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How To Be A Good Musician With The 10,000 Hours Of Practice Rule. Should You Repost Your Blog Content on Other Websites? A Data-Driven Answer. Guest Blogging for StartupBros. 3 Skills You Need To Succeed In The Machine Economy. This is a “moon set”, the end can be as beautiful as the beginning (and the sun’s coming back soon) Several months ago I gave you 10 Reasons The Future Doesn’t Include Your Job.

3 Skills You Need To Succeed In The Machine Economy

It was scary. But it was that inspiring kind of scary. Like, “Shit, I’ve got to get into gear or I’m screwed.” Since then, the problems have only gotten more real. About Startgainingmomentum. Write for HE. If you would like to be a regular contributor to HE, you've come to the right place.

Write for HE

General Information Articles must be original work and unique to High Existence (republished articles are not allowed).NO extra self-promotion or any kind of promotion is allowed in the articles. Eg. Links to authors’ businesses, affiliate/paid links.You need to be able to work as part of a team, valuing the readers as the top priority.Our editors have the final right to modify (with consent) or reject your articles.Guest writing is an unpaid position, but is the perfect platform to propel your writing career. 5 Ways to Creatively Brainstorm Guest Post Ideas. Contribute to Lifehack.

Write for Skinny! We are always looking for fresh new voices (i.e. not mine) to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas with the rest of us.

Write for Skinny!

So we would like to invite you to become a guest author here on Skinny Artist! What can I write about? If you are a regular here, you already know about the kind of things we talk about here on Skinny Artist — Art, Creativity, Complaining about not getting stuff done (wait, that’s just me), and generally anything that has to do with the unique opportunities and challenges we face as creative artists in this brave new world of blogs, social media, and marketing our creative work online to a worldwide audience. In other words, if it’s something that you’re dealing with, chances are the rest of us are dealing with it too. Top Hip-Hop Blogs for Artists Without an Online Presence. You spend the day scanning the bigger blogs dreaming about being posted there.

Top Hip-Hop Blogs for Artists Without an Online Presence

You envision record deals waiting in your inbox. You visualize having Kanye West open for you. You have truly made it! You hear a buzzing sound in the distance that catches your attention. Stumbling over a constructed tower of CDs, you clumsily approach your phone. Promoting music online is difficult especially if you are unknown. A lot of artists focus on bigger blogs without building their name recognition or web presence.

Your music may be undeniable dope but it might get buried in the inbox of your favorite blogger. Look I am not saying that dope music will always get overlooked, sheesh look at the mysterious rise of Your Old Droog. This post was inspired by The Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog post, in fact most of the blogs are pulled for the directory. Take the time to build relationships. I took the time to gather all the contact info for the blogs listed in this posted. Image provided by Know Life. The Place To Find Good Music First. A list of top 50 Music blogs by Blog Rank. Contact/About - cdm createdigitalmusic. CDM is made in Berlin by: Create Digital Media, GmbH.

Contact/About - cdm createdigitalmusic

Forster Str 54 EG 10999 Berlin Germanyeditor[at]createdigitalmusic[dot]comPeter Kirn, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Business Manager: Marsha Vdovin About | Ad Policies | Privacy Policy Contacts travel directly to the editor, Peter Kirn. We’d love to hear from you, whether you want to send a news tip, pass along a press release for new products, send rants or raves, or ask about advertising. Because of high volume, we can’t respond to all emails, but we’ll do our best. Contact. Contact Send us your Questions, Comments, and Suggestions: Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject Your Message Enter the following:


Guest post Archives - Cyber PR Music. The Ultimate List of Blogs that Accept Guest Posts. This page contains links to lists of blogs in over 25 categories that accept guest posts.

The Ultimate List of Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Each category has around 20 blogs listed, making it a total of over 500 blogs; the biggest list of personally-added-and-moderated blogs that accept guest posts online! This list is currently a work-in-progress as new categories will be added daily. Music Marketing [dot] com Guest Post Guidelines. Over the years, I've had many people contact me to ask about writing guest posts for Music Marketing [dot] com.

Music Marketing [dot] com Guest Post Guidelines

The answer is yes, I do accept guest posts. However, I don't publish everything that is submitted. Below you will find all the details about what I'm looking for: Ideas and Suggestions Musicians Can Use This is primarily a marketing blog for musicians and others in the music business, so anything related to music marketing, such as advice on how to sell more music or get more people to shows is best. I also accept content regarding the "creative" side of the music business, such as advice on how to write a great song or how to better run a band, as long as there is a marketing payoff. Before submitting anything, ask yourself, "Will this content help readers to make more money in the music business?

" If the answer is yes, submit it! Bonus points for content derived from personal experiences.