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What benefits do Long-Term Fast Personal Loans in Chennai Offer? In Chennai, a long term fast personal loan gives the opportunity to individuals to choose a tenure ranging between 3-10 years.

What benefits do Long-Term Fast Personal Loans in Chennai Offer?

As the name suggests, a term long personal loan remains with you for a good few years. This makes the EMIs much lesser than short term loans even for the workaholics living in Chennai. Education Loan: Student Loan. Do you know about Travel Loans? A few Benefits you must know! - According to The Hindu, a growing number of Indians are taking travel loans.

Do you know about Travel Loans? A few Benefits you must know! -

Travel companies have started tying up with financial institutions to offer customized travel loans. Which Online Loan Website is recommended for Personal Loan? With the technology-driven world, every facilityis available on the internet and you can avail it online too.

Which Online Loan Website is recommended for Personal Loan?

Loans are no less, they are available online easily and are rather processed fast. Loan journey has become hassle-free with no more standing queues for long or follows up with a bank on the loan application status. Everything has been automated and become independent. So if you are looking for loans, just grab your smartphones or laptops and begin searching. Most of the NBFCs and even banks have started offering online loans, you just need to download their application or visit the website, log in, choose the loan amount, tenure and know the friendly interest rates and get your EMIs calculated and that’s it.

Financial Planning Homemakers – Secret Saving Fund. Usually, housewives are considered to be jobless because of their nature of work and they are not paid but the male-dominated society has not reached the point of realization that homemaking is not easy as it is stated.

Financial Planning Homemakers – Secret Saving Fund

It takes a lot of brainstorming to manage everything at the right time because if one thing goes wrong, the entire cycle gets disturbed. This was in the terms of usually old ideology that is prevalent still but scenarios have changed now. Understanding TDS & How does it Work? The most exciting part of taking a job is Salary, isn’t it true?

Understanding TDS & How does it Work?

Absolutely it is, but have you wondered looking at the components of your salary? Any student taking up his/her first job might not know about the salary components or deductions but keep the curiosity alive and you will learn at a great pace. The usual question is what will be the in hand amount or the take-home salary. The take home comes out after certain deductions in the form TDS or PF amount etc. TDS stands for Tax deducted at a source that is an indirect method of collecting tax from the employed professionals. The TDS deductions are a respite to taxpayers and government for various reasons. It shields you from paying a huge amount at one go.It is a revenue source for government.It reduces the chances of tax evasion as the tax gets collected at the source.It makes more people to pay tax in some of the other way.Tax calculations are made easy for individuals.

YOUR PERSONAL LOAN AMOUNT IS TIED TO YOUR CREDIT SCORE. Read More: Your Personal Loan amount is tied to your Credit Score. Rhetorically, people have been made to believe that taking personal loans can affect your credit score for worse.

Your Personal Loan amount is tied to your Credit Score

Also, it is believed that taking more loans can adversely impact your score. However, this is a myth! It has been witnessed that a new loan will actually amplify your credit score. We will see that below with the flow of the article. Peer to Peer Lending-Your own way to Grow Savings for Future. Investment in peer to peer lending is quite common in India.

Peer to Peer Lending-Your own way to Grow Savings for Future

It is possible to earn over 35% on P2P investments. Such encounters are quite common in one or two odd claims in a month. How to Apply Online for an Instant Loan India. Top Ways to Protect UPI(Unified Payments Interface) Transactions. Most Popular Payment Gateways for Your Website in India. When you start a new business, it could be difficult to make a choice between different payment gateways, however, we can guide you through different options to pick a most popular and secure payment gateway for your website.

Most Popular Payment Gateways for Your Website in India

InstaMojo Payment Gateway: This payment gateway enables retailers to get money without a website as well. The fee payment is quite minimal. The overall cost covers the Annual Maintenance Charge & Transaction cost (Flat fee @ 2% + Rs 3 per transaction). Salient Features of Instamojo: Top 5 Reasons for Taking an Online Personal Loan.Visit : Budget 2019: Top Highlights for Small Businesses in India. As we know that Budget 2019 has been put out already, the Indian Government is attempting to uplift MSMEs (small and medium scale companies).This is quite desirable for concrete future development plans.

Budget 2019: Top Highlights for Small Businesses in India

The MSMEs sector is trying newer initiatives after the budget 2019 was declared. From promoting women-led businesses to running rural digital capabilities, the budget has largely focused on vital small businesses. Major Highlights of Budget 2019 Budget 2019 guarantees service to different sectors of the economy but keeps unchanged is the focus on the Indian economy. The Indian government has worked on the following pointers for the small businesses to take full charge and promote them good.

Myths About Mobile Payments and Wallets - My Money Store. TOP HEALTHCARE MUTUAL FUNDS 2019. LEAVE TRAVEL ALLOWANCE(LTA)-IS IT TAXABLE ? - MyMoneyStore. Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is an allowance provided to an employee from his employer to cover all travelling expenses when the employee is out of work.


This is also known as Leave Travel Concession (LTC) which is exempt from tax under Section 10(5) of Income Tax Act, 1961. LTA is a tax exemption provided by employers to the present employees. This travel allowance as we understand is also paid when travelling alone or with family. The amount given out as Leave Travel Allowance is completely exempted from tax. The Income Tax Act, 1961 has different exemptions given to the working class professionals like life & health insurance premium, house loan interests etc. A Leave Travel Allowance can be defined as the assistance to the employee from the employer for the travelling leaves taken, whether taken alone or with family. Why India is Emphasizing on Digital Payments in 2019 - MyMoneyStore. According to a recent study, India will hit 30 billion in digital payments in the year 2019. This is a gigantic number to be surpassed without the intention to boost digital payments. That’s not even possible.

Top 7 Reasons for Taking a Personal Loan - MyMoneyStore. Credit Card: Myths and Facts - MyMoneyStore. Today, living on credit has become the new normal. With a long list of dreams, credit cards are preferably used for transactions. Credit cards are possibly the best tools to fulfil your choices and invest money at right places. However, they are quite risky tools and must be used with caution. One must use it with a wise thinking. Highlighted below are the top myths and facts to present a clear picture: What are the parameters for reviewing a personal loan applicatio. All areas of operation are the same for most banks. Infact their areas of concern are almost the same for loan application and disbursal process. Exploring more about the documents and steps is important to arrive at the best personal loan scheme.

The essentials that most instant personal loan lenders focus on are: Credit Score/HistoryCash Inflows & Future ProjectionsRequired CollateralsCharacter Bunch of Documents like financial statements, IT returns & business blueprint. Top Digital Initiatives and their Impact - Own Money. Right after demonetization, the Government of India announced a few measures to encourage digital payments. These measures were extremely important to make people aware of the alternative mode of payments and also encourage them to adopt as much they can. The consumers on purchase of diesel and petrol by online transaction were given a discount of 0.75%. Customers availing seasonal/ monthly rail network tickets were given discount of 0.5% if availed by online payments. Paid railway services like catering, accommodation and retiring rooms received discount of 5%. National highway toll payments, insurance premiums sold through insurance PSU’s customer portals were given discount of 10% if paid through digital platforms and modes.

The government of India came up with this innovative idea that consumers buying railway tickets online will be given free accidental insurance up to 10 lakhs. A COMPLETE GUIDE TO INVESTING AND IT REBATES UNDER SECTION 80C. The concept of choosing the best tax saving investments depend on individual’s future financial plans. This article primarily focuses on providing directive regarding investment and IT rebates under Section 80C. Historical data shows investment in ELSS Fund/ Tax Saving Mutual Fund to be the most profitable in terms of savings.

Top Post Office Saving Schemes: RD, PPF, MIS, SCSS - MyMoneyStore. Post office offerings are generally high interest bearing schemes. Multiple saving plans under the post office umbrella can give out better than expected returns. HOW IS OUR GDP REACTING TO DIGITAL PAYMENTS - Own Money. HOW TO APPLY FOR HOME IMPROVEMENT LOAN. Top 10 Characteristics of Digital Payments - Own Money. Digital payment is the method in which transaction can be done through electronic media. In March 2018, the value of the transaction in NEFT was about Rs.22540.8 billion. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY- WALKTHROUGH FROM NET BANKING TO UPI - Own Money. Top Digital E-Wallets in India - Own Money. The Indian wallet market is awaiting significant growth as Indian consumers are increasingly getting cut off from cash and plastic money, according to a leading data and analytics company Global Data. , India is one of the top markets globally in terms of mobile wallet adoption with 55.4% people using mobile wallets more, according to Consumer Payments Insight Survey 2017.

Times have changes completely now. Usage of cash is very limited owing to the increasing need of virtual money. Guide to Open an Online Public Provident Fund (PPF) Account - MyMoneyStore. NPS: National Pension System Benefits, Scheme, Types - MyMoneyStore. National Pension Scheme (NPS) Shopping loan: Why Stop Yourself from Buying - MyMoneyStore. Best Closed Loop Wallet Online - Own Money. Top 10 Digital Wallets In India - Own Money. PPF Schemes in India - MyMoneyStore. Purpose Loan- Knowledge on Different Types of Loans in India. Top Wallets In India: Digital, Closed Loop, Merchant Payment Banks. Instant Banking- UPI, BHIM, AEPS, USSD, POS, Bank Transfer, Card Payments, Digital Wallets.

MyMoneyStore - Best Tax Savers, PPF, SIP, NPS, Investment & Mutual Funds.