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Tips for capturing dazzling fireworks photos with your iPhone. Is Your iPhone not Updating? Try These Quick Fixes. How to Fix Sound Issues on Your iPhone or Android. What to do if your Android won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Complete PC and Laptop repair in Newport News VA. Ways the Apple Watch Can Help You Stay Productive When Working from Home. - Tech Solutions. Working from home is a rather new experience for many people, even though the year 2020 has been all about social distancing and sheltering in place.

Ways the Apple Watch Can Help You Stay Productive When Working from Home. - Tech Solutions

For those who aren’t first responders, medical professionals, food and grocery professionals, manufacturing workers, or delivery drivers, for many people who worked in an office setting before COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic, working from home became a more commonplace way to still be productive while keeping yourself safe from receiving or spreading the virus. Those who had already been working from home probably needed to only make minor adjustments. However, for those who were used to a daily routine to keep them on schedule and regimented, the adjustment required a learning curve, a scramble to set up a productive workspace where they could be uninterrupted by other activities going on in the home, and a new mindset. Top Notch Cell Phone Repair Solutions in Virginia Beach.

Top Smart Watch Repair in Virginia. Will a case protect your cell phone from damage? Seamless Cell Phone Repair in Virginia Beach. Seamless Cell Phone Repair in Virginia Beach. Finding an apple watch repair firm in Newport News. Some Reasons Why Your iPhone Might Not Turn On. Taking Underwater Shots With Your iPhone XS. The Four Most Common iPad Repairs. – Tech Solutions. You hear a lot about iPhone repairs, especially since they are such a part of our daily lives and tend to go everywhere we go.

The Four Most Common iPad Repairs. – Tech Solutions

However, you don’t hear as much about iPad repairs, probably because people tend to use them more at home or in the office and don’t generally carry them around with them unless they are packed into a purse, briefcase, or carry-on bag. That said, iPads do get damaged. Here are the most common problems repair shops see: Scratched or cracked screens. iPads can be just as prone to scratch or cracked screens as iPhones, and for most of the same reasons—whether it is dropped or something is dropped on it.

Getting a protective cover for your iPad that only exposes the screen when you’re using it can help prevent this. Moisture. Battery replacement. Ports. Fortunately, if you do happen to damage your iPad, there are plenty of independent iPad repair facilities in Newport News and throughout Hampton Roads that can help. Like this: Like Loading... Cell Phone Repair. Why You Should Keep Your Smartphone in Good Condition - Tech Solutions. Your smartphone is an investment in technology and convenience.

Why You Should Keep Your Smartphone in Good Condition - Tech Solutions

You can have a conversation with someone, chat online, take pictures, find out what the weather will be tomorrow, play games, do your banking, follow fitness goals, use GPS to find an address, and so much more with one single gadget. Understandably, getting all of these services from one pocket-sized piece of equipment comes at a price. Using the sound recognition accessibility feature in iOS 14.

Screen & Battery Replacement. Worried about your iPhone 11 Pro Max repair expenses? Best Web Design in Hampton & Newport News. Best Web Design in Chesapeake, VA. The most serious types of iPhone problems and what to do about them. How to Make Your iPhone Last Longer. – Tech Solutions. In earlier versions of the iPhone, the biggest problem most people had was protecting the screen from being damaged.

How to Make Your iPhone Last Longer. – Tech Solutions

As screen manufacturers have learned how to make stronger, more durable glass for the iPhone, this has become less of a problem—although it is still a possibility under the right (wrong?) Conditions. Today, the key to your iPhone’s longevity is keeping the battery healthy. While Apple has been working on finding ways to make your battery last longer on a charge and extend the overall life of the battery, heavy usage and charging will eventually wear down even the strongest battery they can install. If you got into “Settings” and scroll down to “Battery,” you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll see “Battery Health” part-way down the screen. The second line of information is the battery’s “Peak Performance Capability.” Tips and tricks to optimize battery charging on your iPhone. Tech Solutions: Repair or Replace? What to Do With Your Broken iPhone. How to clean your iPhone without destroying it.

Troubleshooting your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is an amazing piece of technology that comes well-equipped right out of the box, but it also provides the wearer with access to millions of free apps conveniently strapped to the back of their wrist.

Troubleshooting your Apple Watch

It lets you make and receive calls, texts, and emails. It has GPS to navigate you where you need to go. It allows you to check the weather before stepping outside. It monitors your heart rate, encourages you to meet exercise goals and can be worn while you run, bike, or swim, without the need to take your iPhone along. It can provide you with appointment reminders. Top tips to increase your battery life. Tech Solutions - One stop solution for your Water Damaged Phone. How to Fix a Blurry/purple Screen on an iPhone? iPhone XS Max Cracked Screen Repair.