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Technotronix is a leader in Printed Circuit Boards Design, Manufacturing and Assembly services. With advanced production techniques and manufacturing practices, we specialize in Multi Range of PCB fabrication, producing high quality multi-layered PCBs from elaborate layouts.


Printed Circuit Board Design  September 29, 2016 The next generation Mantra is to provide uniqueness in the electronic solution raising the level of innovation in this modern world of electronics.

Printed Circuit Board Design 

PCB Board Design. August 6, 2016 Be it a residential building, hospital, shopping mall, hotel, school, educational institution or any kind of a building, the security of the building is a prime facet to get a complete building solution.

PCB Board Design

This also includes protecting the building, its assent and the human life from the airborne toxic industrial chemical, radiological and biological attacks or any accidental release apart from fire, water, earthquake and other security concerns. For these high value security solutions, the upgraded technology for the building safety system is now a top priority, especially in the commercial building sector and residential constructions. To introduce a completely new concept and a unique solution, it is necessary to focus on the dynamic electronic design and manufacturing solution in consultation with the custom PCB experts. To know more, visit or drop your queries to or to get a quote call us on 714/630-9200 or visit. PCB Fabrication and Assembly. To stake a claim in upcoming new technologies and increasing improved customer experience, it is now becoming a central point of consideration to bring out the new classy vehicle design, car manufacturing techniques, testing system in the global market.

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

The current vehicle manufacturer’s also aim to maintain equilibrium between deep capital investment and long product cycle to make the car model a success story. Industrial PCB USA. July 13, 2016 The next generation FUNDAS rest on one and only one motto (i.e.) technology up-gradation.

Industrial PCB USA

For innovations in any corner of the world, a completely unique electronic solution is derived that accounts for fast trending modernization in the lifestyle of humans. With electronic design or manufacturing solution, the printed circuit boards are the groundwork for every electronic project. As the electronic control system and instruments are now applied in every predominant market across the globe, the use of PCB is predicted to have universal application in the global society. Printed Circuit Board Distributor. June 15, 2016 As the technology has become a universal key to major developments, the marine and boat industry has shown elevated growth in recent time.

Printed Circuit Board Distributor

The marine market circumscribes on the electronic and design solutions for every single innovation. All the developments in Marine sector has and are heading towards a notion of modernization and among these, printed circuit board is grounding the research and developments. How to increase the efficiency of the device? How to gain optimum fuel efficiency? Awash with modernization, the marine market shows innovations in safety devices, telematics, equipments with resistance to vibration, underwater marine machinery and many more. The electric connectivity and mechanical support provided by marine PCB’s is at the base to create an all to gather efficient Marine machinery and aquatic vessel.

Initially the marine market marked stagnation before few decades. Audio PCB Design. May 28, 2016 The audio device industry is set to grow in parallel with the technology triggering across the globe.

Audio PCB Design

Also the entertainment and hospitality industry has created an increased demand of audio devices at large. With the enhancement coming up in consumer applications every other day, the recent trend of implementing wireless technology in audio devices has captivated the attention in the market with its growing popularities all over the electronics industry. The recent audio discoveries have marked cosmic developments in the new product launch, business partnership and acquisition globally. Single Sided PCB. May 27, 2016 Steadily staking claim in the future of the computer industry, a high tide of companies race to integrate hybrid technology trend in the computers.

Single Sided PCB

Mobilizing the power of next generation networks, an array of innovations is traced in computer hardware mechanics. The OEM’s, startups, EMS and other manufacturing units are cropping up with fresh ideas to deliver an effective solution to the end users. This has also made the printed circuit board market to give a good chase with new electronic and design solutions. Prototype PCB USA. May 13, 2016 The need for security is as old as danger itself.

Prototype PCB USA

The past few years have witnessed the realization of the significance of installing competent safety and security measures growing steadily, hitherto not only in domestic but also in non-residential contexts. Circuit Board Prototyping. April 15, 2016 With a continuous expedition on better ways of diagnosis and medical treatments, a medical market in the US has a ceaseless growth graph.

Circuit Board Prototyping

This is due to many new innovations addressed in medical device and equipment with implementation of state-of-the-art techniques. The application of the biotechnology, stent technology, microelectronics, robotic technology has given far reaching solutions for providing medical care and advanced therapeutic treatments in the world. One of the most vital components in fabrication of medical instruments is the printed circuit boards. The sustainability challenge faced by the medical OEM’s and medical equipment manufacturers is not only restricted to technologies, but also needs commitments to reliable PCB production, functional excellence and acclimatization to stringent medical standards.

Technotronix. Assembly, california, led, led lighting, led pcb, manufacturer, pcb, pcb manufacturing, prototyping, technotronix, usa March 25, 2016 The world has taken a step ahead to the next level by gradually improving the traditional energy sources.


From primitive lighting concepts of candles, modifications have reached a high level of enhancements with direct energy to optical radiations in the semiconductors. With this, the LED lights have shown a hike in its usage in all the energy applications. One of the major challenges in LED lightings and emergency lighting industry is the level of thermal management that well balances the thermal output for high energy applications.

3d Printer Circuit Board. February 15, 2017 The technology that we use to power our homes and offices keeps evolving at such a rapid pace that what seems revolutionary today might appear obsolete in a couple of years from now. This is particularly true of the electronics industry, both the software and the hardware used to power our gadgets and systems have evolved and continue to evolve to make them faster, better and much more efficient. But one area still remained problematic till some time back, PCB prototyping. PCB prototyping is a crucial process step in the development of any electronic product, big or small. PCB prototypes need to be tested by electronic engineers and designers at each stage of the development process before giving a go ahead with actual manufacturing.

Advance PCB Design. Aerospace pcb, califoria, innovation pcb, led pcb, lighting pcb, pcb, pcb assembly, pcb manufacturing, rail pcb, technotronix, transportation pcb, usa March 17, 2016 The transportation industry has come up with many effective innovations in providing electronic solutions that dwells on the use of complex high customized PCB’s. For risk free transportation solutions, the printed circuit board industry has developed proven tech PCB designs to serve the technological advancement in road transport, rail, aerospace, shipping, marine and automotive markets. This has also posed a challenge among the PCB manufacturers to offer high end customization right from the material selection, different shape and sizes by providing contract manufacturing, consigned or complete turnkey solutions as per the demand of varied customers across the globe.

PCB Inspection. Bio-medical industry, california, manufacturer, medical industry, medical pcb, pcb, pcb assembly, pcb manufacturing, technotronix, usa March 5, 2016 The broad arc of innovations introduced and coming up in today’s era calls for attention to the developing medical and bio-medical equipment /devices. PCBs for Energy Industries. March 4, 2016 One of the buzz topics in the technology markets galore for everyone both in the workplace and at home is ‘Eco Friendly Practices’. Going green has now become a fire fighting requirement to grow with the communities across the US and Europe that are now heading towards increased echo conscious in new technology launches.

Major echo initiatives have gradually become a taproot strategy for marketing, especially in the renewable industry. A recent kick that triggered the gamut of technology businesses is to make the climate crises go down the drain with giving a ray of light to the tree huggers, ecologist, conservationist and environmentalist. This article brings a spotlight to current trends in the market, how PCB is used in renewable energy, upcoming technologies, its application with a glance at future of renewable industry.

The developments are also addressed in the Renewable Energy Desilation plants to curb the droughts and water shortage problems. Custom PCB Process. Ca, pcb, pcb design, pcb fab, PCB fabrication, pcb manufacturer, pcb prototyping, printed circuit board, technotronix, usa August 10, 2015 A prototype is a sample, template or an initial testing release for any new idea to be worked into for providing the electronic solutions. The brainchild to printed circuit board concept into the market was in the early 1900’s. With regards to the backward integration sensed in major dominant businesses, there is a mark of growing demand and need of PCB Prototypes in all the major industries.

The differentiating factor from that of other PCB fabricators are the varied kinds of PCB manufacturing services, time critical delivery of prototype and high quality assurance. Apart from working on new concepts for prototyping, a complete turnkey with providing end to end solutions and a personalized approach to each PCB project acts as one of the significant drivers to generating a good customer base across the globe. PCB LED Lights. Industrial Embedded PCB. August 5, 2015 In day to day life, our needs become more dominant on embedded systems; mainly the emphasis is on digital technology that is embedded in most of the hardware and software systems.

PCB Prototype Board. February 4, 2017 A big mantra of success in the fast paced, ultra-competitive world of today is to be the first to get your product to market without compromising on the quality of the product in terms of either performance or reliability. Getting it right the first time has become imperative in order to garner early mover advantage as also to bring down costs and time associated with manufacturing a product.

Hybrid Electronic Solution USA. August 1, 2015. Industrial EMS. July 31, 2015 The way in which industrial apparatus and electronics have become an important need in our routine lives is due to the diverse innovations, transmissions and concepts coming up into different markets. PCB Fabrication Provider USA. July 30, 2015 The electronic world has now picked up a pace and has become a buzz market to attain a saturation level in the next few decades. A mark of cosmic speed and level of innovation has made the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer), EMS (electronic Manufacturing Services) and the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturers to be super conscious in their technological developments.

The swinging preferences of customers with different fade, fashion and mania have generated a high demand for electronic products consisting of high range of features, velocity and performance trait. Custom Printed Circuit Boards. Technotronix. Circuit Board Testing Methods. May 6, 2015 The thumb rule for the growth of any OEM’s or PCB Fabricators or EMS providers is delivering quality printed circuit boards to help the customers get a quick turnaround. Deciding upon the method and technique of testing is the crucial step to move ahead with stringent inspection and quality check for maintenance, manufacturing and development in the assembly and fabrication process.

There are various standard types of testing, which must be performed on printed circuit boards before and after the components are mounted on circuit board. PCB Assembly Process. Automation Tools PCB. Technotronix. PCB Manufacturer USA. PCB Assembly Company. PCB Solution for Aerospace. Circuit Board Manufacturing Company. Quality Electronics Manufacturing Service USA. PCB Manufacturing Process – Technotronix. PCB Gerber File. SMT PCB Assembly Manufacturer. PCB Prototyping Equipment USA. High speed pcb design. Electronics Design Service.

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