PUBG Mobile 1.3 India Launch Updates: What to Expect. Apple TV Plus AR To Dive Into All Mankind's Memories. Samsung Galaxy F62 Launch: Price & Specifications. A Wall-Mounted Amazon Echo as Smart Home Command Centre. The Potential Of Edge Computing Addressing Its Uses In Computers. 10 Gadgets That Changed The World. Mahak Malhotra's answer to What is your process for writing technical blog posts? - Quora.