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PCB Fabrication Process. May 15, 2017 The term silkscreen has derived its name from the process of using a stencil on a PCB.

PCB Fabrication Process

Also referred to as legend, it refers to the text-based information that is printed on a circuit board. This includes information such as component references, company logos, component identifiers and more. It is commonly used on the component side to identify various components although sometimes it is used on the solder side as well. However using two silk screens tends to increase the cost. Traditional silk-screening requires polyester screens stretched on aluminum frames.

Presently silk screening can be done in either of three ways: Manual screen-printing – This can be done when line widths are greater than 7 mil and its registration tolerance is 5 mil. A well-designed silk screen plays a very important role as it can reduce both the likelihood of error as well as the time taken to spot the error. Last Update: May 15th, 2017. PCB Assembly Process - Tecnotronix.

PCB Design - Technotronix. April 28, 2017 PCBs are an integral component of any electronic device be it a small toy or a sophisticated computer.

PCB Design - Technotronix

Its complex interconnected components comprising of resistors, diodes, capacitors and more allow the device to work in tandem. In a sense it is like the “brain” of the system”. In high reliability systems particularly — such as oilrigs, space satellites and others failures can have devastating consequences. It is critical, therefore the PCB Assembly process is flawless and common mistakes in the assembly are watched out for. Supply Chain Management – To be able to create high quality PCBs, the one thing that needs to be in order is the supply chain. Circuit Board Assembly USA - Tecnotronix. May 2, 2017 This article gives a clear steer as to the issues related to moisture in printed circuit board.

Circuit Board Assembly USA - Tecnotronix

Recycling Circuit Boards. April 13, 2017 With the changing customer preference and demand every other day, technology is blooming with a matured progress in the world of electronics.

Recycling Circuit Boards

These electronic developments that have created magics in the quality of life for humans has only been possible due to advancement in printed circuit boards, becoming the core groundwork of every electronic system. In addition to the new innovation in every electrical system, the effective solution for the scrape, waste and unused electronics is creating a sensitive buzz and concern worldwide. This article is a technical trek that will help equip you with different methods of printed circuit board recycling. It brings forward the innovative concepts for PCB recycling treatments. It has become a sensitive concern to tackle the electronic scrap, electrical waste and unused electronics.

There are various methods to recycle the printed circuit board. The Printed Circuit Board Recycling That Is Practiced Globally : Process 1 Process 2. PCB Fabrication Company - Technotronix. California, drilling, pcb, pcb assembly, pcb drilling, pcb fab, PCB fabrication, pcb manufacturing, technotronix, usa December 23, 2016 With the speeding up of innovations in high performance electronic devices and equipments, the growth of electronic industry has taken a step ahead in development across the globe.

PCB Fabrication Company - Technotronix

PCB Prototype Services - Technotronix. February 4, 2017 A big mantra of success in the fast paced, ultra-competitive world of today is to be the first to get your product to market without compromising on the quality of the product in terms of either performance or reliability.

PCB Prototype Services - Technotronix

Getting it right the first time has become imperative in order to garner early mover advantage as also to bring down costs and time associated with manufacturing a product. Each physical PCB prototype has an average cost of $8000, with every PCB prototype spin and re-spin, the costs keep escalating along with delays in manufacturing. Each PCB prototype re-spin involves going back to the design board to correct a design or performance flaw which can derail the entire cost and time estimate for a project.

An optimized design can reduce cost and performance issues during PCB prototyping Knowing your manufacturing partner and his capabilities and processes can help you avoid running into issues later. PCB Fabrication USA - Technotronix. January 11, 2017 As the perpetual innovations being a vital stuff that people eagerly yearns for, the world of electronics have shown an upward slope in growth map across the globe.

PCB Fabrication USA - Technotronix

PCB Fabrication Process - Tecnotronix. January 2, 2017 Printed Circuit boards vary in size and composition depending on their application.

PCB Fabrication Process - Tecnotronix

From basic PCBs used in standard applications to highly complex PCB configurations used in advanced applications, PCB designers are under constant pressure to design highly innovative yet efficient and functional PCB’s that can get the job done faster, better and easier. Leading edge applications like satellite guidance systems or even advanced automation systems require even more innovative PCB solutions to keep up with technological evolution in other controls. PCB Manufacturing. PCB Manufacturing. March 23, 2017 Changing the trend of the way we do business today with high application of right communication tool that is an exact fit for your business purpose has now become one of the success mantra for every business verticals.

PCB Manufacturing

With new models launching every other day in smartphones, tablets, laptops and other communication gadgets, the printed circuit board industry have taken a step ahead to deliver optimum electronic and design solution to suffice the requirements of manufacturing process for modified communication tools making it pretty easy for manufacturers to come up with new technology innovations.

With this, the microwave and radio frequency printed circuit boards have become preeminent part of manufacturing major electronic equipment. PCB Manufacturing. March 17, 2017 With our electronic equipment increasingly becoming smaller, PCB prototyping is increasingly becoming more and more complex.

PCB Manufacturing

Here are some common PCB prototyping and assembly myths, suitably debunked. A knowledge of these myths and the associated facts will help you overcome the common pitfalls associated with PCB layouts and assembly: Components can be arranged anywhere on the board – This is not true, as each component has to be placed at a specific position to achieve a functional PCB Assembly. Power delivery does not play an important role – On the contrary, power delivery has an intrinsic role to play in any prototype PCB.

Polyimide Circuit Board. December 13, 2016 This present world entails the innovations in high performance electronic equipment that in turn demands for PCB laminates having highly developed properties with improved electrical attributes and better mechanical stability. The PCB laminate manufacturers are now heading to proffer a wide range of high performance laminates. These new versions of circuit board laminates have rich properties that curbs that of the conventional once like Epoxide based FR4 laminates were issues related to flame retardancy of laminates and electronic assembly temperatures are not a challenge anymore.

Electronic Assembly Services USA. December 2, 2016 Printed circuit boards form the very core of all electronic and many electrical devices, they provide the fuel that allows them to function at desired standards. The earlier simple designs have evolved into complex, sophisticated circuit boards that are used to power an increasing variety of highly advanced and complex machines and equipments. As gadgets become more and more integrated into every aspect of human life, the need for PCB prototyping becomes even more important than ever. In some human applications powered by gadgets, like the healthcare the margin for error is nil, which increases the significance of PCB assembly and prototyping. Circuit Board Layout USA. November 23, 2016 An integral part of most electronic and electrical devices in play nowadays, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) are essentially consists of layers of copper traces connecting together different components to create a complex maze of circuits.

The importance of a PCB can be directly gauged by the fact that any errors in its design or assembly can affect the performance and output of the end product. ROHS compliant PCB Manufacturer. November 9, 2016 Commonly referred to as PCBA, printed circuit board assembly refers to the process of rigidly mounting electronic components onto a printed circuit board. It is essentially a mechanical assembly process of soldering or assembling disparate electronic components onto one printed circuit board in a manner that enables packaging. A fully functioning PCB is by no means a finished product; it needs to be connected to a power source as well as a display monitor for displaying information. PCB assembly is not generic; they are assembled as per detailed specifications related to the placement of connectors, mounting boards, etc.

PCB Turnkey Assembly USA. October 1, 2016. Printed Circuit Board Repair. November 4, 2016 This advanced world of innovation has made it possible for the automotive electronics come up with fresh ideas and new technologies every other day. The driver less car, EV’s, hybrid car, dual fuel vehicles and other recent buzz in automotive industry has raised the developments in miniaturization, multi feature application with tough and compact electronic solution.